Version 0.5.3 released


  • Implemented engine thermal simulation
  • Vehicle Rotation: Preserves Rotation on reload / (camera in recovery is still buggy, to be fixed in the next updates)
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  • Ground models for 3D meshes and improved Static collision / Groundmodel Debug visualization: now with ground model names being displayed. Depth visualization much better as well


  • Thermals: Simulation of multiple temperatures such as coolant, oil, cylinder walls, engine block and exhaust manifold
  • Thermals: Advanced damage modelling for radiator/coolant leaks, head gasket failures, piston rings, connecting rod bearings
  • Thermals: Rich visuals/audibles for damaged parts (steam from head/radiator/exhaust, blue smoke from exhaust, knocking sounds from engine, cold environment exhaust steam with cold engines)
  • Thermals: Dynamic exhaust routing for accurate particle emission
  • Thermals: In depth jbeam configuration for radiators (coolant/oil), oil/coolant volumes, damage thresholds, different radiator fan types, different engine block materials
  • Thermals: Added Thermal Debug app to visualize the state, showing warnings/errors
  • Implemented dynamic fuel weight – fuel weight now changes when fuel is being consumed
  • Small dynamic (vehicle) collision CPU optimizations
  • Small static (terrain) collision CPU optimizations
  • Reduced static collision’s memory usage by 20%
  • Added virtual airspeed based on local acceleration data to sensors/electrics, which gives a rough estimate of the vehicle’s true airspeed
  • Added direct shifting to real auto mode too
  • Added directionVectorUp to map tracking for better positional awareness of vehicles in T3D/scenario lua
  • Implemented engine load calculation in drivetrain
  • Added support for regular exhaust smoke (load dependant)
  • Fixed Gravity settings having earth gravity on vehicle spawning for one frame resulting in downwards movements in zero-g
  • Added vehicle LUA getEnvTemperature() and getEnvPressure() functions that return environment’s temperature and pressure


  • ETK 800: tweaked traction control, added lightbar and new wheels for 856td
  • 200BX: new livery for Police, increased steering lock, tweaked configuration, added new “Demon” variant
  • Moonhawk: new “Elite Custom” variant
  • Barstow: fixed misaligned fan mesh on I6, new “Nightsnake” variant
  • Sunburst: increased steering lock, new “Drift Missile” variant, added skins for Rally and Custom
  • SBR4: increased steering lock
  • Bolide: added Civetta factory graphics to 390 GTR, added oil cooler for race models
  • ’88 Pessima: added carbon fiber hood to Custom, tweaked dashboard shape
  • Roamer: added optional body colored trim and Sport variant
  • H45: relocated heavy duty spare tire, stiffened heavy duty rear suspension
  • Added functional oil coolers as optional parts for Sunburst, 200BX, Covet, ’88 Pessima, and Bolide
  • Added new custom wheel Okudai PR01, in 3 colors, ranging in size from 15×7 to 17×9
  • Added Legno Classico custom steering wheel
  • Separated all vehicles’ bodies/frames to a sub-part: This will allow replacing the frame or body of a car without replacing the entire car or overwriting default files – useful for creating different body types of the same car
  • Added a generic “Additional Modification” slot to all cars to help with modding
  • Fixed vehicles having 100 liters of fuel when the fuel tank is removed
  • Big Traction Control rework, should control the slip ratio much more precisely now
  • Improved ESC reaction to countersteering while drifting

General Bugfixes

  • Fixed non working scenario win/fail countdowns
  • Fixed inability to use certain features (such as nodegrabber) when choosing ‘freeroam’ after finishing a scenario
  • Fixed many warnings on level load, due to invalid values in particle definitions
  • Fixed bug that broke the game when immediate action from the Traction Control was required after switching Traction Control modes
  • Fixed log spam when hovering over vehicle parts menu items
  • Fixed fatal error messages being shown behind the game, freezing the game. Now minimizing the game making the messagebox visible.
  • Particles: Debug messages about not found particles are an error now
  • Launcher: Removed crashreporter initialization error messagebox, making it completely optional to have.

Artificial Intelligence

  • Improved dynamic planner to break long road segments into many smaller ones
  • Reduced planner tendency to use the brakes too often
  • Improved flee aggression behavior (based on how close the player is)
  • Many bug fixes that resulted in strange behaviors

Terrains / Scenarios

  • Fixed inverted normals on tunnels in Jungle Rock Island
  • Fixed double material causing errors on Hirochi Raceway
  • Fixed “Highspeed Highway” scenario sometimes breaking in the 9th waypoint
  • East Coast USA: Overhauled the town with new textures, areas and a nicer road surface, fixed an AI pathing problem in the town, miscellaneous improvements
  • Added “Airfield Showdown” scenario on JRI
  • Added “Bank Robbery” scenario on ECA
  • Added ‘Intersection’ scenario
  • Added ‘Intersection 2’ scenario
  • Added ‘ECA Chase 2’ scenario
  • Added ‘JRI Chase’ scenario
  • Adjusted training scenario times to match recent car changes


  • Added weight scale graph when grabbing an object
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  • Allow grabbing objects from a few kg up to around 50 metric tons (use mouse wheel to tweak grabbing strength)
  • Allow tweaking the grabbing strength also before clicking a node (and not only after clicking)
  • Fixed nodegrabber not working when mouse passed over UI apps or using some vehicle cameras


