Teaser video – Remastered and Improved Levels

12 August 2019

We’re working hard to remaster several levels: our next update will feature massive improvements in “East Coast USA”, “Hirochi Raceway” and “Derby” maps.

Here’s a video preview of some of the changes you will find 🙂

Coming soon to version 0.17!

Second Hotfix for 0.16

23 May 2019

With today’s hotfix we are releasing a number of bugfixes and optimisations. We are continuing to work on resolving the UI issues encountered by a small subset of players. These are proving tricky to pin down and in some cases our analysis has revealed that the issues actually lie outside of BeamNG.drive, requiring third parties to deploy fixes. In such cases we are looking into workarounds as much as possible.


  • Increased differential output speed limits and allowed override in jbeam
  • Fixed jumpy behavior from torque converters when rock crawling or rolling backwards
  • Fixed Covet having incorrectly named differential parts
  • Fixed Barstow front wheels clipping into hub
  • Fixed electric batteries being able to massively overcharge
  • Fixed: Burnside front left door glass using “chopped” door node positions

Mod Repository

  • Added missing list to mod repository to not download missing mods on update all
  • Added download all missing mods button to mod repository


  • Fixed Semi hood camera moving around too much


  • Fixed Engine Audio debug app breaking on cars with old V8 sounds


  • Fixed wrong ordering during render of decal roads
  • Fixed missing woodcrate and woodplanks


  • Fixed UI process when run in software mode
  • Improved logging of UI processes for better diagnostics
  • Fixed outgauge coolant temperature using the wrong unit
An up to date list of known issues can be found in the dedicated Feedback & Bug Reporting Thread here.
Instructions on how to update the game here.

First hotfix for 0.16 released

09 May 2019

With today’s hotfix we are deploying fixes and enhancements to BeamNG.drive version 0.16. Building on the already released audio improvements we are releasing a tuning app for engine sounds as well as some additional adjustments to exhaust and impact sound effects. The Italy map is receiving some bug fixes which will result in fewer shredded tires and more pleasant terrain appearance in some areas. On the vehicle side various models have had fixes applied to correct deformation and camera placement errors as well as configuration and appearance issues.

Notice: In order to address an on-going issue with the game UI we have flagged GPU usage of the UI as experimental. This will now require manual toggling in the options screen. While the majority of users should not experience issues with this option enabled, a small subset of users may encounter issues when playing the game with this option active.

Notice: With this release we are deprecating the dropdown functionality of the UI. Any custom UI elements that use dropdown menus will need to be updated.


  • ’98 Pessima: Fixed mesh spike from subframe, fixed subframe easily “peeling” when driving over rocks, fixed hood corners clipping, strengthened middle fender attach
  • Moonhawk: Fixed rear glass deformgroups, fixed trunk mesh spike, fixed default configuration spawning without differential, adjustments to fender deformation in response to feedback
  • SBR4: Fixed unreliable tail light deformgroup, fixed rear subframe mesh spike, fixed steering jiggle on AWD models when skidding at high angles with throttle applied
  • eSBR: Added a reversing speed limit. Added the ability to change the starting battery level in tuning menu. Fixed position of foglight flares, damaged taillight texture switching fixed, made tailllight and tailgate panels sub parts.
  • Covet: Fixed positions of non-stock steering wheels, fixed incorrectly named final drive, adjust rear view mirror position
  • Burnside: Corrected (A) in Leadsled configuration name to (M) to match the fitted transmission
  • Autobello: Fixed open diff torsionreactor
  • Miramar: Fixed node positions in rear roof area, strengthened middle fender attach
  • Sunburst: Fixed the CVT gear ratio oscillating at low game FPS, changed shifting behavior to upshift more quickly after releasing throttle. Improved flexbody behaviour of front bumpers. Fixed typo in Sport S (M) config causing it to have the wrong fender
  • Hopper: Fixed off road light housings becoming transparent when breaking, adjusted rear trackbar setting (default and offroad config)
  • Pickup/Roamer: Fixed incorrectly named front final drive gears
  • Semi: Improved the 5th wheel plates so that they dont clip through the frame when vehicle collision is disabled
  • ETK K-series: reverted accidental orbit camera changes
  • ETK 800: reverted mistaken camera changes
  • Door flexbody spiking improved for: Pickup/Roamer/Van, LeGran, ETK I, Grand Marshal, Sunburst, ’88 Pessima, ’98 Pessima


