Minor update 0.17.1 released!

29 August 2019

With release 0.17.1 of BeamNG.drive, we are launching a significant update to one of our vehicles. The Grand Marshal has been extensively overhauled and provided with a wider range of mod parts. Making use of these new parts are several new configurations. In addition to the Grand Marshal’s overhaul we are releasing fixes for a couple of issues affecting the mod manager and the traffic AI system.

Grand Marshal

  • Extensively overhauled the Grand Marshal – it is now properly body-on-frame, and the body can detach from the frame like the other body-on-frame cars (coming next for the pickup/van/roamer)
  • New mod parts: factory spoiler, big wings, front lip, front air dam, sport and signal-less front bumpers, vented, induction and cut hoods, mesh grille, roll cage, bash bar, bull bar, hydraulics, race 6 speed and drag 4 speed transmissions, sport and side exhaust, exhaust stacks, heavy duty and race brakes with new generic meshes (coming to all applicable vehicles) as well as new options for trim color combinations
  • Various design, mesh, and texture fixes and improvements – removed the incorrect unibody-style inner fender structure, cleaned up unnecessary shadow burns in the textures, added new trim skins/configurations, tweaked body shape, added geometry to roofline, improved glass and light glow textures, adjusted wheelbase and track, adjusted seats and driving position
  • Corrected wheel and tire sizes for all variants
  • Added new configs: Drag (WIP), Miserable (WIP), RoadSport, Fleet, Lowrider (WIP), Track (WIP), Street Tuned (replaces the Custom config)
  • Overhauled/tweaked/improved the existing configs


  • New, global, high detail brake meshes and textures added to Grand Marshal, 200BX, SBR4 and Sunburst – will be propagated to all the cars
  • Added optional fender skirts to Bluebuck, default on a couple of variants
  • Added GPS to Autobello
  • Fixed issue with coolant thermal logic after boiling off all coolant
  • Fixed D-Series V8 RWD automatic config having (M) in the name
  • Fixed SBR4 Hillclimb turbocharger wastegate pressure being set to default
  • Fixed LeGran front bumper UV issue
  • Burnside: Reduce torque of 313ci V8 at high rpm
  • Bluebuck: various fixes and improvements
  • Semi: Fixed “Park” mode not having enough strength to lock the wheels
  • Hopper: Fixed shutoff sound, reduced torque of engines near redline

Environment Art

  • East Coast USA: Fixed object having no parent
  • East coast USA and Hirochi Raceway: fixed bad collision on tall_plant
  • East coast USA and Hirochi Raceway: Improved precision of large and dead firs collisions
  • East coast USA: fixed bad position of a road sign stop
  • East Coast USA: Fixed missing material ‘DefaultDecalRoadMaterial’
  • Grid map: fixed issue with 2 ramps (deleted) which broke some scenarios
  • Hirochi Raceway: fixed hole in side of bridge near track entry
  • Hirochi Raceway: fixed info descriptions in level selector
  • Hirochi Raceway: updated the fire extinguisher


  • Added support for steering wheels exceeding 1200º of rotation (up to 6000º are selectable now)


  • Fixed traffic headlights turning on before sunset on some maps
  • Fixed Automation vehicles not changing color in traffic
  • Added more error checks for spawning traffic vehicles


  • Fixed error message not displayed when failing to unpack
  • Fixed crash when trying to pack
  • Fixed error when one zip is inside unpacked mod


  • Modifications to Safe Mode will now see the game create a temporary folder on startup that is deleted on quitting the game
  • Fixed errors spamming the console while consoleNG or terrain editor is minimized
  • Fixed player car color in ECA chase 2
  • Updated and re-ordered game credits
  • Fixed various text files using Linux end-of-line characters
An up-to-date list of known issues can be found in the dedicated Feedback & Bug Reporting Thread here.
Instructions on how to update the game here.

Second Hotfix for 0.17 Released

22 August 2019

In this second hotfix for BeamNG.drive 0.17 we are continuing to resolve small issues that were reported to us throug the community, especially with regards to environment art and vehicles. Some scenarios have been tweaked or repaired and we’re deploying some improvements to the new Traffic AI.

We are aware of multiple users experiencing issues running BeamNG.drive with Intel 620/630 series integrated graphics. Investigation into the source of this issue is ongoing as a matter of priority but we do not yet have an ETA for a fix. A workaround solution is being worked on in parallel.


