A Small Car on a Big Map – Version 0.15 released

Good news, everyone!

You have all been very patient, and the wait is finally over: today we’re releasing the new update, which includes some hotly anticipated features, including:

  • A new vehicle: Autobello Piccolina
  • The Autobello Piccolina might seem funny and small, but it’s no joke. Taking cues from German and Italian economy cars of the 50s and 60s, we’ve created the perfect match for the new Italy map. It’s lightweight, nimble, and durable, but of course, absolutely terrible in a collision. You might find yourself giggling as it eagerly pivots around switchbacks and narrow cobblestone streets; however, some unnerving lift oversteer will put the fear in you as speeds increase. Powered by an air-cooled engine, there is no radiator to damage, but keep an eye on the temperature gauge, as too much hard work without enough airflow can swing the temperatures into the red. As the base model might be a bit too mild for some, we have included tons of customization parts to make things more exciting. Kit it out as a vintage racer, street machine, or baja buggy!

  • A new map: Italy
  • Important graphics and physics optimizations, along with our usual stack of improvements and fixes.
To gain some perspective about the work that has gone into Italy for the past 2 years and 8 months, here’s a comparison with a few of our other existing maps:

That’s an area of 16km², four times as much as our previous largest map. Italy features 120 kilometers of lovingly hand-crafted twisty roads, together with more than 4,300 manually placed traffic signs, and of course the vast amounts of associated road marking, fences, curbs, walls and other roadside features.

This road network links together several rural and urban areas made up of roughly 2,100 buildings. Going further off road, you’ll find Italy includes no less than 140,000 individual plants. And that’s not all, as a few areas have yet to be populated with further detail and polish in future updates.

All of this combined meant that initial versions of Italy were simply too resource intensive. This forced us to postpone the original release date some months ago, so we could optimize our game engine for this kind of complex map.

After all that work, we’ve seen framerates improving up to 240% on Italy, which means it’s now playable on most computers.

These optimizations may partially translate into other maps, depending very heavily on the map and on your hardware. As an example, here’s the improvement at ECA and WCUSA maps, as tested in a particular computer configuration:

Your mileage may vary, but we think most computers should see some improvement, so cross your fingers and check for yourself. Which, by the way, is a good excuse to test drive 700+ kilograms of post-war economy goodness, and discover all of its variants, aftermarket parts, and colorable paint jobs! 😉

The whole BeamNG team wishes you all some happy, relaxing Christmas holidays!
Thanks for the awesome year 2018, on to career mode in 2019! 🙂

If you need to kill time until you reach your computer or the update downloads, you can continue reading the full list of the changes for version 0.15:


  • Small optimizations in the physics core (~5%)
  • Increased sensitivity of duplicated beam warning
  • Improved dirt and gravel surface friction values (gains more grip with sliding than before)
  • Tied fire thermals to engine and brake thermals
  • Clean up of fire subsystem
  • Fixed random fire ignitions
  • Fixed removing engine also removing the wheels for some vehicles
  • Fixed particle slipForce values reported by the physics core
  • Fixed particle collision depth values


  • Added scriptAI subsystem. It allows to record a driving path and then having the AI try to drive the same path
  • Added penalty parameters for above and below cutoff driveability, to map.getPath. They control the path finding algorithm based on the cutoff driveability threshold


  • Prevent DCTs from shifting up while in frozen mode
  • Automatic transmission doesn’t provide an engine load anymore in N when frozen
  • Added bigger freeplay to sequential transmissions
  • Tuned default upshift prevention settings
  • Electric servo device now has settable min/max angles
  • Temporary rev limiter (used for launch control and TCS) now uses the actual rev limiter logic of the engine instead of always a smooth limiter
  • Turbochargers now work much more reliably at low framerates
  • Increased display accuracy of torque curve app vs actual performance of turbocharged engines
  • Fixed clutch slipping too easily when vehicle has a low range gearbox
  • Fixed reverse airflow causing temperature increase in radiators and oil coolers

Graphics Engine

  • Render optimizations to improve CPU bound cases
  • Render optimizations for TSStatic objects
  • Added support for BC7 texture compression. Should be the prefered format for all textures except normal maps. Results in more detailed textures on-screen.
  • Fixed decals not rendering correctly over meshes using visible mesh for collision
  • Fixed some performance meters used in Performace UI
  • Fixed “look back” behavior of orbit camera
  • Fixed black screen after physics instabilities


