Light Runner – Version 0.14 Released

Happy Halloween! We’re beaming version 0.14 out to you with a super awesome Track Builder, a new achievement and a scarecrow collection minigame 🙂

In this update we are launching the revamped Track Builder which lets you build a wide range of tracks to suit any style of driving. To showcase the possibilities of the Track Builder we’re also taking a trip back to the 80’s with the new Light Runner map featuring several tracks built by the BeamNG dev team. In keeping with the neon glow feel of the map we are also including Powerglow skins for some vehicles so you can cruise this retro future vision in a matching car.

We’re also celebrating the spookiest time of the year with a scarecrow hunt. This mod distributes 80 scarecrows throughout the maps for you to hunt down and collect. Note that this event is being released as a mod so you can control whether you want to participate or not. To get hunting and give the maps a Halloween look, all you have to do is install the mod, available to download ingame.

  • Revisit the neon-lit glory days of the 80’s with the new Light Runner map, showcasing the capabilities of the Track Builder with some electric glow skins for selected vehicles
  • Our new Track Builder is launching with this update – From simple circuits to multi-level corkscrews leading into loop the loops, the only limit is your imagination!
  • T-series: You can now fit the T-series with a Car Hauler upfit, suitable for hauling vehicles and other large, bulky items
  • The following vehicles have had various improvements applied: Barstow, Burnside, Citybus, D-Series, ETK800, ETK-K, H-Series, Hopper, Moonhawk, Pigeon, Roamer, SBR4, Sunburst and T-Series
  • V8 Engine and transmission meshes for the D-series, H-series, Roamer and Grand Marshal have been fully re-modeled and textured
  • The Halloween scarecrow hunt is on – Search for the scarecrows scattered around the maps to earn a new achievement! You can get the mod to activate the hunt ingame here
Our physics, audio and vehicle teams have continued the effort to bring more improvements, optimisations and new elements to the gameplay experience. Over a dozen vehicles have had tweaks and improvements applied in this update. The driving feel of some vehicles will be noticeably different following the implementation of rotary steering actuators and improved anti-roll bars. A new ‘Driver’ camera has been implemented to give you an improved view of the world racing past outside your vehicle. On the audio front we have made improvements to both ambient environment sounds and some vehicle component sounds. In addition to this work we have also made a myriad of bug fixes, balance tweaks and UI improvements. The full list of changes is here:

Vehicle Additions, Improvements and Fixes

  • Added chainlink gate prop
  • Added rotary steering actuators (using torsionHydro) to Barstow, Burnside, Miramar, Moonhawk. The new system better represents recirculating ball steering kinematics and countersteers faster with FFB wheels
  • Added improved anti-roll bars (using torsionBar) to 200BX, Barstow, Covet, ETK800, ETK-K, ETKI, Miramar, Moonhawk, Pessima, SBR4 and Sunburst (more vehicles are in progress)
  • Anti-roll bar stiffnesses are now properly matched to real life equivalent cars
  • Improved steering arm rigidity using torsionBar beams (currently only on cars with new sway bars, still work in progress)
  • Adjusted smaller wheel and tire widths to more accurate dimensions
  • Wheel axle node collision has been changed so wheels can now fall flat on the ground
  • The actual default configuration of the Pickup will now load if default is selected
  • T-series: Dump Bed, Cement Mixer and the new Car Hauler upfit now use the second color channel, allowing the upfit color to be different from the cab color
  • T-series: Frame torsional rigidity reduced, but bending rigidity increased using torsionBar beam
  • Barstow: Increased rigidity of front frame sections using torsionBar beam
  • Burnside: Increased rigidity of front frame sections using torsionBar beam, fixed some instability when using 15×8 Alder Basketweave wheels
  • Burnside: Fixed the hood lifting spring deforming on spawn as well as the issue causing the rear axle to sometimes be unstable with small wheel choices
  • Citybus: Shift point spacing widened
  • D-series, H-series, Roamer: Improved engine flexbodies and made SFA steering more durable. Fixed steering breaking easily when using independent front suspension with 8 lug hubs and fixed some parts deforming too easily from general driving
  • D-series, H-series, Roamer, Grand Marshal: new V8 engine and transmission meshes. Centrifugal supercharger changed to roots supercharger on Grand Marshal, to maintain consistency between vehicles using this engine
  • Hopper: Fixed issue causing the rear axle to be unstable with wheels spaced outwards
  • Pigeon: Added radiator nodes
  • Sunburst: Drift steering should now not break easily at full lock
  • ETK800, ETK-K: Changed shift point spacing on low gears to prevent loss of control when downshifting in corners
  • Moonhawk: Increased rigidity of front frame sections using torsionBar beam
  • Sunburst: Closer gear ratio spacing for Hillclimb config
  • SBR4: Wider bodywork for better proportions, closer gear ratio spacing for Hillclimb configuration and handling tweaked to suit new wider track
  • SBR4: Added a black & blue interior skin and made interior carpet a separate map for skinning
  • Tire textures have been improved to add symmetrical tread and move whitewall/lettering to the outside only
  • Made improvements to some lightbars’ flares to avoid them leaking in the opposite direction
  • Updated Pickup ‘Rusty’ skin materials to make it blend better with the vehicle colour
  • Improvements to the ‘Sawhorse’ prop materials


