Version 0.8 rolling in …

Happy holidays from the whole BeamNG Team!


  • New vehicle: Bruckell LeGran
  • New campaign: A Rocky Start
  • New powertrain physics system
  • Completely renewed Garage mode
  • Added ‘Quickplay’ hotlapping mode


  • Vastly improved vehicle collisions
  • Physics core is 5-10% faster
  • Slight decrease of physics core memory usage
  • Improved accuracy of friction
  • More realistic water drag
  • Improved stability of drag (both air and water)
  • Working intake snorkels
  • Fixed vehicle collisions on rotating frame of references (such as the hamster wheel)
  • Fixed physics of couplers
  • Fixed coupler resetting
  • Toggling couplers resets them even when they are in semi-coupled state
  • Added “Center of Pressure” debug visualization
  • Optimized vehicle G-force sensors
  • Fixed particles being generated while passing through terrain holes
  • Torquenode does not default to Armnode anymore


  • Added QuickPlay mode: choose the map, layout, car, environment settings, and go! (Documentation available here)
  • Completely revamped Garage mode, with full controller support:
  • Default shifting mode is now configured through the Options menu, rather than using the Q key
  • Radial / pie menu improved: better behavior, more items, fixed deadzone bugs, much easier and nicer to use
  • Added three Steam achievements for completing the campaigns:


  • Added new vehicle: Bruckell LeGran
  • Added new vehicle: Travel Trailer
  • Added new upfit for T-75: Dump Bed Upfit
  • Added new prop: Wood Crate
  • Implemented BeamNavigator for all cars with new boot screen
  • Barstow: colorable stripes, tweaked torque curves, deformation tweaks, steering and front frame stiffened
  • Bolide: added colorable stripe skins
  • Burnside: added race suspension parts, optional 423 CUI V8 from Barstow with superchargers, cut hood, drag and custom variants steering and front frame stiffened, frame is now totally separable from body
  • Covet: added ‘Vandalized’ skin, made ‘Rally’ and ‘Selecta’ skins colorable
  • D-Series: added 2-tone paintjobs, added new “Beast” variant, added snorkel, front frame and suspension mounts stiffened
  • ETK800/ETKC: More durable suspension, add “Post Crash Braking”
  • ETK I-Series: made ‘Rally’ skin colorable
  • Grand Marshal: added 2-tone paint, reduced spiking in trunk and front wheel well corners
  • H-Series: added running boards, front frame and suspension mounts stiffened
  • Miramar: colorable roof and trim using 2nd and 3rd palette colors, colorable Okudai skin, added adjustable 5-speed race transmission, working dashboard clock
  • Moonhawk: deformation tweaks, colorable stripes, added colorable trim using 3rd palette color, tweaked torque curves
  • Pigeon: Added ‘Street Cleaning’ skin
  • Roamer: added 2-tone paint, added snorkel, fixed UV errors
  • SBR4: corrected power output, added navigation screen
  • Sunburst: corrected power output, added navigation screen, made ‘Custom’ and ‘Rally’ skins colorable
  • T-Series: Cleaned up beam section headers
  • Tanker Trailer: added ability to rip open
  • Fixed vehicle steering wheels, pedals, and other parts becoming severely misaligned and sticking out in crashes
  • Removed inter part coltris, leading to 5-10% improvement in vehicle optimization
  • Reduced friction of plastic parts, added correct ground models to plastic vs. metal collision triangles
  • Reduced weight of mirrors, rally lights, and some spoilers
  • Fixed strange spawning angles and camera positions on props
  • Fixed some inaccurate gauge needles on cars
  • Many other small vehicle fixes and tweaks


  • Modular and expandable system to create almost any drivetrain layout
  • New interactive powertrain UI app, allows to toggle device modes with your mouse, and visualize the torque and speed of each component
  • Simulation of torque converters
  • Improved Automatic, Manual, DCT, CVT transmissions
  • More advanced shifting logic with shift timing, clutch and throttle help
  • Selectable locking differentials, locking wheel hubs, high/low range
  • Improved limited slip differentials (Torque sensing, speed sensing)
  • Engines can stall, be dragged into reverse rotation, restarted with starter motor or by bump starting
  • Flow of power remains correct when driveshafts or axle shafts break
  • Implemented energy storage framework (fuel tanks, batteries, etc)
  • Initial support for electric motors
  • Initial support for multiple engines
  • Support for replacement or add-on drivetrain controllers for custom vehicle types