  • Added new vehicle: Autobello Piccolina
  • Added ‘Shift Lights’ (Single LED and Multi LED). Added by default to Race and Rally configurations of most vehicles
  • All new ‘Rally Lights’ meshes and textures, with skinnable covers
  • Rally Lights: Adjusted brightness and shadows on variants with more than 2 lights. Improved positions to avoid light flares from leaking behind
  • All new ‘Roofrack’ meshes for the Gavril Roamer. Higher quality models and textures, added a Jerrycan
  • Added an 8-speed DCT to modern ETKs
  • Civetta Bolide: Added ‘Polizia’ configurations (skin and emergency leds). Added ‘Volitalia’ skin
  • Hirochi Sunburst: Added ‘Gripall’ skin. Fixed minor issue on the mudflaps uvMap
  • Hirochi SBR4: Added ‘Apex’ skin
  • Added new license plates format (European 52x12cm) and pattern generation. Read more here.
  • Ability to set default license plate for every new vehicle `settings/cloud/forceLicencePlate.txt`
  • Tuned sunburst CVT to use lower RPMs
  • Tuned ETK 800 Series and ETK K-Series weight distribution, awd parts add more weight
  • Fixed beacon lights not shutting off when broken
  • Improved Lightbar/beacon siren sounds: now come from vehicle’s horn location rather than the lightbar itself
  • Strengthened suspension subframes for most vehicles
  • Increase burnside radiator effectiveness
  • Fixed ETK K-Series default front track width
  • Fixed many cars getting small amounts of damage just from aggressive driving
  • Increased small standard tires treadCoef to match larger sizes (increases off road grip)
  • Some changes to some configurations’ colors
  • Refreshed thumbnails
  • Added information about current vehicle in htmlTexture (`VehicleInfo`)


  • Added new level: Italy
  • Automation Test Track road surface overhaul: now using a 3D mesh for greater smoothness and for improved control over details where needed. Should improve Force-Feedback feeling.
  • Fixed drag strip christmas tree on West Coast USA
  • Fixed minor water issue on Gridmap’s groundmodels area
  • Fixed minor issues on East Coast USA
  • Added new preview images for Cliff, Gridmap, and Utah

Scenarios and Time Trials

  • New scenarios: ‘Autobello Piccolina Showcase’ and ‘Pizza Delivery’
  • New Time Trials for Italy: Crest Road, Highway, Mini Village Loop, Asphalt Hillclimb 1 & 2, Island Tour, Mixed Circuit, Mountain Village Circuit, Cliff Road, Gravel Hillclimb 1 & 2, Mixed Hillclimb and Through the Centre

Bus Routes

  • Added bus lines for Italy: 101 Norte, 101 Norte reverse, 142 Lucera-Norte, 142 Norte-Lucera, 145 Norte-Villapace, 145 Norte-Villapace reverse, 701 Conca azzura-Fastello, 707 Fastello-Conca azzura
  • Added ability to use other buses in ‘Bus Route’ mode
  • Fixed using two times the same waypoint for different stops in navhelp
  • Fixed spawning the bus in the last bus stop trigger

Track Builder

  • Added procedural obstacles: Cube, Bump, Cylinder, Ring, Cone and Ramp.


  • Changes to loading type for all assets, should improve overall performance
  • Added cobblestone groundmodel sounds
  • Added 2 new siren sounds
  • Added support for multiple engine sound source
  • New suspension sounds for cars
  • New cannon roll and fire sounds
  • Tweaks to cabin EQ and mix

User Interface

  • Added propulsion, fuel, transmission, braking distance, and drivetrain to vehicle performance data
  • Optimized navimap sending to a vehicle to only happen when the map has changed
  • Updated tooltips
  • Updated some outdated levels’ thumbnails
  • Fixed Italian language not always being properly recognized and used
  • Fixed navimap road construction for the case of multiple overlapping road segments intesercting with another one


  • Fixed rare bug where vehicle colors and skins would momentarily switch around between identic cars


  • Enabled force feedback by default for the Logitech Momo Racing Force Feedback steering wheel
  • Fixed sped up response when switching back and forth between keyboard and gamepad steering
  • Fixed force feedback persisting when a vehicle is deleted


  • Node collision event is now exposed to controllers
  • Added shiftlight controller with highly configurable settings
  • Support for electric propulsion WIP
  • Fixed a few corner cases where a manual transmission in arcade mode would get stuck in a higher gear at stillstand for a while
  • Refactored how Sports mode works across all relevant transmissions
  • Improved DCT control logic


  • Displays an error message if can’t clean cache (if using userpath==rootpath)
  • Added progress dialog for clean cache, fixed backup folder created using 12h time format
  • Added trackEditor and new editor to clean cache whitelist


  • New and more reliable Performance Graphs
  • Removed some unused files
  • Updated vehicle tests to include new data points such as “Propulsion”, “Fuel Type”, “Induction” and automated detection of transmission and drivetrain type
  • Added warning message when importing terrain texture map outside game/user folder
  • Fixed free space warning when using `-nouserpath`
  • Fixed a bug where the web browser would not open at all
  • ProceduralMesh: fixed a crash when vectors are empty
Thanks for reading the full change log 😉

An up to date list of known issues can be found in the dedicated Feedback & Bug Reporting Thread here.
Instructions on how to update the game here.