  • Added new 165/90R14 tire meshes, along with a redline version for the Bluebuck RoadSport
  • Added Secondary and Tertiary Color interior skins for the Bluebuck
  • Replaced Barstow RoadSport thin whitewall tires with redline tires (the thin whitewalls are still available)
  • Added rear sway bar to Moonhawk
  • Redid D-Series front door latches – they now depend on which cab is installed (normal, extended, crew) and should behave accordingly
  • Softened Bluebuck, Barstow, Burnside, and Moonhawk bumper attachment and support beams to reduce sproinginess
  • Added missing BeamNavigator to Bluebuck
  • Added 5-speed race transmission to Bluebuck
  • Fixed LeGran and ’88 Pessima BeamNavigators clipping the windshield
  • Merged Metal Ramp and Large Metal Ramp into one vehicle, fixed snagging issues on Metal Ramp and Flip Ramp
  • Fixed Alder Luxo and Basketweaves 14×7 rear wheels having wrong width in jbeam
  • Increased deformation strength of rear sway bars on most cars
  • Fixed ETKi Street Tuned (M) using the wrong color for the Turbo indicators in the dashboard
  • Fixed Bluebuck clock display

Environment Art – East Coast USA

  • Grass should no longer exhibit clipping in the town
  • Resolved AI pathing issues on East Coast USA
  • Trimmed back some trees that were overlapping the roads
  • Treacherous hole in the town sidewalk has been patched
  • Grass no longer grows in the shops
  • Overlapping buildings were told to keep to themselves and no longer overlap
  • Fuel pumps now display the correct octane number
  • Fuel pumps also now have the correct placement of diesel nozzle
  • The fabric_generic texture has been updated
  • Updated boat mesh in dock area
  • Fixed boat tarp texture to be more tarpy

Environment Art – Hirochi Raceway

  • Resolved normals issue for fire hydrant reel and plastic barrier meshes
  • The plastic barrel mesh and UV have been fixed
  • Material error thrown by the petrol station has been fixed
  • Boomgate collision mesh was repaired

Environment Art – Derby

  • Fixed spawns on Derby

Environment Art – Italy

  • Changed cubemaps used in the river and ocean so that the reflections are more realistic

User Interface

  • Further revamp of Options > Graphics menu, fixing inconsistent quality preset selections


  • Improved Speedy Scramble: Added Timer, collection count, adjusted waypoint positions, improved comment documentation
  • Fixed Field Run scenario’s AI taking time to get moving on scenario start
  • Fixed floating checkpoint signs in ECA’s Backroads Course time trial


  • Resolved the issue where vehicles were respawning badly on some bridges
  • Fixed a case where the radial menu spawns no traffic vehicles
  • Improved police arrest logic
  • Updated Traffic Debug app with a better layout and a new preview image


  • Fixed bug where having a slash in the description of a time trial track prevented loading that track
  • Resolved small memory leak issue with imgui
  • Fixed audio jitter for bus/semi pneumatics
An up-to-date list of known issues can be found in the dedicated Feedback & Bug Reporting Thread here.
Instructions on how to update the game here.

First hotfix for 0.17 released

19 August 2019

This is the first hotfix release for BeamNG.drive version 0.17. In this release we are fixing an issue affecting mod installations and game crashes occuring on Windows 7 and 8. We are also resolving some graphical issues with vehicle models and environment assets as well as some bugs with AI behaviour. Work on fixing other reported issues is continuing and we expect to have another hotfix ready for release later in the week. In the meantime please keep reporting issues you encounter through the forums. Your feedback and comments are greatly appreciated.


  • Fixed Barstow, Burnside, Moonhawk glass spiking issues
  • Fixed Bluebuck Stock Car missing a shifter
  • Fixed Bluebuck Police Package having the wrong shifter
  • Fixed Bluebuck crash with power steering
  • Fixed Bluebuck rear door flexbody streaking
  • Fixed Bluebuck rear window frame node positions with glass removed
  • Fixed Bluebuck nitrous tank dropping to the ground with body removed
  • Fixed Bluebuck side exhausts causing console errors with body removed
  • Added Bluebuck spare tire
  • Fixed D-Series V8 RWD automatic config having (M) in the name
  • Fixed ETK K-series misplaced steering wheels
  • Increased ETK K-series aerodynamic drag – top speeds should be more realistic now
  • Slightly strengthened body mounts for Burnside, Moonhawk, and Bluebuck
  • Fixed ’98 Pessima rear quarter panel/taillight spiking
  • Fixed steering center of D-Series Marauder config
  • Fixed ABS not functioning on H-Series and Roamer
  • Fixed Hopper i6 having 7500rpm maximum speed (reverted to 5500rpm)