Vehicle Powertrain Upgrades

  • D-Series/H-Series/Roamer: Added locking axle differentials, high/low range switching, 4wd/2wd switching, unlockable front hubs
  • ETKI: Added 2 AWD transfer case types (viscous AWD, adjustable race LSD AWD)
  • Pessima: Added 2 AWD transfer case types (viscous AWD, adjustable race LSD AWD)
  • Sunburst: Added 2 AWD transfer case types (viscous AWD, adjustable race LSD AWD)
  • SBR4: Added 2 AWD transfer case types (viscous AWD, adjustable race LSD AWD)
  • Semi: Added locking interaxle differential, locking axle differentials


  • Added support for 4th and 5th mouse buttons (not assigned by default, can be used for gas/brake, shifting… anything)
  • Improved the force feedback feeling on FWD and AWD cars
  • Added new inputmaps for: “Racing Wheel Thunder V5” (using a “PS(R) Gamepad Adaptor”), “Saitek Heavy Equipment Wheel & Pedal”, “Saitek Side Panel Control Deck” and “SpeedLink DriftOZ”
  • Revamped inputmaps for: “CSL Gamepad for PC”, “Dualshock 4 Playstation Controller (Wireless Controller)” (wired mode), “SRWheel”, “Dual Trigger 3-in-1” and “Fanatec ClubSport” (force feeedback now enabled by default)
  • Created new wiki page with all information related to controllers: Controller Support
  • Minor speedup of controller detection and FFB system initialization
  • Fixed invalid steering values coming from iOS version of BeamNG Remote Controller app
  • Fixed remote smartphone controllers generating many error logs for the first few seconds of gameplay
  • Fixed H-shifters forgetting the current gear when alt+tabbing to a different window
  • Fixed sticky right-mouse-button when a menu shows up while rotating the camera with mouse
  • Fixed random moving elements in several special vehicles when using XBox controllers (deadzones were missing)
  • Deprecated discrete camera zoom bindings in favour of smooth zoom bindings


  • Improved replay format: now supporting sounds, props (pedals, etc), full car transparency and current UI app data streams
  • Bumped replay version: files recorded with previous versions will no longer be readable (this will continue happening until the replay system is stable enough)
  • Minor improvement of file sizes related to vehicle shape (though new features still made them bigger)
  • Fixed incorrect camera orientation during replays
  • Fixed playback freezing during fast-motion in replays if computer couldn’t keep up with the required calculations
  • Fixed replay length being inaccurate by up to one second and leading to lockups
  • Fixed several vehicle shape corruption bugs during playback
  • Now all vehicles move when seeking through replays featuring more than one vehicle

Artificial Intelligence

  • Initial support for lane driving. Currently accurate only for single lane in each direction
  • Added a Risk parameter on the AI app. It tunes the overall aggressiveness of the AI controlled vehicle
  • New pathfinder for the AI (no map target) flee mode
  • New pathfinder for the AI random mode (does not require a prespecified) target), and reduces unnecessary three way turns
  • Refactored AI Flee Mode
  • Dynamic aggression for the AI manual Mode

User Interface

  • Improved loading screen: less likely to hang, better status messages, fading on finish
  • Enhanced main menu: new sounds, better navigation and improved looks
  • Fixed units of turbocharger app
  • Support for one level of subcategories for tuning variables
  • Updated UI Apps thumbnails
  • Added support for blurring arbitrary rectangles below the UI
  • Optimized UI updating (based on current FPS)
  • Improved defaultGearboxBehavior to have two values: ‘arcade’ and ‘realistic’
  • Added imageslider control supporting multiple previews, blending when in focus in various selectors
  • Units system: length now reporting smaller units as well (yard, etc)
  • Level selector improvements: better detail view
  • Fuel consumption fixes: not displaying values that do not make any sense
  • Improved hotlap app visuals