  • Italy: Fixed wood bench normal
  • Italy: Deleted the petrol station in Città Vecchia
  • Italy: Fixed low balconies
  • Italy: Improved Fastello port colmesh to prevent tire popping
  • Italy: Removed some grass on the road
  • Italy: Removed duplcate sign
  • Italy: Added AI roads to Portino and the Norte port
  • Italy: Updated terrain to improve Portino
  • Italy: Fixed floating decals on port
  • Italy: Updated minimap to include the new village of Portino
  • Italy: Fixed no texture on time trial starting line
  • ECA: Fixed decal over mesh in ECA Street Course and Street Stage time trials


  • Added a simple live tuning app for engine sound (Ctrl+F9)
  • Added ECS/Tc apps (Ctrl+F9)
  • Added option to enable experimental render of UI with GPU
  • Fixed lua error when a coupled vehicle has been replaced
  • Fixed DecalRoads not updating
  • Fixed opening save/load window of Track Builder crashing the game
  • Fixed Procedural Tracks not working
  • Fixed multiseat camera not working properly when exiting multiseat
  • Performance Graph: Metrics is recorded all the time, pause the physics to pause the recording
  • Performance Graph: Fixed bugs for GPU graph, latest value would always be wrong (eg: PostFX time would be smaller on current frame)
  • Performance Graph: Fixed displaying frequency of CPU twice (Intel already include stock frequency in the name)
  • Launcher: You can now reset your userpath if the launcher or game is throwing error
  • Tasti-Cola delivery scenario now uses default UI layout instead of custom single checkpoint scenario layout


  • Added roll off adjustment curve to exhausts, adding 8db of gain over 100 metres
  • Added additional roll off adjustment curve to unmuffled exhausts, adding 2db of gain over 100 metres
  • Added roll off adjustment curve to main impacts
  • Cabin filter is now more muffled


  • Small optimizations of physics core
An up to date list of known issues can be found in the dedicated Feedback & Bug Reporting Thread here.
Instructions on how to update the game here.

Electrifying 0.16

03 May 2019

With the long weeks of winter coming to an end we’re ready to release our update to bring BeamNG.drive to version 0.16. This release sees several improvements and additions to the game. We are releasing our first fully electric vehicle for BeamNG.drive, the eSBR. In addition to being fitted with an electric drivetrain and battery system it has also been given a major facelift, giving it an appropriately modern look and feel. Our team has had a lot of fun pushing this car to its limits and we hope you enjoy it as much as we do!

Italy is also receiving some additions, as promised when we launched 0.15 in December 2018. We have completed the port area of the main city, added the small coastal village of Portino and improved the appearance of the airport, fortress and castle. Italy is now also dotted with petrol stations and electric charging facilities as well as having several new offroad trails for you to explore. The local residents are also happy to have access to a new hospital and the protection afforded by fire and police stations.

Under the hood the team has continued to optimise several areas of the game. We now have a UI that can render up to 60fps. Optimisations to our physics engine have resulted in performance gains of up to 10%. Combined with improvements to the rendering engine that have reduced stuttering, your driving experience should become a lot smoother.

On the audio side of things, we are releasing support for 5.1 surround sound. The team has also been hard at work to bring scrape effects, transmission whine and a new dynamic muffling parameter into the game to continue the work of making our cars sound as good as they handle. Work on tuning these new effects is still on-going so expect to hear improvements in the coming releases.

This release also includes new and tweaked game scenarios, enhancements to several vehicles and a bunch of bug fixes and quality of life improvements. The full changelog can be found below. We hope you enjoy the results of the team’s hard work and as usual please let us know what you think on the forums!