Environment Art

  • Fixed floating rocks on East Coast USA
  • Fixed floating trash can in East Coast USA
  • Fixed bad collision on aspen trees in East Coast USA, Derby Arenas, and Hirochi Raceway
  • Fixed floating rubbish on East Coast USA
  • Fixed open sidewalk on East Coast USA
  • Fixed some AI path issues on East Coast USA
  • Fixed outdated description in Derby
  • Fixed some level errors on East Coast USA


  • Fixed game crashing on startup for older Windows versions (7 and 8)
  • Improved logging output to improve support in case the game fails to start due to a windows error
  • Upgraded Fmod version, fixes quite some crashes and bugs
  • Fixed Fmod compiling incorrectly, potentially resulting in unicode/UTF8 character problems
  • Fixed terrain fog appearance in lowest settings
  • Fixed some non-valid render states
  • Fixed incorrect file path when packing mods
  • Fixed shadows not updating with terrain changes
  • Fixed fail conditions on Hustle and Bustle Scenario
  • Fixed Highway AI line on Utah
  • Fixed error when changing time of day
  • Fixed ECA bus line spawnpoint being inside the gas station
  • Fixed default audio max voices – should default to Normal (128 voices)
  • Fixed missing extensions on level load: fixes the rich presence for Steam
An up-to-date list of known issues can be found in the dedicated Feedback & Bug Reporting Thread here.
Instructions on how to update the game here.

Buckle up, heavy traffic ahead: Update 0.17 released

16 August 2019

Hello everyone!
The new update is out! It’s been a huge collaborative effort, but we’re very happy with the results, and we hope you enjoy 0.17.

The 1963 Gavril Bluebuck joins our growing, diversifying list of vehicles including 33 variants to drive and customize, along with a wealth of mod parts and our first-ever hydraulic suspension. In addition, we have extensively improved the deformation behavior of most of the vehicles in the game. You’ll be able to enjoy the improved deformation more easily than ever, with seamless dynamic traffic now just a click away in the radial menu. There is also now a drag minigame at the West Coast drag strip, and the AI might just give you a run for your money 😉

In addition to vehicle-related work, we have spent a significant amount of time and effort overhauling our older levels to bring them up to the standard we’ve established with the newer ones. East Coast, Hirochi Raceway, and the Derby map have received extensive overhauls to improve visual quality, gameplay, and performance.

We are also proud to have achieved some serious performance improvements on both the CPU and GPU side, massively optimizing vehicle rendering and significantly improving level rendering.


  • New vehicle: Gavril Bluebuck
  • Level Improvements: East Coast USA, Hirochi Raceway and Derby
  • Traffic and AI improvements
  • Drag Race at West Coast USA
  • Optimized vehicle rendering: up to 2.5x faster for CPU and up to 10x faster for GPU. Level rendering is up to 1.3x faster

But wait, there’s more…

In this update, you’ll also find some very experimental features:

  • FlowGraph Editor: allows to create gameplay without needing to know LUA or any programming language: just clicking and dragging ‘flowgraph nodes’. The basics work, but you will find rough edges here and there. Don’t be afraid to report them!
  • World Editor 2.0: is the future substitute of the already aged World Editor, which can sometimes be quite difficult to use; we are aware of this, and we want to make modders life less frustrating and allow for faster work, so this is our response.
We’ve decided to release both in a very early state, still lacking features and stability, and likely to change in the near future and break compatibility with your recent creations (although we try not to). But they are complex enough that they warrant an early release, to gather feedback as soon as possible, even if the experience is still far from optimal. If you feel like experimenting, and don’t mind all the possible issues, then go on, give them a try, and let us know what you think!

Greetings from the BeamNG team. Enjoy!