  • Fixed some East Coast USA roads having wrong groundmodel assigned


  • Added new ‘Driver’ camera, featuring side-look and rear-look, as well as customizable settings: lock to horizon, inertia effect percentage, autocentering, FOV angle, per-vehicle seat position adjustment and tilt angle. This camera works as a replacement of the old “onboard.driver” camera
  • Added right mouse button support to ‘Chase’ camera
  • Fixed ‘Top-Down’ camera while paused
  • Fixed rare camera errors after reloading system Lua or when switching between vehicles with different available cameras
  • Fixed some camera rotation issues when simultaneously attempting to look left and right, or up and down (using keys)
  • Right mouse button now works correctly while F11 editor is open
  • Fixed an issue causing camera zoom speed to be too slow or too fast unless the button was lifted and pressed again


  • Added torsion bar support in physics core. This is a new physics entity that simulates rotational springs
  • Added torsion hydro support to simulate controllable rotational actuators
  • Added breakGroup support to couplers
  • Added planet gravity support. This simulates gravity both inside and outside a planet
  • Added “staticCollision” node attribute. Setting it to false disables collision of the node with static geometry (default is true)
  • Fixed “normalForce” attribute of particles to be positive (previously it was negative)
  • Fixed calculation of collision energy used to initiate fires
  • Added a new debug function to draw triangles (obj:drawNodeTriangle)
  • Added “beamstate.addPlanet”, “beamstate.delPlanet” and “beamstate.setPlanets” functions to vehicle Lua
  • Added “thrusters.applyImpulseBody” function to vehicle Lua
  • Changed electrics.airspeed to be based on ground speed instead of airflow speed
  • Increased maximum nodes limit to 4000 (from 3000) and maximum beams limit to 20000 (from 15000)


  • Added “free-play” support to the friction clutch, increased holding torque by ~25% and improved the damping calculation
  • Reworked “vehicleController” to allow for more possible use cases outside of regular combustionEngine powertrain layouts
  • Tweaked shift logic for sequential transmissions to go through a tiny period of neutral state while switching gears
  • Implemented basic “Two-Step-Launch” logic
  • Fixed “smart” parkingbrake being stuck on from time to time
  • Fixed a bug where custom powertrain devices could overwrite default ones
  • Fixed ESC/TC staying in an incorrect state after disabling it


