Minor Update v0.19.1 Released

In today’s minor update we’re deploying a series of improvements and fixes for issues related to the release of v0.19. We would like to thank everyone for your feedback and reports.


  • Cherrier Vivace/Tograc
    • Added lettering
    • Added N2O
    • Added flares and deformGroups to front bumper flashers
    • Various deformation and jbeam structure adjustments and improvements
    • Fixed various instabilities
    • Fixed rear electric motor not attaching to rally rear suspension
    • Fixed police roof flasher prop hovering above roof slightly
    • Fixed Tograc Police using an incorrect shifter
    • Fixed driveshaft prop position
    • Fixed front left signal flare not breaking with light
    • Tweaked race exhaust end node position
    • Tweaked interior flexbody and gauge breakage
    • Added “post crash brake” controller to FCV platform
    • Fixed eVivace/eTograc not having ESC/TC disabled in “OFF” mode
    • Replaced Vivace i3 E 130 ECU with a tuned E110 version, fixed turbo RPM
    • Removed fog light indicators from FCV gauge
    • Vivace/Tograc: Offroad mode now fully disables TC
  • Gavril D-Series
    • Fixed weak front suspension
    • Fixed missing chrome steps mesh for stepside bed
    • Fixed ‘D15 V8 4WD Longbed’ thumbnails
    • Fixed crew cab rear right door panel broken texture
    • Fixed wheels not breaking powertrain when detaching
    • Fixed misnamed fender signal
    • Fixed fender antenna break group
    • Fixed extended cab roof skin UVs
    • Fixed naming of roofrack lights
    • Fixed Marauder configuration having incorrect transmission
    • Fixed misnamed black rear bumper
    • Fixed instability in cut hood when combined with a supercharged engine
    • Fixed “The Disappointment” configuration using fender flares
    • Fixed diesel V8 and I6 exhausts being loosely attached to sport mufflers
    • Fixed instability when installing all bed parts
    • Fixed scale of long range antenna mesh
  • Gavril Roamer
    • Fixed weak front suspension
    • Fixed wheels not breaking powertrain when detaching
    • Fixed extended body missing rear door dampers
    • Fixed rear barn doors having weak hinges/latch
    • Fixed skin UV of extended body roof
    • Fixed typos in descriptions and part names
    • Fixed Sheriff and Custom Two Tone skins to work with the extended body properly
    • Fixed diesel V8 and I6 exhausts being loosely attached to sport mufflers
  • Gavril H-Series
    • Fixed weak front suspension
    • Fixed Cabster missing inner fender slot
    • Fixed H25 LWB description typo
    • Fixed missing front shock mount meshes
    • Fixed game crash caused by duplicate driveshaft slot
    • Fixed diesel V8 and I6 exhausts being loosely attached to sport mufflers
  • Hirochi SBR4
    • Fixed instability that would break rear pushrod rockers when rally coilovers drooped
    • Fixed body style being listed as “Hatchback”, now “Shooting Brake”
  • ETK 800
    • Fixed police lightbar and flashers functioning after being broken off
  • ETK K-Series
    • Fixed police lightbar and flashers functioning after being broken off
  • Ibishu Miramar
    • Fixed steering spawning slightly off center
  • Autobello Piccolina
    • Fixed body style being listed as “Hatchback”, now “Sedan”
  • Large Crusher
    • Tweaked transparency to be more visible
  • Common
    • Fixed DutyPro hubcaps being able to pop away from the wheel without detaching


  • Small Island
    • Improved backdrop textures and material
    • Fixed LOD popping on the research station
    • Fixed underwater mesh not having collision and changed it’s groundmodel type to sand
    • Fixed red underwater color
    • Fixed license plates having an old year
    • Improved depth map near the far spawn point
    • Fixed incorrect map size in description
    • Added Mountain Climb Time Trials
    • Fixed Rally Stage 2 spawning vehicle underwater
    • Fixed graffiti decals on the rocks in the harbor area
    • Fixed reverb audio where the building used to be
    • Fixed props blocking AI path
  • East Coast USA: Deleted underground house
  • Industrial Site: Fixed missing material on race curbs


  • Small Island
    • Added Mountain Climb Time Trials
    • Fixed Rally Stage 2 spawning vehicle underwater
  • Gravity Fuel Scenario
    • Fixed scenario not failing correctly when stopping the vehicle
  • Soccer Scenario
    • Fixed missing outside collision not being created correctly


  • Updated a loading screen tip
  • Improved Vehicles Selector top-row buttons appearance, added translation support
  • Fixed ‘Online Features are disabled. You can change this here‘ repository message bringing to the wrong menu
  • Improved ‘Online Features’ menu design. Changed the color of scroll bars to be more visible.
  • Improved ‘Error in Vehicle/Object‘ message, now includes buttons to open Safe Mode and Clean Install instructions
  • Updated “GLTF Exporter” app name and thumbnail
  • Improved style of the ‘App Name’ label during UI Edit mode
  • Locales: updated Small Island description to say off the coast of California instead of East Coast
  • Updated ‘Showroom Tools’ with instructions
  • Fixed “Revert” button in PostFX menu

Game engine

  • Fixed crash using decalRoad without terrain
  • Fixed coupler toggling not working when a vehicle has welded couplers
  • Fixed unbreakable collision triangles of wheels


  • Due to popular demand, we’ve decided to revert the removal of Vehicle Save/Load feature. However, we do not have plans to maintain it long-term and it will be removed again if it will become a blocker for physics engine development.


  • Fixed speed limit issue in Traffic mode


  • Fixed Hopper Suspension audio settings

Track Builder

  • Fixed Drag-and-Drop Textures not working

In-game Repository

  • Exiting the game while a download is active will now cancel it, instead of delaying the exit until it completes


  • Fixed toggling between Fullscreen and window modes using Alt + Enter
  • Fixed Big Picture mode not working when the game is set to Fullscreen
  • Hardening loading of graphics settings. Perform sanitizing of desired graphics settings before applying to prevent using stale settings.


  • Fixed terrain holes showing black in reflections
  • Fixed crash on reflections when materials are missing
  • Increased minimum selectable FOV angle for Driver, Onboard and Relative cameras, to be consistent with the existing FOV render limit.

World Editor

  • Fixed crash in Cam Path Tool when replay file doesn’t exist
  • Fixed forest editor brush on static objects
  • Fixed scenetree node renaming textbox 
  • Fixed errors for drag and drop from asset browser


  • Optimized DrivingDynamics math in a few places
  • Optimized memory allocations in physics/gfx step, preventing unnecessary GC work
  • Disabled HTML texture updates when no player is present to reduce CEF load
  • Removed WIP test file affecting steering in certain circumstances
  • Prevent DCT from getting stuck in gears > 1
  • Allowed for some clutch slipping when using brake and throttle together for offroad use
  • Improved DrivingDynamics speed tracking under rough usage


  • Fixed unwanted dependency with Visual Studio 2017 Redist
  • Removed unused Garage thumbnails

An up-to-date list of known issues can be found in the dedicated Feedback & Bug Reporting Thread here.

Instructions on how to update the game here.