East Coast USA

  • Improved graphical appearance of vegetation. Improved vegetation placement to open up the map for better driveability
  • Sawmill has been expanded to include storage areas and has had buildings renovated
  • New fishing village has been placed along the shoreline to add a point of interest
  • Gas station and convenience store have been renovated and area has had mechanic building added
  • Main town has received renovations with new building textures, road textures, utility poles, cables and much more
  • New offroad trails have been placed throughout the map
  • Firewatch tower, inn and combined police/fire station added to provide points of interest
  • Electric vehicle charging stations added

Hirochi Raceway

  • Slight adjustments to racetrack layout for improved drivability
  • Layout adjustments to secondary roads
  • New offroad course for those who prefer to race off the tarmac
  • All racecourse buildings have received a facelift to improve their appearance and placement
  • New road-side items such as lighting, billboards and race equipment
  • Skid pad has been replaced with small derby track
  • New gas station and convenience store have been added
  • Upgraded vegetation


  • Upgraded vegetation graphical appearance
  • AI paths placed throughout map
  • Minimap added
  • Added new track

Rendering Engine

  • Optimized vehicle rendering up to 2.5x faster for CPU and up to 10x faster for GPU
  • Optimized level rendering up to 1.3x faster
  • Reduced terrain memory usage up to 1GB in big maps like Italy
  • Fixed Material’s UV animation on Decals and DecalRoads
  • Fixed bug with Cubemaps that cause performance issues in AMD cards
  • Fixed bug with normals in Decals

World Editor 2.0

Pre-alpha release of the new toolchain we are developing. Unstable – use at your own risk. Feedback welcome. 🙂
Please back-up your data/work before experimenting with the new editor, since many of the tools are work in progress

  • Release of the Alpha, work in progress, version of World Editor 2.0 (toggle with F10)
  • This new editor offers better usability through improved tools and interfaces
  • It also features repositionable and dockable UI elements
  • Editing tools for Decals, Decalroads and Rivers, Shapes, Materials and a lot more 🙂


First release of our new gameplay scripting language. Please give us feedback here – Thanks! 😀

  • Released the Alpha, work in progress version of the Flowgraph Editor
  • The FlowGraph Editor offers a new visual programming language, which can be used to quickly and easily create scenarios, gameplay elements and more
  • Contains 9 fully documented demo projects which can be explored on GridMap
  • Documentation can be found here


  • Implemented traffic system
  • Implemented basic police system within traffic
  • Added traffic setup and options to UI radial menu
  • Added functionality to smartly spawn in multiple vehicles at the same time
  • Added multi-vehicle spawner tool to World Editor 2.0


  • Added new vehicle: Gavril Bluebuck
  • With several variations
  • Including taxis…
  • Drag racers…
  • And low riders with functioning hydraulics
  • Implemented detachable front subframes, removable rear subframes/mounting points, more accurately represented breakable engine mounts and deformation reworks for Sunburst, ’88 Pessima, Covet, Miramar, 200BX, 800-Series, K-Series, I-Series and LeGran. Subframes are now treated as part of the suspension
  • Autobello: Fixed ghost flares on type B fenders, made both types of signal lamps able to be installed together for realism, fixed steering linkage mesh streaking in crashes, fixed hubcaps inverting easily
  • Covet: Added more geometry to greenhouse, tweaked overall shape and proportions slightly to better match real vehicles, fixed front subframe mesh, added ‘Old Paint’ skin, updated ‘Vandalized’ skin
  • ETK K-Series: Adjusted emergency flashers position
  • ’98 Pessima: Improved upon subframe prototype from 0.16, subframes are now part of the suspension, further tuning. Adjusted position of pedals
  • ’88 Pessima: Tweaked overall shape and proportions to better match real vehicles, fixed widebody kit wonky shapes and rear half not being skinnable
  • LeGran: Tweaked overall shape and proportions to better match real vehicles, various geometry fixes
  • Miramar: Reduced roof height to better match real vehicles
  • Burnside: Reworked police and taxi skins to be colorable like Bluebuck
  • Hopper: Adjusted suspension strength for rock crawling, fixed streaking meshes on rollbar windshield bars, fixed wrong shifter on custom version, added ‘Carabinieri’ configuration
  • H-Series: Fixed floating racing seats, fixed racing seats clipping cab. Interior collision simplified so as not to interfere with external collision anti-clipping. Cars should no longer become stuck in the side of the van
  • Gavril Roamer: Added ‘Antenna’ part to off-road bumper
  • SBR4: Fuel tank improved, retuned handling of hillclimb configurations
  • Sunburst: Improved spacing of front bumper nodes to prevent spiking
  • T-Series: Added “T75 Destroyer” config, Ram Plow configs now use automatic transmission, fixed hood cam flopping, added locking diff
  • Glass weight simulation for most vehicles
  • Glass panes now individually removable for Burnside, Moonhawk, Barstow and D-Series (more coming)
  • Reworked seat jbeam structures for most vehicles
  • Added antennas to offroad bumpers on D Series, H Series and Roamer and to the hood on the Hopper
  • Material files moved to new Json format, allowing multiple files for better modability
  • Updated Barstow Awful and Moonhawk Terrible presets: welded differentials and off-road tires
  • Pickup V8 diesel power levels retuned
  • All engine tuning parts changed to use expressions instead of fixed values
  • Engine braking torque increased
  • Separated door panels on Pessima, ETK800, ETK-K, Bolide, Miramar
  • Added force feedback strength multiplier to all vehicles’ tuning menu
  • Added brake force multiplier to all vehicles’ tuning menu
  • 205/75R15 All-Terrain tires added to 15×7 wheels
  • Tire grip tweaks to balance changes in tire friction physics
  • Changes to rally suspension tuning and rally setups
  • Changed spring perch design on double wishbone suspensions where the spring acts in the middle of the wishbone
  • Updated some vehicles’ configurations
  • Fixed an error in ETK-K Series brakes flexbodies
  • Implemented “hydraulic suspension” controller
  • Fixed sunburst lightbar input action throwing errors if used on a configuration without lightbar
  • Fixed starter motor physics being stuck on in certain cases
  • Fixed combustion engine emitting “oil starvation” message if it was turned off
  • Added manual aggression override in vehicle controller
  • Electric servo device can now be controlled via an electrics value
  • Tweaked combustion engine block cooling effects
  • Brake thermal data is now exposed to electrics
  • Implemented dedicated engine starter events for engine and exhaust
  • Added particle effects for wood groundmodel collision, fuel tank rupture and improved mud splashes


