Week summary

  • Lots of work on the virtual filesystem integration. It currently looks like this (more info about that in a blogpost later):
  • mods-folder

  • Game will now start as fullscreen by default
  • Material switching bugs in combination with multidae: the signals, lights and breaking glass broke when changing parts on the vehicle
  • Fixed spotlights teleporting during the first two frames they are visible
  • Fixed up resources to work with case sensitive filesystems correctly
  • Improved collision stability
  • We added fading to the ends of the roads, that makes merging them much easier. Before/after:
  • decalfade2

  • Tests with a crushing roller:
  • //media.beamng.com/LPjW0kfP39hHOvHc/video.webm

  • We have our own IRC server now: irc.beamng.com : 6667 – it is linked to the old IRC server, so you will not notice much changes.
  • We fixed the Collada exporter up, so we could get the terrain 3D mesh to export correctly into a .dae file
  • Oh, and a hamster wheel 😀
  • //media.beamng.com/HIQ4zSmRcirWjzWy/video.webm

  • Worked on a Frame limiter: it should cap the FPS so we get a more fluid gameplay experience (addition benefit: we can test and debug low FPS scenarios)
  • Worked on the new vehicle selector:
  • //media.beamng.com/Uj0bFxnRGHCkuvPw/video.webm

  • Created proof of concept for new approach to input binding – what do you think?
  • //media.beamng.com/CxxiTXZT3g73c277/video.webm

  • Continued improving the input system. Nearly all controllers are well recognized now. We also wrote a little input visualization tool and finished the xinput UI integration:
  • input_visu

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