Second Hotfix for 0.17 Released

In this second hotfix for 0.17 we are continuing to resolve small issues that were reported to us throug the community, especially with regards to environment art and vehicles. Some scenarios have been tweaked or repaired and we’re deploying some improvements to the new Traffic AI.

We are aware of multiple users experiencing issues running with Intel 620/630 series integrated graphics. Investigation into the source of this issue is ongoing as a matter of priority but we do not yet have an ETA for a fix. A workaround solution is being worked on in parallel.


  • Added new 165/90R14 tire meshes, along with a redline version for the Bluebuck RoadSport
  • Added Secondary and Tertiary Color interior skins for the Bluebuck
  • Replaced Barstow RoadSport thin whitewall tires with redline tires (the thin whitewalls are still available)
  • Added rear sway bar to Moonhawk
  • Redid D-Series front door latches – they now depend on which cab is installed (normal, extended, crew) and should behave accordingly
  • Softened Bluebuck, Barstow, Burnside, and Moonhawk bumper attachment and support beams to reduce sproinginess
  • Added missing BeamNavigator to Bluebuck
  • Added 5-speed race transmission to Bluebuck
  • Fixed LeGran and ’88 Pessima BeamNavigators clipping the windshield
  • Merged Metal Ramp and Large Metal Ramp into one vehicle, fixed snagging issues on Metal Ramp and Flip Ramp
  • Fixed Alder Luxo and Basketweaves 14×7 rear wheels having wrong width in jbeam
  • Increased deformation strength of rear sway bars on most cars
  • Fixed ETKi Street Tuned (M) using the wrong color for the Turbo indicators in the dashboard
  • Fixed Bluebuck clock display

Environment Art – East Coast USA

  • Grass should no longer exhibit clipping in the town
  • Resolved AI pathing issues on East Coast USA
  • Trimmed back some trees that were overlapping the roads
  • Treacherous hole in the town sidewalk has been patched
  • Grass no longer grows in the shops
  • Overlapping buildings were told to keep to themselves and no longer overlap
  • Fuel pumps now display the correct octane number
  • Fuel pumps also now have the correct placement of diesel nozzle
  • The fabric_generic texture has been updated
  • Updated boat mesh in dock area
  • Fixed boat tarp texture to be more tarpy

Environment Art – Hirochi Raceway

  • Resolved normals issue for fire hydrant reel and plastic barrier meshes
  • The plastic barrel mesh and UV have been fixed
  • Material error thrown by the petrol station has been fixed
  • Boomgate collision mesh was repaired

Environment Art – Derby

  • Fixed spawns on Derby

Environment Art – Italy

  • Changed cubemaps used in the river and ocean so that the reflections are more realistic

User Interface

  • Further revamp of Options > Graphics menu, fixing inconsistent quality preset selections


  • Improved Speedy Scramble: Added Timer, collection count, adjusted waypoint positions, improved comment documentation
  • Fixed Field Run scenario’s AI taking time to get moving on scenario start
  • Fixed floating checkpoint signs in ECA’s Backroads Course time trial


  • Resolved the issue where vehicles were respawning badly on some bridges
  • Fixed a case where the radial menu spawns no traffic vehicles
  • Improved police arrest logic
  • Updated Traffic Debug app with a better layout and a new preview image


  • Fixed bug where having a slash in the description of a time trial track prevented loading that track
  • Resolved small memory leak issue with imgui
  • Fixed audio jitter for bus/semi pneumatics
An up-to-date list of known issues can be found in the dedicated Feedback & Bug Reporting Thread here.
Instructions on how to update the game here.

28 responses to “Second Hotfix for 0.17 Released”

  1. Bten200 says:

    Hello in my opinions this is the best games around the world your work is very great its a pleasure to play this game. I have a question are you going add some car horn variety ?
    Hello from Switzerland and sorry if my english is not well i do my better.

  2. Bob.Blunderton says:

    I hope this means it no longer crashes out my Radeon RX 480’s driver on Windows 10, on any detail / graphics setting, on ANY map, even with NO mods, EVEN WITHOUT TOUCHING CONTROLS after loading a level.
    AMDKMDAP has stopped responding and has been successfully restarted – MSG via Windows 10 event viewer.
    Game comes up GPU has stopped responding (red X), 0x00000001. Game crashes to desktop.
    Surprise, the crash simulator has crashed! affected versions:,, but not 16.x (or any OTHER software).

