BeamNG and Torque3D

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Over the past few months we’ve been hard at work polishing and improving our physics code and it’s running faster and smoother than ever. At the same time we have also focused on creating a proper middleware physics engine out of our presentation last year: one that is easily portable between different game engines. Towards that front, the new middleware physics engine has been ported to a new game engine – Torque3D, which has proved to be a perfect fit for how we’d like to proceed with our physics technology here at BeamNG.

We are also hard at work creating a game in Torque3D using our physics technology. We will have an announcement about this with more details in the upcoming weeks.

In case you want to run our game/middleware under linux, please consider supporting the official Linux port project of Torque3D: // The funding has only a few days left until it ends.

You can see a short demonstration of BeamNG engine + Torque3D here:

Let’s continue the discussion in this thread

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