  • New scenario : Field Run
  • New derby time trials : The Big 8 and Dirt Oval


  • A future proof replacement for the in-game console that is toggled using Shift+~ (Shift+tilde)


  • Scaled up the sound subsystem for traffic support
  • Various smaller performance improvements
  • Replaced generic reverb with directional, dynamic slap-back delay at specific level locations (e.g. dam in Italy or under bridges in West Coast)
  • Cone angle EQ on the exhaust now reduces to nothing over distance
  • More immersive ambient sounds for all levels with dynamic wind system
  • Updated ambiences for the improved levels
  • Fixed stopping sound sources on destruction
  • Fixed ambient sounds stopping too early
  • Fixed transitioning between sound scapes causing sound skipping – stop and start over again
  • Added restartable FMOD sound sources for cases when FMOD stealing kicks in
  • Improved Audio settings for max voices, including a message informing the user a restart of the game is necessary to apply the changes
  • New engine sounds for semi and bus
  • Hydraulic sounds for Bluebuck
  • Custom starter sounds for all vehicles
  • Pass-by whooshes (experimental)


  • Mod compatibility: kept art folder from before the updates to preserve mod compatibility
  • Gridmap: Fixed licence plate colors, added 55-11 format
  • Gridmap: Added ‘Prepped Asphalt’ (Drag Strip) to groundmodels testing area. Smoothed oval entrance ramps.
  • Improved West Coast USA AI navigation


  • Fixed incorrect friction calculation on DCT gearboxes
  • Fixed shaft electrics value causing props to spin at 2x speed (visuals only)
  • Removed upshift prevention on old automatic transmissions (it prevented upshifting with excessive wheelspin)
  • Reduced starter motor default torque and cranking rpmcber

Force Feedback

  • Improved update rate estimation algorithm. It should now be harder to overload the steering wheel drivers, which was leading to severe framerate drops in a few cases
  • Added ability to use force feedback Response Correction Curves (see: https://wiki.beamng.com/Steering_wheel_setup#Response_correction_curves ) with devices that don’t show up as steering wheels
  • Fixed the automatically detected update rate not being used on the first spawned vehicle
  • Fixed logs showing an inaccurate update rate


  • Added checkbox to toggle paths preview


  • Added other vehicle awareness to AI. It’ll now try to avoid other vehicles by steering to avoid them or by adjusting its own speed
  • Added other vehicle prediction to vehicle awareness. AI will try to predict the future position of other vehicles
  • Improved AI’s high level planning
  • Improved AI’s behavior when deviating from the drive-line
  • Improved AI’s control when the vehicle under/over-steers
  • AI is doing its own ABS and TCS control now
  • Added dynamic friction sensing to AI
  • Added new AI traffic mode
  • Traffic AI will replan when it is blocked
  • Improved flee and chase AI