  • Tentative fix for steering wheels whose drivers don’t supply force feedback step information
  • Fixed some gamepads left stick axes overlapping the right stick axes (drivers were reporting duplicate axis names)
  • Shifter mode changes automatically when using shifting paddles too (previously only when using H-shifter)
  • Fixed keyboard driving controls sometimes not working after clicking on UI apps
  • Fixed dashboard menu stealing keyboard focus when being closed immediately after being opened

User Interface

  • Added Navigation app
  • Apps now have a size displayed when they are resized, allowing better placement/resizing
  • Display informational messages when important car parts get damaged
  • Made controls reassignment menu more readable
  • Renamed shifting modes to make more sense: “Arcade”, “Automatic”, “Manual” and “Manual (clutch assist)”
  • Added frame time to performance graph
  • Improved gamepad navigation on Vehicle Parts menu
  • Improved usability of Bindings menu (better colors, more tooltips, corrected cursor icons)
  • Added vignette effect to loading screen and main menu
  • Added hint in Controls menu, advising users to disable combined pedals option for steering wheels
  • Added help message on screen when Recovery system is used incorrectly
  • Added hint on how to switch vehicle after spawning several of them
  • Fixed performance graphs being occluded by apps
  • Fixed gamepad menu navigation not working until BeamNG window was first clicked with mouse
  • Fixed Revert Button in Controls menu
  • Fixed streams being read-write instead of read-only
  • Improved ESCDesiredYawGraph app values with interpolation
  • Moved Javascript debug out of way
  • Added ModManager error alerts
  • Added core slots: Ability to not have an ’empty’ option in there
  • Added error message if render process is missing or died. Without this, you ended up hanging in the “Waiting for UI” screen.
  • Fixed fatal errors not closing the game correctly, leaving a zombie process behind.
  • Fixed typo in Performance Timer app


  • Ingame console (~) now saves the history between runs of the game (use arrow up/down)
  • Sounds are now muted while the game is paused or minimized
  • Added support for loading scripts in mods: any scripts/*/modScript.lua or scripts/*/modScript.cs is now loaded
  • Improved performance of tiremarks, by adding a flag for static objects (to force prebuilding the collision octree used for decals)
  • Added beamng.log rotation (2 previous log files are kept too)
  • Cleaned up some false error message in log files
  • Fixed several crashes on the editor and sound system
  • Fixed some instabilities of the Mod Manager
  • Cleanup: removed obsolete log messages about the Game engine internal communication

JBeam / Lua

  • Slot options are now self-isolating. They previously leaked into parts after them. This is why you had to always cancel out the nodeoffset in all possible parts
  • Lua: Fixed “Error in error handling” in some cases. It should now print the callstack properly when lua gets an exception.
  • Renamed folder from lua/t3d (Torque3D) to lua/ge (GameEngine)
  • JSon serializer uses better number output now
  • Refactored/Improved Game engine Lua interface, some call signatures changed to make more sense now.
  • Work on automated Lua – C++ API self documentation (unfinished, see dumpDoc)
  • Added new extension callback: ‘onModLoaded’: called when the module is loaded, this happens way before onInit. The game engine might not be reasdy at this point in time.
  • Added new extension callback: ‘clientPreStartMission’: ability to execute lua code before any level resources are loaded. Ability to load things that are needed when the actual resources are loaded. I.e. ground models
  • Improvements to the module subsystem: allowing custom serialization and deserialization functions: input subsystem now saving values between reloads. I.e. CTRL+R saves the parking brake state
  • Ground models now live in a json file and are case insensitive. Please do not change / work with this yet. This format will change again drastically in the next updates. We are working towards per level/vehicle/scenario collision/ground model changes
  • GameEngine Lua: converted environment lua file to an extension
  • Improved reliability of Jbeam variables loading when specifying the wrong type
  • Modders can now output the jbeam that is compiled via saveCompiledJBeam(). Uncomment the function call in lua/vehicle/jbeam/jbeam_main.lua line 2002
  • Added ability to rename files from LUA side, using FS:renameFile(oldFileName, newFileName)
Instructions on how to update the game here.
Bug reporting/Help Thread here.

31 responses to “Version 0.5.3 released”

  1. AMD™ says:

    Nice! Thank you for this.

  2. JbatesPoint0 says:

    You guys blow me away every time, THANK YOU. Every update is AMAZING with so much added, I can never wait till the next update! keep up the great job!!!

  3. bgrunwald says:

    Great update, but i was too expecting a new car, maybe the old etk. But that aside, it's an amazing update! Really shows hoe far beamng has come from the prerace stages!

  4. the_MOLERAT says:

    Question: wouldn't there be a bit more fumes from an undamaged car's exhaust pipe? I mean, I watched WhyBeAre's update vid, and the only time I saw that smoke came out the exhaust was when the engine was damaged. I know they wouldn't visibly put of that much, but I saw none.Also, I know this is a brand new future, and will have changes and improvements, but I found it funny that even if you smash your car up a lot, it will not saw "cylinder wall damaged". Perhaps they will do to the engine what they did to the cars, which is to calculate how damaged it is (separate parts of engine so certain parts more damaged than others) as this would give much more realistic damage. I can obviously be done, as show by the scenarios, and by the fact that the engine car smoke after damage (suggesting damage "sensing")

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