Version – changelog

version (hotfix #2):


  • fixes graphics card containing a whitespace at the end of their name reloading the settings every frame resulting in unchangable settings, bad performance and randomly moving tacho
  • fixed vehicle selector not scrolling correctly
  • added missing runtime dlls for the launcher in case the Steam installer fails to install them correctly


  • added missing UI app thumbnails
  • JRI optimization

version (hotfix #1):


  • Don’t run the x64 exe if on Windows less than 7 SP 1

version (steam early access release):


  • Major work on the UI: lots of new things and bugfixes
  • Added scenarios
  • Configurable force feedback settings
  • Remember last window size when toggling fullscreen
  • Dynamic steering for keyboard
  • Filtered input for gamepad – Linearity, smoothing, spring
  • Improved default inputmaps for G25/G27
  • Prefab features: Ability to add decalroads into them, Global positioned prefabs
  • Added new tacho based on SVG (see tacho.svg)
  • Re-introducing AI Flee mode using the new AI mode (see AIControl app)
  • Added new race UI features: some apps, improved preset support, reset button in uiedit mode
  • Improved sand and mud groundmodels
  • Added vehicles’ glass reflections


  • Improved display of level and scenario selection
  • Fixed cursor hiding when over interface
  • Fixes on DecalRoad’s having incorrect UVs
  • Fix potential crash on x64 due to bad pointer cast
  • More objects exposed to Lua properly now making them usable in lua
  • Fixes crashes on 32Bit vs 64Bit pointer problems
  • Fix window problems after docking mode (windows and cursor keys)
  • Fixed T3DLua printf not trying to interpret format tags and filling it with garbage
  • Clouds, Forest, Water and Grass now use simulation time: it slows down with the game properly now
  • Removed the old, laggy T3D Cursor that was showing by chance sometimes
  • Fixed random crashed on 64Bit due to png library problem
  • Fixed a crash when full screen have not focus during level load
  • Fixed luasocket sandbox not working properly
  • Add msg for alert users about some incompatible apps with game in fullscreen mode: Bandicam, etc
  • Allow precipitation to have 0 drops (and so disabling it)
  • Improved Lua crash reporting: it writes the stackdump to the log upon crashing now
  • Inut: Fix nonlinearity, fixed input events leaking to the inputmap, FFB options, Disable FFB while the user is using UI
  • Fixed input focus between the UI and the game: now working on click instead of mousemove
  • Input filtering for scenarios: now possible to filter out events so they are not usable in there
  • Fixed big problem on non-ASCII characters and the UI and game interface: special characters should display properly now
  • Fixed inability to create inputmaps from scratch
  • Improved FPS limiter
  • Lua extensions can now have more than one argument
  • Fixed UI Focus problems
  • Water reflection now only uses dynamic reflection or static cubemap, not both as before
  • Options now have an order, not randomly anymore
  • Fixed loading screen up
  • Manual waypoints are preserved: no optimization of the map code of them
  • added vislog for removed nodes: ui apps > aicontrol > vislog
  • Fixed issue with audio provider
  • Fix to allow static objects to use instance color
  • Old automatic waypoint generation disabled
  • Added ability to load custom part configs on scenario start
  • Vehicles no longer reload twice when choosing preset (loading time now faster)
  • Fixed a problems when packing prefabs
  • Cursor hiding when rotating camera


  • Updated some assets’ textures
  • Minor improvements to some assets on Gridmap
  • Various updates to Small Island
  • Various updates to Industrial
  • New props (Haybales, Saw Horse Barrier, Traffic Tube, Wall)
  • JRI – added more forest
  • Bolide: suspension geometry changes, steering and FFB improvements, new tires, fixed fenders’ color
  • Hatch: brake balance, steering lock improvements, scrub radius tweaks, suspension improvements
  • 200BX: headlight shake fix, drift version upgraded to race brakes, reduced drift tire grip, added rollcage and widebody kit weight
  • T75/65: tire and steering tweaks, fixed drivetrain breaking too easily
  • Van: FFB improvements, shake reduced, detailed V8 engine added, fixed engine clipping, added liftkit, updated decals
  • Pickup: suspension improvements, steering speed adjusted, bed more stable for object interactions, tuning, Added box
  • Sunburst: brake disc, wheel spacing, suspension tuning, improved FFB, swaybar tweaks, Reduced and tweaked weight, restored lost sunburst normalmap detail
  • Grand Marshal: reduced shaking, fixed damaged break light texture
  • Moonhawk: tire tweaks, reduced shake, mesh improvements, added door glass
  • Window reflections and broken glass textures for all vehicles
  • Fix for dragCoef causing low top speeds
  • Improved ground models: reduced gravel friction, increased grass friction
  • Added static cubemaps to levels for lowest lighting
  • Added grass particles
  • Hirochi Raceway: updated preview images, added chalk markings for scenarios
  • East Coast USA: Improved textures and materials, vegetation
  • Industrial preview images updated
  • Added rally start and finish gates
  • World editor: Added navigraph visualization to view “AI path” (also scenario debug in there), Decalroad selection improvement (can now select the top road over others), Template feature for decalroads, drivability to DecalRoad editor (for AI), Removed “scripted” tab and other useless items, Streamlined world editor object list (defaults to current level, ignore cache folder), Advanced Text rendering in the editor: now non-overlapping and with background. To disable: F11 > eye icon > advanced text
  • Lighting fixes and improvements for all maps
  • Tweaked tire screech sounds threshold

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