Game Engine

  • Waypoints have a flag to be ignored by the AI (will not interfere with AI roads)
  • Increased maximum input capacity of old T3D in-game console
  • File system changes notifications now also work in the game folder
  • Added ability to increase/decrease the amount of visible tiremarks in Menu > Options > Graphics
  • Added option to save/load/reset the tiremarks in Menu > Environment > Tire Marks
  • Fixed game window freezing with a black screen when left in the background for some minutes (only when debug rendering was used)

Physics Engine

  • Fixed ray casting to properly collide with Zero-plane if no heightmap is available
  • Added obj:getBeamVelocity(beamId) function, which returns the internal contraction/expansion velocity of a beam


  • Fixed a bug where the launcher does not prevent you from using a userfolder that is a parent of the game folder and vice versa

Mod Manager / Repository

  • Print error and stack if modscript fails to improve diagnostic errors
  • Fixed inability to delete/unsubscribe from mods that are not in the missing list
  • Fixed modmanager initializing everytime the UI reloads
  • Fixed bug causing mods to be reenabled by moving them (eg /mods/example.zip => /mods/repo/example.zip)


  • Several improvements to ‘External’ camera behaviour (e.g. it should now keep angles for a longer period, and other improvements)
  • Added ability to modify and reset the ‘Free’ camera (shift+C) field of view, using the traditional bindings (numpad5/3/9 and others)
  • Improved radial menu options of ‘Relative’ camera: fixed duplicated slots, improved the descriptions and other tweaks
  • Fixed the relative camera forgetting its location each time the vehicle parts are modified or when numpad5 was pressed
  • Fixed the trailer-specific camera crashing after LUA is reloaded
  • Fixed ‘External’ camera positioning issues when vehicle is underwater and close to the surface
  • Fixed ‘TopDown’ camera zooming out excessively if vehicle is spawned far from the map center
  • Fixed ‘TopDown’ camera not zooming out as the vehicle picks up speed
  • Added idCam, offset and rotation parameters to ‘Onboard’ camera jbeam section
  • Fixed ‘Orbit’ cam resetting when changing vehicle parts
  • Fixed rotation irregularities of path camera
  • Made camera paths a lot smoother by fixing the underlying math


  • Navigation App: Roads with drivability lower than 0.1 will now appear in a different color, reduced chances of disappearing maps at certain angles.
  • Improved layout of graphics settings to make them a bit more intuitive to find
  • Added warning when very high reflection settings are chosen in Menu > Options > Graphics
  • Fixed inaccurate slowmotion speeds being reported on screen (even if the correct speeds were being applied)
  • Improved logs related to language selection and language fallback procedure
  • Updated some tooltips
  • Fixed various settings disappearing from Menu > Options > Graphics

  • Improved the message displayed when reassigning the default vehicle, automatically hides the vehicle selection menu too
  • Input

    • Added a binding for each of the actions available in Radial Menu > Fun Stuff
    • Improved the naming of steering bindings in Menu > Options > Controls
    • Modified the Real Time binding: it no longer forces real time, instead it toggles between real time and the last used slow motion speed

    Miscellaneous Fixes

    • Fixed part selector not displaying anything if one jbeam variable have min and max equal
    • Fixed lua websocket lib failing to require client
    • Added warning when unable to write at the regular user folder, forcing the use of a fallback path. Added warning when even the fallback is unusable, instead of silently refusing to start the game.
    • Minor performance improvements to nodegrabber and External camera
    • Added API to inspect a prefab from GameEngine LUA: ‘size()’ and ‘at()’ prefab methods (indexed from 0 to N-1)
    • Fixed rare crash during replay playback, happened predominantly when using modded vehicles, but might happen with any vehicle
    • Fixed Sphere triggers not triggering correctly due to being too small in the world octree
    • Improved JSon parser error messages when loading ill formed json files
    • Improved stress and deformation debug visuals
    • Minor performance improvements for decal roads in the editors
    • Fixed height calculation of decal roads when “over objects” is selected
    Thanks for reading the full change log 😉

    An up-to-date list of known issues can be found in the dedicated Feedback & Bug Reporting Thread here.
    Instructions on how to update the game here.

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