  • Improved how sounds are affected by simulation time
  • Better sound resource cleanup
  • Limited excessive crash sound emitting
  • Fixed bugs on audio system causing missing sounds and latency on start


  • Added support for dynamic deferred decals, used for navigation arrows on the road (temporarily disabled on lowest graphic setttings)
  • Improved speed of UI textures upload to GPU
  • Improved nodegrabber render performance
  • Improved vehicle color palette (skins can now be coloured)
  • Fixed possible render artifacts on the first frame after a vehicle spawns
  • Fixed issue with spotlights shadows
  • Fixed bug causing dynamic HTML textures (license plates and navigator) to initialize incorrectly
  • Fixed crash when vehicles are destroyed with the lights turned ON


  • Added new campaign: ‘A Rocky Start’
  • Steam achievements are now awarded during campaigns (if online mode is enabled in options menu)
  • Added the new ‘Exploration Map’ that can be used by campaigns
  • Added Mission markers with UI hooks for displaying relevant information
  • Added navigation lines to show the direction to campaign missions’ starting location
  • Enforcing competetive scenario rules during campaigns
  • Added ability to specify requirements for scenarios used in campaigns
  • Improved Campaign json format and increased version from 1 to 2
  • Improved campaign folder structure convention
  • Added Odometer app for use in campaign scenario


  • Added support for playing comics in campaigns or scenarios
  • Deprecated onRaceWaypoint, replaced it with onRaceWaypointReached
  • Added onVehicleSpawned extension hook
  • Added onVehicleTakenDamage extension hook
  • Improved how scenarios find prefabs
  • Improved timing for displaying end screen
  • Improved vehicle tracking with per vehicle data
  • All vehicles can now trigger waypoints via onRaceWaypointReached extension hook
  • Added waypoint branching – multiple routes to a destination can now be specified
  • Ability to calculate distance travelled along a road path
  • Improved statistics filtering for scenarios
  • Scenarios can now specify required stats
  • Extended cinematic camera to follow an additional valid target
  • Added option to hide the countdown in scenarios
  • Added directional waypoints with a flat collision plane, useful for start/finish lines


  • Modified free camera behaviour, to allow smoother inspection of the vehicles and less jerkiness during rotation
  • Improved “center” camera type
  • Small orbit cam adjustments
  • Added vehicles colors to vehicle configuration files(PC files)
  • Improved level loading times
  • Cleaned and optimized vehicled recovery subsystem, should work a bit faster/smoother now
  • Outgauge split into two modules to use them separately
  • Added simple job system: the mods will keep loading in the background when you start the game
  • Added Generic executeLuaSandboxed method to catch lua execution output
  • Removed system lua instance: was not used anymore – added replacement for broadcast function: queueAllObjectLua
  • added new -batch command line option to prevent levels blocking the loading with messageboxes
  • Creator mode basics: this opens an external browser window to control your vehicles. Very much work in progress.

General Bugfixes

  • Fixed Recovery system only working for cars controlled by users (now also works for AI and others)
  • Fixed Recovery showing the same message when tapping the key as when holding it
  • Fixed Recovery system moving your car after being manually placed with editor or F7
  • Fixed log messages were getting lost randomly
  • Fixed inability to replace the vehicle when using the free camera
  • Fixed game unpausing when resetting a vehicle
  • Fixed inability to modify any of the vehicle color slots when using the free camera
  • Fixed json serializer producing invalid syntax on null items in objects or lists
  • Fixed creation of forest objects
  • Fixed Lua Simobject field performance problems
  • Added safety check to extension system: Case sensitive errors added preventing loading the same module twice
  • Fixed problems when using certain C++ APIs from within Lua coroutines

Jbeam / Lua

  • Powertrain controllers are a superset of the previously known extension system
  • Powertrain controllers are tied to jbeam, so loading jbeam specfic code is very easy
  • The entire vehicle powertrain control logic can be replaced by custom code if a mod desires so
  • Added non-linear temporal smoother Lua function
  • Removed synced GFX step of vehicles
  • Cleanup of Prop control API
  • Added possible default value as second argument to settings.getValue() to make it easier to use
Instructions on how to update the game here.
Bug reporting/Help Thread here.

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