Version released

We are happy to announce version 0.4.3 that fixes two long standing crashes, improves physics and adds lots of new content 🙂

Our Blog is not yet back working after the server move, we are working on that though, it will be back with no data loss.


  • New vehicle: Gavril Barstow
  • Tons of new wheels, mod parts, and variants for many cars
  • Fixed “not enough memory” crash when spawning extra vehicles in large maps on Win7 systems in 64 bit
  • Support vehicle paint designs/vehicle skins on vehicle configurator
  • Made cars skinnable: Added unmirrored skinnable UVs on 2nd UV channel for several cars (200BX, Covet, Roamer, Vanster, Bolide, Grand Marshal), more coming soon!


  • Vehicle collisions: Improved vehicle to vehicle collisions
  • Ground simulation: Improved simulation of ground layer, tire rolling resistance is now 3 times smaller


  • Vehicle parts are loaded recursively from vehicle folder, this allow to have vehicle parts folders with own/separate materials.cs
  • Tons of new wheels, mod parts, and variants for many cars:
  • Brand new high resolution lettering for Covet, D15, Roamer, and Grand Marshal
  • New modern lightbar and new police variants for the Sunburst and 200BX
  • Covet: Redone higher quality light textures, added optional factory graphics, added lots of new custom parts and wheels, fixed off-center steering wheel
  • Roamer: New sheriff skin
  • Grand Marshal: New police skin, fixed missing push bar, added several new wheels, reduced weight to be more realistic, corrected engine weight
  • D15: Reduced weight to be more realistic, added optional body colored bumpers and grille, improved off-road swaybar design
  • 200BX: Added several new wheels, reduced weight to be more realistic, fixed pedals clipping through the floor
  • H-Series: New delivery skin, fixed van being too rear-heavy, improved off-road swaybar design, fixed exploding hydros
  • Bolide: Added optional factory graphics, lots of suspension tuning and improvements, some new wheels
  • T-Series: Fixed rear wheel hub stretching, reduced stiffness of front suspension, added ram plow for plowing through cars
  • Moonhawk: Corrected engine weights, improved roof/pillar deformation, fixed off-center steering wheels, added optional 4-barrel carburetors for slightly more power, new color for drag
  • SBR4: Fixed TT S2 shock absorbers breaking, improved ESC and general handling
  • Sunburst: Several new wheels
  • Pessima: Fixed missing 1.8L and 2.0L engine meshes, fixed engine mounts sometimes breaking, added custom variant, stronger clutch for V6
  • Pigeon: Added a viscous limited-slip differential to the Pigeon 600, added rear dampers, front suspension tweaks, added variant with stabilizers
  • New prop: Concrete Retaining Wall
  • New prop” Cinder Block Wall
  • Improved visuals for tire smoke particles
  • Tilt Board: Updated model, textures and jbeam
  • New vehicle thumbnails
  • Some improvements to cars’ roof and A-pillar deformation
  • Heavily reworked support beams on most cars’ bumpers to improve clipping and deformation
  • Added more collision triangles to bumpers and fenders to guard against hooking
  • Reworked exhaust deformation on all cars
  • Added subtle cubemap to all cars’ interiors
  • New racing slick tire textures
  • Standardized reflection map values for Sunburst, 200BX and Pessima
  • Increased all cars’ aerodynamic drag now that rolling resistance is lower
  • Improved tire stability
  • Improved tire cornering stiffness at high speeds
  • Visual improvement to tire deflation
  • Suspension damping tweaks (Typically lower compression damping, higher rebound)
  • Tuned some engines’ burnEfficiency for more realistic fuel consumption
  • Properly aligned all mirrors and assigned reflective material
  • Slight interior camera position tweaks
  • Added “value” attribute to all car parts (preparation for gameplay features)
  • Added optional license plates (US size) to all cars (WIP!)
  • Node and beam scaling “baked in” – no more fudging with different values in different jbeams and not using real numbers
  • Tuned steering on cars to better suit high frequency FFB
  • Improved ESC/TCS warning lights: Now permanently illuminated after ESC/TCS shutdown, Blink rate is constant now, Added working lights to the sunburst, TCS now has its own warning light
  • Added electronic LSD simulating functionality to the TCS: Works best in Sport mode of ESC/TCS
  • General reliability/performance work on ESC/TCS
  • ESC/TCS tweaks
  • Fixed tire sidewalls being too delicate at high speed
  • Torque reaction improvements to reduce suspension squat and dive


  • Jungle Rock Island: Improved static reflections and miscellaneous minor improvements
  • East Coast USA: Very minor improvements, improved AI pathfinding
  • GridMap: Added a new swamp area and hills, improved lighting and materials, fixed LOD on lowest graphics settings, fixed depthmap, updated some textures (ground and grass), added a new ramp type
  • Hirochi Raceway: Fixed minor errors
  • Small Island: Removed broken depth map and fixed a minor error with trees
  • Fixed light brightness being too high and causing bloomed out specular highlights


  • New: Destroy the Moonhawk
  • New: Island Tour – Pessima
  • New: Small Island Chase
  • Fixed: Forgotten Raceway


  • Fixed zip mount order, allowing zips to overwrite files (useful for simple mods that exchange files)
  • Fixed issue related to external apps reading game screen backbuffer (Steam Link working now)
  • Fixed crash on using the new Steam Controller
  • Fixed crash in sound system when reloading some scenarios
  • fixed luaSocket: now allowed to listen for connections


  • Force Feedback: Fixed G27 steering wheel producing random forces and randomly changing steering lock limit at times
  • Steering: Fixed FFB joysticks/gamepads not allowing to steer the vehicle
  • Wheel leds: Disabled wheel leds until a last minute problem is resolved
  • Inputmap: Improved inputmap format: no longer will it be necessary to reset the inputmaps to get new functionality
  • Inputmap note: existing inputmaps will be automatically converted from the old “.json” format to the new “.diff” format the first time BeamNG is run
  • Inputmap: Added inputmap for Thrustmaster F430 Cockpit Wirelesss (work in progress)
  • Bindings: Deprecated ‘scale’ setting from bindings
  • Bindings: Removed ‘ranged’ setting from bindings. This is now selected automatically by BeamNG so you don’t need to guess what to use
  • Bindings: Fixed mouse bindings still working sometimes after being removed
  • Camera: Fixed bug that would leave camera constantly zooming in (or out)
  • Vehicle switching: Fixed shift+tab going to next vehicle instead of previous one
  • XBox One: Fixed XBox One gamepad being detected as two separate controllers sometimes

User interface:

  • We ported the complete app subsystem to the new UI, having everything in the new system now. Much easier to maintain and work with.
  • Lots of improvements to the UI and its usability – too many changes to put them all here.
  • Added Performance module: shows a lot of useful data about what takes how much time every frame. more data, faster, scaling with screen size now
  • Fixed lagging: Added Streaming javascript that prevents blocking for no reason
  • Fixed issue that prevented switching between FPS and Metrics panels unless you hid the existing one first
  • Moved advanced metrics from the now-simple FPS panel, to the Metrics panel
  • Vehicle configurations are sorted by default by value now
  • Improved vehicle selection filtering and sorting
  • Fixed physics unpausing when exiting photo mode
  • UI Metrics: Fixed bug that prevented hiding the Metrics panel with the same key that displayed it

Known problems:

  • G27 leds temp. broken, was breaking FFB altogether
  • Vehicle Recovery System (Insert button) broken
Let us hear your feedback and report eventual bugs here:

Took us 34 days, and 1482 changes 🙂

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