34 responses to “A Small Car on a Big Map – Version 0.15 released”

  1. Keys says:

    Pretty nice! I have been watching the development since ljfhutch made that thread for it 2 years ago!

    • James says:

      Never give up on this… Imagine this engine used in Grand Theft Auto?

      • Orne says:

        While BeamNG has made some amazing progress, they are nowhere near as sophisticated nor as optimized as GTAV engine. Which is to be expected considering GTA V cost about 240 million USD to build.

  2. Antosz1 says:

    Thank you devs, have a nice christmas
    finally it’s delivered!

  3. Chuck says:

    WOW i cannot believe the Italy map is here, i’ve watched it’s updates over the years and i’m so excited! i’m surprised the game can also run on my duel core integrated GPU 4gb laptop (when out and about so i never have to stop playing) so many optimisations too, i’m a kid with a candy cane!

  4. Lincoln Fleischman says:

    Another amazing update! thank you for all of your hard work devs!

  5. Daniel says:

    Very nice BeamNG dev team, keep up the good work 😀

  6. Nathan says:

    WOOHooo!! New update! I’m at school so I can not wait to get home and play with the new map and all!

    Thank you Devs of this amazing game you have my support forever!!

    P.S. Reddit sent me.

  7. benzodm says:

    A gift for my birthday 😀

  8. Gradarobett says:

    This is gonna be the best Christmas EVER. I mean, a new map AND a new car? The devs have really spoiled us this time. 🙂

  9. Explodingmoons says:

    ScriptAI looks super cool!

  10. Prashant Jha says:

    I can’t wait to play this update once Steam has installed it 🙂

    Has the Automation vehicle turbo power output issue been solved? I wasn’t too sure if this was in the Powertrain updates section

  11. James Heslop says:

    Incredible work devs! I’ve been working on a 16km² map for the past couple of days. “No big deal really.” Except when you want it to look GOOD. So making a simple tunnel and intersection so far has taken a good 16 hours and it can still look better! I just wish I was able to import other models, textures, sounds, etc.. instead of having to edit massive files and rename 850 entries. Can’t wait to get this up and running (DSL internet, thanks for the extra info to read while waiting haha it helped)

  12. Tim says:

    New map wont load.
    Every old map is now slow to load.
    Italy map loads on main menu in background.
    Impossible to play anything now again.
    Please stop releasing updates that make the whole game stop working or impossible to play because every update recently, this has been the case.

    • DirtCrazykid says:

      You do realize that you aren’t helping anybody else by not providing any details? You are the only one having issues so its probably on your end. (For example UnderPowered PC, Out of date graphics driver, etc.)

  13. Dakdin says:

    Keep up the good work
    Merry Christmas

  14. Trent S. says:

    Please, I’m begging you, fix the stupid glitchy black lines we AMD users experience on this game. It occurs on maps like East Coast USA. Don’t know why it happens, but it happens. Please fix it, it’s annoying and I can’t play it until it’s fixed (I mean, I can, but I don’t want to, because it’d get really annoying).

  15. Phillip George Thomas says:

    I had wanted beam ng for many yeat but never got it, I recieved it a few weeks ago as a gift and am very happy with the game it was exactly what I expected and more from the vids I watched, thankyou for the new update the map size is incredible and cant wait to get in and tear that little car around ITALY

  16. Bob Blunderton says:

    To the above posters:
    On every new version the game will have to re-do cache and shaders. It’ll take a few extra seconds, or an extra minute if you have a HDD. You shouldn’t be running modern games of an HDD in the age of cheap SSD’s.
    Generating shaders and model cache is only done the 1st time a map loads or if you’ve added new models to the map between run times (if you make maps and models).
    Glitches with AMD drivers, I have them too, but they are less on newer drivers. Try the newest beta driver.
    It has to do with the terrain auto-generated grass dissolving method not working on the AMD driver.

    Folks that have issues loading the game or getting things to run should delete their old mods 1st, clear cache, and try again. You might be surprised. No warranty on mods, folks!

  17. Jacob says:

    I like this car it is good for my style of driving

  18. Chris says:

    Fantastic update! Thank you devs for all your hard work!

  19. Restart_B says:

    Well done! This is another amazing update! I love playing the new map and car.

  20. Marcus Reynolds says:

    AI Path recording = awesome thanks, some epic car chase scenes are able to be made now !!

    Can we use this to create permanent AI paths on new track builds ?? I have had little success trying to get the AI paths working properly previously ?

  21. Ismael says:

    the sound of the boxer engine was just perfect, you guys are amazing.

  22. TheCarNerd says:

    Amazing work Beam.NG! Can’t wait to try this update out!

  23. nathalie says:

    i like this game

  24. nathalie says:

    beamng the best game ever

  25. shane gunter says:

    Any future in having the telemetry used with simexperience and simvibe?

  26. Lia Romero Rios says:

    AutoBello Picolina

  27. haassan says:

    live you

  28. jane says:

    como baixar para pc fraco

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