  • FMOD has been updated to V1.10.0
  • Rock surfaces have new surface sounds
  • The turbo audio mix has been given a balancing pass
  • The radiator damage sound has been replaced and radiator hiss sounds have been added
  • New suspension samples have been added for pickups, trucks, bus and semi
  • Replay cameras will now filter surface sounds based on distance filtering
  • Improved the ambient water sounds in Utah, East Coast and Jungle Rock maps
  • Volume and equaliser settings for group channels have received mix changes
  • The default game volume has been changed from 80 to 100, compensated for by decreasing the volume in FMOD
  • New default master volume in game audio settings
  • All glass impacts have been refactored into FMOD
  • Aero, Piano Crash and Suspension have been refactored into FMOD
  • Five music tracks in a ‘Synthwave’ style have been added for the Light Runner level
  • Tweaks to cabin view filtering with reduced high and low frequencies
  • Fixed skid sounds being triggered while inside heightmap holes


  • Included Light Runner game mode with several tracks and appropriately styled skins for Bolide, Moonhawk, 200BX and SBR4
  • “Teleport to checkpoint” now sets the direction of the vehicle either to the direction of the directional checkpoint or the velocity of the vehicle when entering the nondirectional checkpoint
  • Resolved an issue which would cause checkpoints to trigger late
  • Fixed some issues in the ‘Port Escape’ scenario

Force Feedback

  • High-Frequency smoother has been removed, as it is no longer necessary
  • Added new coefficient slider to improve generic self-centering
  • Simplified low speed force slider into a checkbox
  • Increased smoother setting range in Options > Controls > Force Feedback
  • Increased default force resolution when drivers don’t provide this information (such as some direct drive wheels), potentially providing extra detail in those few cases
  • Small improvement of force feedback responce at higher framerates
  • Added new “Side Accel Feedback” slider. It allows emulation of sideways forces on the driver by passing them to the wheel

User Interface

  • Track Builder tracks can now have Preview images for time trials
  • New options for the Track Builder: custom materials, ground models, border shapes, walls and ceilings, obstacles and custom Checkpoints
  • Fixed extreme UI slowdowns while ForceFeedback Graph UI app was visible
  • Removed incorrect “Nm” unit from ForceFeedback Graph UI app
  • Rearranged Force Feedback settings page, fixed some alignment issues
  • Added key binding cheatsheets to Options > Camera menu
  • Deprecated ‘Smart V-Sync’ graphics setting
  • Implemented new groundmodel debug window
  • Updated thumbnails for some older scenarios
  • Fixed an issue that made the save dialog not show up for PostFx
  • Fixed in-game repository ‘Discussion thread’ button redirecting to a wrong thread if the mod does not have a discussion thread


  • Remote controller V2 (Smartphone app) will now update its HUD regardless of whether Outgauge setting is enabled or not
  • XBox gamepad linearity default changed to a softer 2.5 value, for better control at high speeds


  • Added an ‘onMouseLocked’ camera callback, triggered when right mouse button is pressed or released (check its usage in the new ‘driver’ camera)
  • Added function to add a command to the queue of every object except those with id “exceptId“ using BE:queueAllObjectLuaExcept( string command, int exceptId)
  • Commandhandler should now not repeat all commands when the Lua VM is reloaded
  • The Json parser has been optimized to be 30% faster
  • Added smootheststep Lua function

Game Engine

  • Improved the render interface for TrackBuilder meshes
  • Added support for decals on TrackBuilder meshes
  • Implemented new immediate GUI with multithreading support
  • Fixed shader issue when normalmaps are used with detail UVs
  • Loading PNGs with greyscale + alpha formats should now not cause crashes
  • Resolved issue causing rare crashes on vehicle deSpawn
  • Added support for progression in Steam Achievements
  • Reduced latency by 1 frame
  • Fixed issue causing crashes when loading invalid mesh cache files


  • A performance warning for drive space, cache folders and cloud storage has been added
  • Steam Rich Presence has been added to the game
  • Removed some unused / extra copies of some files
  • Tuned default graphical settings to be less heavy on Dynamic Reflections
  • Added ‘Hay’ and ‘Confetti’ particle effects

Known Issues

  • The setting file “base.ini” cannot be created if missing, Resulting in debug messages not being blacklisted by default