  • New vehicle: Hirochi eSBR
  • Italy improvements
  • Audio improvements

Italy Level

  • The map has received a new hospital, fire and police stations:
  • The castle and fortress have been updated
  • Small trails have been added throughout the map for more offroad fun
  • The airport building and surroundings have been renewed and more detail added
  • Portino village has been added as a new location
  • Petrol stations and electric vehicle charging stations have been added
  • The port area has been updated
  • Some rural areas have had their walls renovated or removed
  • Boats in the water on shores now have animation to rock on the swell
  • Added beach access across the map
  • Added small ports to the two towns by the ocean
  • Added entering/exiting signs to all named locations
  • Added level of detail and collision meshes to several buildings that missed them in the initial release (mainly industrial structures)
  • Improved some object meshes (such as details on trees)
  • Some minor improvements to materials to reduce tiling
  • Fixed various bugs such as floating trees, bushes, signs
  • Fixed some collision meshes that were eating cars and others that missed them entirely
  • Fixed some collision meshes that gave problems
  • Added decal roads on road borders to the small villages
  • Fixed Portino village town base to better fit with terrain
  • Corrected signs directions to cities through the map


  • eSBR: Added new, electric variant of SBR4
  • D/H-Series/Roamer: Added 6.0L diesel V8 and diesel 5spd transmission options to Gavril D-Series pickup, H-Series van, and Roamer
  • Hopper: Added off-road bumpers, bumper mounted spare tire carrier, and rock sliders to “Custom” variant
  • T-Series: Added ‘Heatshield’ sub-part to ‘Exhaust stacks’. Added 4 exhaust variants and 3 heatshield variants. Added ability to install a single exhaust. ‘Exhaust stacks’ are now a sub-part of the engine. Left and right exhausts are now merged for easier tuning
  • Sunburst: Tweaked body shape. Added widebody quarter panels/doors/fenders/bumpers for all AWD models (FWD models are narrowbody)
  • Moonhawk: Tweaked body shape
  • Roamer: Tweaked body shape
  • H-Series: Tweaked body shape
  • Miramar: Tweaked body shape. Moved seating position towards center of car. Adjusted front bumper and air dam so they no longer conflict
  • ETK 800: Tweaked body shape
  • ETK K-Series: Added colourable ‘Sport Trim’ part
  • Box Utility: Revisited textures. Fixed minor UV map issues
  • Covet: Tweaked body shape
  • SBR4: Added new interior skins
  • Added glass weight (200BX, Autobello, Barstow, Bolide, Burnside, Covet, Hopper, Legran, ’88 Pessima, ’98 Pessima, SBR4, Sunburst, other vehicles still WIP). Removing glass from the body now saves weight
  • Added final drive gear ratio parts for all vehicles for more customization potential
  • 200BX: Increased CG height
  • Autobello: Improved exhaust tip rigidity. Reduced likelihood of fuel catching fire
  • Barstow: Improved deformation. Narrowed suspension track width
  • Bolide: Fixed hood wobbling while driving. Added shorter final drive for base model. Added quick ratio race steering
  • Burnside: Improved deformation. Reworked/simplified body mounts. Fixed suspension instability with some wheels. Increased radiator effectiveness
  • Covet: Decreased curb weight by 40kg and increased CG height
  • D/H-Series/Roamer: Added more configurations. Dually wheels converted to actual dual wheel structures. Increased engine crash strength. Reduced rigidity of frame and body/bed attachment to allow more frame flex
  • ETK800/ETK-K: Increased I6 inertia. Reduced engine torque at <1000rpm. Fixed ETK-K not having a transfer case mesh. Changed exhaust tip configuration
  • ETKI: Increased CG height
  • Hopper: Reduced strength of body and frame. Increased spare tire mount rigidity. Improved skid plate structure. Converted steering to use torsionHydro beam. Increased engine inertia
  • LeGran: Fixed rear sport drum brakes showed as disks
  • Miramar: Improved deformation. Increased race engine inertia
  • Moonhawk: Improved deformation. Reworked/simplified body mounts
  • ’98 Pessima: Overhauled/optimized structure. Separated front and rear subframes. Improved deformation
  • Pigeon: Added friction to stabilizer wheels. Improved stabilizer wheels and mounting. Fixed vehicle damaging itself on spawn
  • SBR4: Improved deformation. Added shorter final drive for base model. Reduced engine inertia
  • Semi: Added more configurations. Converted steering to use torsionHydro beam. Fixed front hub mesh stretching in crashes. Fixed axle inter-shaft breaking when the rearmost axle droops
  • Sunburst: Tweaked CVT behavior
  • Reduced wobbliness of intake snorkels
  • Added more peak grip to race tires
  • Converted all vehicle swaybars to use torsionBar beams
  • Use dampCutoffHz in all suspension dampers
  • Changed all vehicle bumpstops to be deformable when landing hard
  • Changed all vehicle bumpstops to use new more accurate positioning method (precompressionRange)
  • Added torsionBar beams to steering arms to improve steering rigidity
  • Minor changes to suspension tuning for all cars
  • Reduced compression stiffness of many tires
  • Changed some part descriptions for better naming consistency across all vehicles
  • Fixed instability with high tire pressure on Ibishu alloy wheels
  • Fixed specular creating errors for German and Italian license plates caused by missing sprite
  • Small fixes to roofrack part textures
  • Tweaked ‘mirror’ material for better visibility
  • Fixed vehicle lights not turning off when they are broken off
  • Fixed ESC/TC not working correctly with vehicles that have more than 4 wheels
  • Improved friction caused engine lock detection
  • Improved combustion engine braking logic
  • Only automatically restart stalled engines if the throttle is pressed
  • Fixed launch control not deactivating correctly in some cases
  • Fixed clutch thermals not being able to be deactivated
  • Changed differential friction to act on input rather than output
  • Improved damping calculation for locked differentials
  • Increased damping in clutches
  • Added input actions for changing ESC modes up and down instead of toggle only
  • Reduced runtime memory allocations of vehicles. This reduces micro-lag spikes
  • Implemented advanced jbeam value merging strategies:
  • -start a jbeam key with $+, $*, $< or $> to enable addition, multiplication min or max instead of outright overwriting a previous value (only works for simple key:value pairs where the value is a number)
    -example: use “$+mainGain”: 10 in a subpart to have an already existing mainGain value from a parent part be increased by 10

