Minor update 0.17.1 released!

With release 0.17.1 of BeamNG.drive, we are launching a significant update to one of our vehicles. The Grand Marshal has been extensively overhauled and provided with a wider range of mod parts. Making use of these new parts are several new configurations. In addition to the Grand Marshal’s overhaul we are releasing fixes for a couple of issues affecting the mod manager and the traffic AI system.

Grand Marshal

  • Extensively overhauled the Grand Marshal – it is now properly body-on-frame, and the body can detach from the frame like the other body-on-frame cars (coming next for the pickup/van/roamer)
  • New mod parts: factory spoiler, big wings, front lip, front air dam, sport and signal-less front bumpers, vented, induction and cut hoods, mesh grille, roll cage, bash bar, bull bar, hydraulics, race 6 speed and drag 4 speed transmissions, sport and side exhaust, exhaust stacks, heavy duty and race brakes with new generic meshes (coming to all applicable vehicles) as well as new options for trim color combinations
  • Various design, mesh, and texture fixes and improvements – removed the incorrect unibody-style inner fender structure, cleaned up unnecessary shadow burns in the textures, added new trim skins/configurations, tweaked body shape, added geometry to roofline, improved glass and light glow textures, adjusted wheelbase and track, adjusted seats and driving position
  • Corrected wheel and tire sizes for all variants
  • Added new configs: Drag (WIP), Miserable (WIP), RoadSport, Fleet, Lowrider (WIP), Track (WIP), Street Tuned (replaces the Custom config)
  • Overhauled/tweaked/improved the existing configs


  • New, global, high detail brake meshes and textures added to Grand Marshal, 200BX, SBR4 and Sunburst – will be propagated to all the cars
  • Added optional fender skirts to Bluebuck, default on a couple of variants
  • Added GPS to Autobello
  • Fixed issue with coolant thermal logic after boiling off all coolant
  • Fixed D-Series V8 RWD automatic config having (M) in the name
  • Fixed SBR4 Hillclimb turbocharger wastegate pressure being set to default
  • Fixed LeGran front bumper UV issue
  • Burnside: Reduce torque of 313ci V8 at high rpm
  • Bluebuck: various fixes and improvements
  • Semi: Fixed “Park” mode not having enough strength to lock the wheels
  • Hopper: Fixed shutoff sound, reduced torque of engines near redline

Environment Art

  • East Coast USA: Fixed object having no parent
  • East coast USA and Hirochi Raceway: fixed bad collision on tall_plant
  • East coast USA and Hirochi Raceway: Improved precision of large and dead firs collisions
  • East coast USA: fixed bad position of a road sign stop
  • East Coast USA: Fixed missing material ‘DefaultDecalRoadMaterial’
  • Grid map: fixed issue with 2 ramps (deleted) which broke some scenarios
  • Hirochi Raceway: fixed hole in side of bridge near track entry
  • Hirochi Raceway: fixed info descriptions in level selector
  • Hirochi Raceway: updated the fire extinguisher


  • Added support for steering wheels exceeding 1200º of rotation (up to 6000º are selectable now)


  • Fixed traffic headlights turning on before sunset on some maps
  • Fixed Automation vehicles not changing color in traffic
  • Added more error checks for spawning traffic vehicles


  • Fixed error message not displayed when failing to unpack
  • Fixed crash when trying to pack
  • Fixed error when one zip is inside unpacked mod


  • Modifications to Safe Mode will now see the game create a temporary folder on startup that is deleted on quitting the game
  • Fixed errors spamming the console while consoleNG or terrain editor is minimized
  • Fixed player car color in ECA chase 2
  • Updated and re-ordered game credits
  • Fixed various text files using Linux end-of-line characters
An up-to-date list of known issues can be found in the dedicated Feedback & Bug Reporting Thread here.
Instructions on how to update the game here.

6 responses to “Minor update 0.17.1 released!”

  1. Gilson Jr says:

    Congratulations on your work, the game is getting better and better, and growing so much, keep doing this amazing work of yours.

  2. CEvans says:

    Hey all, in the last three updates animations (and checkbox) no longer work for 3d people or other objects. I also have an idea for much larger 3d
    animated crowd for the game if any of that information can be useful to you and need me to write more in detail please check out my thread about the issue and ideas.


    Biloxi Dragway History (1957-1967)
    Cory Evans

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