Italy – Progress report

In parallel to the updates and improvements above we have continued to work on the Italy map, adding more buildings and towns, improving the detail of the urban and rural environments and of course giving you more roads to drive on. With Italy being the largest map we have ever added to the game there was always a risk that we would run into some performance issues and these have proven tough to resolve. However we are making good progress on that front and are confident we will soon have more news to share about when you can start exploring the Italian countryside in In the meantime, here are a couple of images illustrating some of the changes and additions we have have made:

Some areas are still need work such as the industrial section and small harbour as well as some objects missing near streets:

The mountain village, overlooking another town on the eastern side of the map:

An overview of the center of the island:

Italy contains a variety of different types of street, from fairly wide down to very narrow:

At 16 square kilometers it is big enough to fit West Coast USA, East Coast USA, Utah and Jungle Rock Island within it:

The main city in the north and the highway connecting the airport to the north-west and east coast:

It features many roads suitable for rally:

Instructions on how to update the game here.
Bug reporting/Help Thread here.

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  1. DutchyGamer says:

    YES! I love the eighties neon!

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  3. Seddy says:

    Hyped to get home and try it 😀

  4. Minerva0987 says:

    You people are doing God’s work, well done! Take all the time you need, 294hrs in and still not bored!

  5. André says:

    Awesome update. The improvement on force feedback is really nice to see. I would love to see some more tweaking on the ESC tho. More specifically asr or traction control using the brakes. Would be nice if it would be even more aggressive and capable of locking wheels to transfer power in really slipper or if you stand still spinning certain wheels for a longer period of time. Like a build up the more slip occurs without moving.

  6. Rasmus says:

    Take down and upp the windows on the cars would be so cool

  7. sjbphoto says:

    Wow, just wow. Each update no matter how big or how small, I just get more and more impressed. I have almost 1,900 hours in this game (don’t judge this game is great, lol) and I never get bored, ever. There is basically unlimited things to do, from crashing cars into busses or other cars, to taking a sunday drive through the country, doing bus routes in the city, or creating your own configs. Great content devs, take all the time you need, as I am willing to wait for greatness.

  8. GoredonThedestroyer says:

    All I can say is…

    1, 2, 3. FUNK!

  9. simon says:

    Amazing guys had over 200 hours on the game played it since the start really (:

  10. Jonathan says:

    Great work guys! The 80s Lights look Epic!
    Are we getting Multiplayer anytime soon? Is it being worked on? It would make this game a Masterpiece 😉

    • Tom says:

      I think multiplayer is not going to happen. At least you can play localy with multiple people only splitscreen is missing but that is hard to do is such a game.

  11. Mr. Beam says:

    Absolutely incredible! Thank you Beamng Devs

  12. Jake or Delta747Fan says:

    Just by the pictures, I can tell the Italy map will be phenomenal! I’m looking forward to what the airport looks like and looking for good details (don’t worry you never fail to impress me 😉 ). For what this update has to offer, I have no words. Just updating the T-series and your camera video on YouTube made me impressed. Can’t wait for your future update!

  13. phil says:

    the bed wont slide…what are the buttons?

  14. Alex says:

    This is awesome! 😀

  15. Gerhard says:

    amazing update keep up the good work.

    how about a fence like shown that you can spawn in world editor and stretch as long as you want

  16. Maksimchuk says:

    This is awesome!

  17. Turb0Punda says:

    Are there any new vehicles or feature upcoming in this Italy update?

  18. Grant Lauzon says:

    I use an XBONE controller and the steering speed filter isn’t working for me (options> controls> filters). Everything works in the UI (sliders and the steering graph) but the numbers displaying the ” Start at, Stop at” values say “NaN mph”. Adjusting the percentage changes the graph below but adjusting the “Start at, Stop at) values doesn’t change the graph. changing the percentage doesn’t change the in game steering angle. Still love the update for the optimizations but it’s difficult to drive on the light runner courses.

  19. Phl says:

    My launch control won’t work..!!!

  20. Allzocker says:

    World Editor is crashing the game -,-

  21. Fredrik says:

    Great work guys!
    I can’t wait for the Italy map

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    I love it.

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    This game just keeps on givin’

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    very nice

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