  • Reworked ESC/TC logic for an improved TC behavior with AWD and under cornering
  • Adjusted jbeam parsing logic to exclude “information” table from merging strategies
  • Added recuperation logic to the electric motor device
  • Updated automatic vehicle testing to work with multi-engine vehicles
  • Created different motors, batteries and ESC/TC configurations
  • Implemented specific control logic for electric cars that is able to handle any number of motors


  • Engine and exhaust sounds are now split
  • All new sounds support a dedicated muffling parameter that changes the overall impression of the sound
  • Exhaust muffling is dynamic and changes accordingly when the exhaust breaks or is unequipped
  • Location of the exhaust sound emitter chnanges based on where the actual end of the exhaust is
  • Engine and exhaust sounds now use a dynamic equaliser based on camera position
  • 5.1 surround sound support
  • E-SBR engine sound
  • i4, i6 and v8 Diesel engine sound
  • Implemented scrape audio system
  • Scraping vegetation produces sounds
  • Implemented physics based sequential and manual transmission gear whine logic
  • Improved transmission whine, input/output/reverse, with gearbox rattles for sequential gearboxes. Reverse transmission for manual gearboxes, forwards to come later.
  • New aero sound
  • New engine explode sound
  • New distance attenuation settings for all vehicle related sounds
  • Fixed lag for UI sounds
  • Fixed continuous loop of church bells on Italy map
  • Memory and performance improvements
  • Reworked vehicle interior filter
  • Fixed leaking interior sounds
  • Implemented a simple live tuning app for engine sounds (imgui)
  • Fixed cockpit audio filtering not applying correctly at high driving speeds
  • Upgraded FMod to 1.10.12


  • New Port Gymkhana time trial in Italy
  • Added Tasti-Cola Delivery scenario
  • Added Electric Hypermilling scenario
  • Tweaks and improvements to all of the time trials (Slight layout changes to : Jungle Rock Island Dirt Stage 1, East Coast USA Asphalt Stage 2 and Street Stage 1)
  • Ported Automation Test Track Dam Climb time trial to scenario
  • Fixed “Hustle And Bustle” first mission ending unexpectedly when un-pausing the game
  • Fixed special camera setup for specific campaing scenarios
  • Fixed scenario blacklists failing to exclude actions
  • Fixed UI not working as intended for vehicles without configs like the Cannon
  • Fixed objects leaking during a transition from one scenario directly into another scenario