    • Andrew Beeman says:

      If your GPU is not responding thats a hardware issue, not with the game. The RX480 was released several years ago and electronics dont last forever. I suspect a failing GPU

    • Tomas Hoste says:

      Did you by any chance overclock your GPU? I had the exact same issue with my GeForce 1070 (which was overclocked). I reset the settings to default and the problem went away.

  3. biały200 says:

    in gavril h series i haven t got breaks

  4. Veeti Vehkala says:

    Still didn’t fix gpu problem?

  5. Fergus says:

    im noticing significantly longer load times in 0.17 🙁 i loove the traffic though, adds so much to this game – i can just drive around all day it’s so fun. Would be really cool if traffic responded to emergency lights! Maybe even an option to pull cars over would be awesome.

  6. Darren says:

    Hey I’ve noticed I cannot change my gearbox mode from arcade to realistic in the Gavril Bluebuck, I was wondering if this was a glitch on my behalf or if it is a bug inside the game.

  7. Rasmus says:

    Why does the Gavril Grand Marshall overheat so darn fast? I can’t have my long pursuits anymore! It’s one of my favorite police vehicles in the game so i hope it gets fixed. Overall really nice update, love the Gavril Bluebuck and traffic is super cool!

    Well done devs 😀

  8. Denis says:

    Hello dear team,

    I m very loving the new update and the traffic mode.
    The biggest problem which I currently have is the traffic mode. Before this update i could run the game in the highest settings and 60 fps. After this update I can do it too but only without the traffic mode. If im using the taffic mode and the lowest quality setting ( I tried the other settings too) the game starts to lag. If im driving alone with the highest settings then there is no problem at all.

    Is it only me or is this a bug or is my PC not that good (What im not thinking because it can run the game on the highest settings without traffic mode)?

    Thanks for the help in the future!

    • Gareth says:

      You are rendering all the cars and their physics all at once try spawning 5-10 cars and see what happens

    • dat gaming boi says:

      its not a glitch its just lagging cuz of all the cars, it happens to basicly anyone without a nasa computer

      • MrBox15 says:

        Well I have a i7-4XXX and I have no problem with the traffic tool. Maybe you have to much mod installed at the same time ? Maybe your cpu is not that good ?

    • Luiz Gustavo de Oliveira says:

      Not a game’s fault. Cars in BeamNG are really heavy on CPU. I have this “problem” too, but I know that I have a crappy CPU (Intel I5-4690K at 4.6GHz). If you never used AI cars or spawned multiple cars before you can’t realize the big improvement that the .17 update is. System is now capable to handle 10 cars (9 AI, 1 player) without big issues (holding 40 to 60 FPS), with 6 (5 ai 1 player being the sweet 75+ fps spot). Before the update I could only spawn 4 cars and the game got unplayable framerates.

  9. Kevin says:

    BeamNG is together with Wreckfest one of the best car games at the moment !

  10. Miles Philpott says:

    Hey guys, could you add a feature that the AI stops at traffic lights when red and go on green? Would be nice to see

  11. Jack says:

    Hello this might be on my behalf but i have noticed when you click on repository on the mods list in the main menu it shows on the bottom right below where it says deactivate, unpack etc it shows a warning saying the mod manager is not ready yet and that there may be something queued. I haven’t been able to install or uninstall mods because of this. I thought I’d just notify of this if it’s a glitch on my half or not.

  12. H S P digital says:

    Hello dears! How to bring AI behavior prior to the upgrade? They now not concede accidents with each other, and need to as before. You can replace the file with the old one. Is there any way to fix this?

  13. GoredonTheDestroyer says:

    Hey, I don’t know if this has been properly addressed yet, but the Grand Marshal’s radiator is… Well, frankly it’s completely missing from the car. Doesn’t show up in the parts list, doesn’t appear on the model. It’s flat out -gone-.

  14. Kombuscha says:

    Hello! I wanted to report an issue. In some cars such as covet when spawned their suspension and steering collapses. An another issue is that when I spawn a Hirochi Sunburst the car just explodes and makes my game pause. Aside from that the update is great and I’m having lots of fun.

  15. soroush says:

    wow BeamNG

  16. Cailean Hamilton says:

    Whenever I try to load up a map the game crashes and it says something about my GPU. why?

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