Minor Update v0.21.1 Released

Today’s minor update is bringing a number of fixes to issues related to the release of v0.21.

Replay system and game closing should behave normally now. We also fixed issues with several vehicles and levels; introduced improvements to the Smart Recovery system, World Editor, and game localization.

Full list of changes can be found below. As always, we are grateful for your feedback and reports!


  • Bruckell Legran
    • Fixed misnamed taillights
  • ETK 800
    • Removed torque vectoring differentials that were accidentally released
    • Fixed wrong differential assignment for some models
  • ETK K-Series
    • Fixed some wrongly assigned transmissions, springs, and exhaust tips
  • Gavril D-series
    • Added Diesel fuel cell for desert trucks
    • Tweaks to torque converters used in 3-speed Race transmission
    • Fixed leaking “beamDampCutoffHz” beam property causing reduced performance
    • Fixed duplicate D15 Fleet configuration
    • Fixed part value of rear 4 link suspension
  • Gavril H-Series
    • Fixed leaking “beamDampCutoffHz” beam property causing reduced performance
  • Gavril Roamer
    • Fixed damage material on barn-door glass
  • Ibishu Covet
    • Fixed instability when using ultra heavy-duty engine mounts on 1.5 engine
  • Ibishu Hopper
    • Fixed duplicate V8 engine meshes that were breaking engine textures
    • Added “Police” config type tags to Sheriff and Park Ranger configurations
  • SBR4
    • Fixed torque vectoring differentials showing as open diffs in the powertrain app


  • East Coast USA
    • Fixed spiky terrain along road
  • Gridmap
    • Fixed ramp issue
  • Jungle Rock Island
    • Fixed several trees with vines over road
    • Removed containers under the ground
    • Fixed missing collision on shed
  • Industrial
    • Adjusted containers to allow tall vehicles onto the port
  • Italy
    • Fixed wiggly road textures
    • Fixed stretched sidewalk UV
    • Fixed AI paths on bridges being under the bridge
  • Utah
    • Fixed background mesh UVs
  • West Coast USA
    • Fixed missing collisions and holes in the terrain

Game Engine 

  • Fixed an issue with the game not closing when you select Exit from main menu or press Alt + F4
  • Fixed Replay system corruption

World Editor

  • Added option for showing triggers in the “Visualization” menu
  • Fixed issue of duplicated items in the “Visualization” menu
  • Fixed typos


  • Restored Lua Virtual Input API to operational status. Remote App support restored


  • Improved ability to go past oncoming vehicles in narrow two-way roads.


  • Tweak to asphalt skid to reduce top pitch curve and increase modulation


  • Updated locales
  • Swapped icon for ‘Follow Me’ AI mode in radial menu
  • Updated localization files for all languages to include missing lines, fixed typos


  • Active LSDs now also lock when brake and throttle are used at the same time


  • Added alternative mode for recovery which doesn’t use the new “Smart Recovery”. You can use it either with Ctrl + Insert or by disabling the “Smart Recovery” option in the settings.

An up-to-date list of known issues can be found in the dedicated Feedback & Bug Reporting Thread here.

Instructions on how to update the game are here.