  • Physics core optimizations improved performance by up to 10%
  • New implementation of Lua garbage collection managing subsystem of physics core, this reduces micro-lag spikes
  • Optimized CPU and memory usage of physics core’s static collision subsystem
  • Optimized CPU performance of physics core’s raycasting subsystem
  • Improved orchestration of dynamic collision subsystem’s thread scheduling
  • Increased friction on wet asphalt
  • Added scrape sound subsystem into physics core, it filters and aggregates scrape sound events
  • Increased accuracy of physics core object positioning subsystem. This affects positioning accuracy of objects that are far from level’s origin point
  • Wheelspeed data is now calculated at 2000hz, giving much more accurate data
  • Added obj:getGravityVector() function which returns gravity’s vector
  • Added obj:sendRPMLeds function and removed older obj:playRPMLeds function
  • Improved particle emission filter

Game Engine

  • New implementation of Lua garbage collection managing subsystem of game engine (same as in physics core), this reduces micro-lag spikes and could provide up to 5% better framerate
  • Various other performance improvements to the game engine
  • Fixed default user path check failing when it doesn’t exist
  • Fixed FS:findfiles not handling non-standard mounting points
  • Performance graph: Added new custom imgui graphs, json and csv file export ability. Optimizations reduced CPU load by up to 50%
  • Fixed FS:findfiles not handling none standard mounting points
  • Added “getClipboard” function (complementing the existing “setClipboard”)
  • Nodegrabber sphere size can now be tweaked using be.nodeGrabber.renderSize
  • Fixed broken camera system when switching cars after reloading LUA
  • Fixed fully hydrolocked engines not displaying a message on screen

Graphics Engine

  • Preload material permutations to reduce stuttering during gameplay
  • Integrated CEF GPU rendering
  • Fixed direct lighting for translucent materials
  • Fixed render timers used for performance graphs
  • Text render improvements in various vehicle debug modes

User Interface

  • Tweaked road colors in Navigation app for better visibility


  • Made “Look Back” instant and “hold” instead of “toggle”
  • Fixed chase camera having incorrect offset when changing vehicles


  • Added save/load functionality to Script AI Manager

World Editor

  • Added “Snap To Terrain” Forest Editor brush
  • Fixed T3d::PathUtils::getUserPath still using defaulting path (may have fixed some issues regarding paths)
  • import/export holeMap, resizable import terrain window, fix export/import terrain flipped Y axis (use only flip if it’s file exported with previous version)
  • Fixed crash when using more than 32 material layers on terrain, added message to not go over the limit of 254 layers
  • Fixed materials texture animation when using Material Editor
  • Fixed hidding of TSStatic and Forest in the Editor
  • Improved integration of Imgui when used from multiple threads


  • Fixed graphics corruption during replay playback if a vehicle had lost parts and was then reset or recovered
  • Fixed missing replay audio, skidmarks and other details when the computer cannot keep up with the requested playback speed


  • Added player number labels to the Options > Controls > Hardware menu when multiseat is enabled
  • Added input controller identifiers next to multiseat tags
  • Improved default Logitech G920 force feedback settings
  • Slightly more robust force feedback updates


  • Moved ESC/TC debug apps to imgui
  • Launcher now writes dates in ISO 8601 format (YYYY-MM-DD)
  • Improved banana bench vehicle placement. Vehicles are spawned on the ground level now so they are not slamming down from a height. This has reduced a little bit banana bench scores


  • Notice to players about recording video when using surround sound:
  • Recording video using a 5.1 setup: Unless your video recorder is capable of 5.1 please make sure that your Windows output settings are set to 2.0 stereo and NOT 5.1 when recording BeamNG.drive gameplay. If you record a video with Windows/BeamNG set to 5.1, the video will just record the FL and FR channel of the 5.1 output, rather than using the downmix of the 5.1 setup.

  • Notice to players about Windows “Game Mode”:
  • Windows 10 ‘Game Mode’ features could cause issues with the game’s UI process. We recommend to disable this feature to avoid possible issues. To disable ‘Game Mode’, press Windows + G while in the game. This opens the game bar. Press the button on the right to disable ‘Game Mode’.

Thanks for reading the full change log 😉

An up to date list of known issues can be found in the dedicated Feedback & Bug Reporting Thread here.
Instructions on how to update the game here.

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