First hotfix for 0.17 released

This is the first hotfix release for version 0.17. In this release we are fixing an issue affecting mod installations and game crashes occuring on Windows 7 and 8. We are also resolving some graphical issues with vehicle models and environment assets as well as some bugs with AI behaviour. Work on fixing other reported issues is continuing and we expect to have another hotfix ready for release later in the week. In the meantime please keep reporting issues you encounter through the forums. Your feedback and comments are greatly appreciated.


  • Fixed Barstow, Burnside, Moonhawk glass spiking issues
  • Fixed Bluebuck Stock Car missing a shifter
  • Fixed Bluebuck Police Package having the wrong shifter
  • Fixed Bluebuck crash with power steering
  • Fixed Bluebuck rear door flexbody streaking
  • Fixed Bluebuck rear window frame node positions with glass removed
  • Fixed Bluebuck nitrous tank dropping to the ground with body removed
  • Fixed Bluebuck side exhausts causing console errors with body removed
  • Added Bluebuck spare tire
  • Fixed D-Series V8 RWD automatic config having (M) in the name
  • Fixed ETK K-series misplaced steering wheels
  • Increased ETK K-series aerodynamic drag – top speeds should be more realistic now
  • Slightly strengthened body mounts for Burnside, Moonhawk, and Bluebuck
  • Fixed ’98 Pessima rear quarter panel/taillight spiking
  • Fixed steering center of D-Series Marauder config
  • Fixed ABS not functioning on H-Series and Roamer
  • Fixed Hopper i6 having 7500rpm maximum speed (reverted to 5500rpm)

Environment Art

  • Fixed floating rocks on East Coast USA
  • Fixed floating trash can in East Coast USA
  • Fixed bad collision on aspen trees in East Coast USA, Derby Arenas, and Hirochi Raceway
  • Fixed floating rubbish on East Coast USA
  • Fixed open sidewalk on East Coast USA
  • Fixed some AI path issues on East Coast USA
  • Fixed outdated description in Derby
  • Fixed some level errors on East Coast USA


  • Fixed game crashing on startup for older Windows versions (7 and 8)
  • Improved logging output to improve support in case the game fails to start due to a windows error
  • Upgraded Fmod version, fixes quite some crashes and bugs
  • Fixed Fmod compiling incorrectly, potentially resulting in unicode/UTF8 character problems
  • Fixed terrain fog appearance in lowest settings
  • Fixed some non-valid render states
  • Fixed incorrect file path when packing mods
  • Fixed shadows not updating with terrain changes
  • Fixed fail conditions on Hustle and Bustle Scenario
  • Fixed Highway AI line on Utah
  • Fixed error when changing time of day
  • Fixed ECA bus line spawnpoint being inside the gas station
  • Fixed default audio max voices – should default to Normal (128 voices)
  • Fixed missing extensions on level load: fixes the rich presence for Steam
An up-to-date list of known issues can be found in the dedicated Feedback & Bug Reporting Thread here.
Instructions on how to update the game here.

28 responses to “First hotfix for 0.17 released”

  1. umustbeloggedintododat says:


  2. Dhiwal says:

    Yes, thanks dudes ! 😀

  3. George Wickham says:

    west coast USA is still not loading for me, left it for 2 hours and was just stuck on spawning vehicle or something 🙁

    • Pieter de Waal says:

      Manually delete the west coast usa folder in documents/

      Had the same issue. This fixes it.

  4. Philip Nielsen says:

    The etk 800 series, have a bug with the taillights, and the rear bumper. The taillights and rear bumper is 0,08 inches away from the car. Is that the game or some of my mods?

  5. Willian says:

    I hope that this time they fix my traffic tool gui thing cuz it doesnt spawn cars bcs i have to spawn them manually and it doesnt work

  6. Salvat-Sanjuan says:

    English version: I have a problem the mod police traffic doesn’t work.If i push a police car the car doesn’t target me.

    French version: J’ai un problème le mode police trafic ne marche pas. Si je pousse une voiture de police elle ne me poursuivra pas.

  7. CubBear07 says:

    Could you fix the 4WD transfer case on the H-Series not making it able to drive when put into 4WD? This is the normal transfer case.

  8. Kenken says:

    I want to run alone on the drag circuit

    Please return the old ver light tree work…

  9. Thomas says:

    DT40L can’t slowdown in 0.17

  10. Dankus Potatus says:

    some cars are having unknown torque loss when spawned in and even after reloads. (cars will struggle to even keep their engines on) noticed in the bluebuck, moonhawk, and burnside

  11. Dankus Potatus says:

    The Drag tree is glitchy and inconsistent , sometimes freezing. Drag opponent ai are unrealistically slow even with the same or more powerful car as the player’s. The sensitivity for the staging in the drag lanes are really touchy. Cop ai pursues too slow as well. (love the update, you guys did an outstanding job, cheers)

  12. William Carrier says:

    Only thing I wanna see is the UI getting super slow and buggy. .. and splitscreen local play properly done.

  13. Matt S. says:

    The Bluebuck has no horn

    Good update guys, love the traffic.

  14. Jacob F says:

    my update says 43 days and counting

  15. Jacob F says:

    my update says 43 days and counting
    is normal?

  16. iInsanityx09 says:

    Windows 7 (full service pack upgrade) issues with modded vehicles still

    I’m still getting traffic AI issues where some modded vehicles cause the game to bug out and vehicles become immediately deformed and flung into space (The simulation pauses due to this issue). Is this due to older modded vehicles just being incompatible, or some coding issue?

  17. says:

    Создал трассу, на которой устраиваю гонку 2-х авто, управляемые искусственным интеллектом. А теперь гонка не получается, машины боятся друг к другу приближаться. Это новый трафик так на них влияет, пожалуйста сделайте кнопку отключения такого поведения, что бы машины не видели друг друга как раньше

  18. Reagan Herbert says:

    And yet my A.I Traffic still doesn’t work.

  19. zesss says:

    Great work on the new update. Dont know what it is but since new update game use to load in bout 2 min westcoast hwy now its like 15 min what can i do to improve this no mods have been added or changed.

  20. Andrew Hersom says:

    With the drag AI, the cars are slower than normal. The AI also cant drive sequential or manual

  21. Luiz Gustavo de Oliveira says:

    Having troubles with bluebuck. I was upgrading the taxi version, but could not put the lowrider wheels. The rear right always broke right when the car spawns.

  22. Xavier says:

    Update me PLs

  23. Vicente Solorio says:

    I have this problem where the game crashes the second time I respawn my vehicle. I’m on windows 10 on an HP Pavilion 2017 model it just might be just me that’s having this problem but this is really annoying the game isn’t even playable

  24. Jacob Flowers says:

    Sometimes when i drag race on west coast map it wont show our times after the race is over

  25. Jay says:

    Whenever I have a fairly mild crash with a car in the game or reset/ restore my car (which is inevitable with this being Beam NG Drive) or even spawn in an automation car, the game crashes and says my GPU has an error. I have found out that my current software is working fine but BeamNGdrive does not work properly anymore with my current software. This makes the game nearly unplayable as I hope the devs make a hot-hotfix for this new update of beamng drive.

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