First Hotfix for 0.11 – The vacuuming

Worked the weekend to fix some problems for you 🙂


  • Fixed broken turbo/vacuum sounds
  • Fixed memory corruption that prevented 32 bit Windows to work correctly
  • Fixed West Coast USA getting out of memory error on 32 bit Windows
  • Fixed mirrored skin on Ibishu Hopper right door
  • Fixed unmapped skin beneath the windshield wipers on Burside Special Chopped & Channeled body
  • Fixed flickering brake light with engine turned off
  • Fixed vehicles being in the wrong orientation after resetting a scenario
  • Removed old untested multiseat prototype scenario
  • Better default configuration for the Logitech G29 steering wheel
  • Excluded mod_info from levels and vehicles folder
  • Display player numbers on top of their vehicles when multiseat mode is enabled
  • Fixed force feedback Update Type option being ignored in direct drive steering wheels
  • Fixed sound issues with slow motion
  • Fixed sound related electric motor errors
  • Fixed GridMap and Utah spawnPoints
  • Fixed mod mount priorities
  • Fixed reduced/unstable friction between vehicles (fixes slippery trailer and similar issues)
  • Ignoring certain errors that some old mods throw, to allow them to load
  • Fixed orbit cam’s dynamic FOV jumping when resetting the cam
  • Fixed advanced bindings being misleadingly greyed out, now all bindings share the same color
  • Adjusted maximum torque ratings of Van/Fullsize V8 and 1st gen Pessima 2.0 DOHC
  • Fixed DetailedDamageApp
  • SimpleDamageApp now stays visible if damage has occured
  • Fixed missing transbrake icon for radial menu
  • Fixed invisible quad exhaust, spoiler and diffuser on the Bolide 390GTR
  • Modern light bars added to the Grand Marshal
  • Concealed flashers and siren added to the Grand Marshal “Unmarked”
  • Gavril Grand Marshal: Added ‘Belasco City Police Department’ configuration
  • Tweaked drag tires and drag strip groundmodels
  • Added a user interface error message when download fails
  • Added “Subscribe” and “Open in game repo” Buttons
  • Fixed fatal vehicle lua exception in AI random mode
  • Fixed AI vehicle handling in scenario “Airfield Showdown” (jungle rock island drag race).

Known problems

  • Banana-bench does not work atm :/
Instructions on how to update the game here.
Bug reporting/Help Thread here.

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