Italy Release and Map Upgrades

We thought it would be good to fill you in on some behind the scenes stuff going on so here’s two big things currently in progress.



We are hard at work polishing Italy for a release in the 2nd half of December. This will be a work in progress release with more work to come early 2019.

We are all super excited to be able to share this with you however in order to temper expectations here is what to expect from the release:

  • Industrial port area is blocked off (needs assets)
  • Old fort needs work and is blocked off
  • Some models may be placeholder and be improved in future to be more authentic
  • Missing some buildings or points of interest
  • Almost all roads completed
  • Forest and natural areas complete
  • City and towns almost complete
  • Sounds and effects throughout the map
  • AI roads/paths done
  • There are a staggering amount of roads to explore. Italy is 4km x 4km; four times larger than the largest map before it. Below are some screenshots of the current version.


    In addition to creating new content we are also well aware that the old content is showing its age now and doesn’t really compare well with the new stuff. DoullPepper has come on board and already done some great work improving the old maps to a much higher quality standard. The current priority is the oldest maps first, working up to the newer ones.

    There is still performance optimization work and details to be added yet though so the updated maps won’t be coming quite yet. Doullpepper has taken some great shots of his work:

    We are all hard at work and looking forward to letting you experience this as well.

    35 responses to “Italy Release and Map Upgrades”

    1. enten says:

      Yay i’m excited but what about the Piccolina?

    2. Guest says:

      Wow! Gonna need new computer to handle map of this size 😀

      • someone says:

        Luckelly it isn’t that expensive, i just bought a Ryzen 7 with MSI motherboard for only 300 Euro’s, and now i want a GTX 1070 and that isn’t that expensive either.

    3. Daniel says:

      These new map upgrades are looking awesome!

    4. David says:

      Damn good work guys, looks like a whole lot of fun!

    5. Thomas Jørgensen says:

      Damn, I can’t wait for the publishing of this map! This is so crazy, and maybe in the future, they will become even larger, who knows :). Can’t wait to use endless time, driving around, pretending to be a pizza delivery guy, and destroying everything in my path!!
      as Mark Zuckerberg would have said, “new maps on beamNG today, this is my favorite one so far, nice job team”

    6. Joe says:

      I’m approaching 400 hrs. playtime. Love every second of this game… I hate calling it a game. It’s a tool. And I use it every damn day.

    7. Nadeox2 says:


    8. corvette says:

      2(or 3) years later and you are releasing a map that sounds fairly unfinished…. kek good plan

      • Carbohydration says:

        Don’t you think this may be because this is the largest map ever and a fuckton of time has gone to trying to make it performance friendly?

        They could of focused solely on Italy, but then people would complain that no new content came for a straight year

        • corvette says:

          If they solely focused on this I believe it would have been finished 2 years ago, you clearly don’t understand how game studios departments work, you have the environment guys, the vehicle guys, the programmers, the art guys, the sound guys, etc. This wouldn’t have affected the rest of the game. Also we go back to performance which wouldn’t be an issue if they didn’t have an ancient engine.

          • Carbohydration says:

            Don’t they use Torque3D because other options like Cryengine were not good and buggy for the Physics engine.

            And yes I know how game development works. I was commenting on the fact that there have been maps that have come out during the development cycle of italy that would not have been so, so we would experience little if no improvements to terrains.

            Yes, i should of worded it better.

            You also severely underestimate how long it takes to get an all new map with all new detailed buildings and scenery with all new plants and vegetation thats 4 times bigger then WCUSA, with similar detail. Its going to take a longer time then 1 year imo.

    9. multigamerclub says:

      rip fps

    10. CarlitosMelis says:

      Are there any news about the career mode of this game?

    11. Damien Zijlstra says:

      It looks realy nice!

    12. Moll says:

      Even after almost 4 years of owning the game, you guys still have me on the edge of my seat waiting for more content. Absolutely amazing game and even more impressive dedication from the devs.

    13. Jmore says:

      >Industrial port area is blocked off
      Is that supposed to be a deterrent or a challenge?

    14. Maurice says:

      This is gonna be the best map ever!

    15. WentwardB60 says:

      I’m so hyped for Italy and the Piccolo!
      Italy is looking so great. Everything about it is just eye candy. Awesome, awesome job BeamNG, and a Merry Christmas to you! 😀

    16. urbanestdog45 says:

      Yay there is a proper airport!

    17. Sohaib Darwish says:

      Looks pretty good! The atmosphere looks very well done.

    18. Krazeecain says:

      Oh lord. All those switchbacks…

      “Italy is 4km x 4km; four times larger than the largest map before it.”


    19. Evandman12345 says:

      OMG finally what I have wanted for a long time is it coming this year?

    20. Gabriel says:

      o jogo está incrivel

    21. Aneta Helwich says:

      fajna gra
      lol polecam

    22. Viridian says:

      I am loving the new map! I am also really glad that the old maps are getting some updates.
      I think my biggest hope for these maps is a semi-rundown town for Utah.

    23. Cayden Parentela says:

      Hey Dev team, when will the 0.15 update come out?

    24. SwagMaster11 says:

      Is this map FPS intensive, like West Coast USA?
      On WCUSA, I get only like 3-5 FPS on Normal graphics
      Will Itay be the same way?

    25. PSiLo says:

      Beautiful and outstanding job! An impressive 3D work of a great digital artist 😉 Thank you for this wonderful virtual gift! Enjoy with happy holidays time and celebrations of 2018’s end. Salute! Ciao!

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