Update v0.18.4 – Crawler Scenario Improvements

In this tiniest of tiny updates we kicked the track marshal out of the airconditioned trailer to paint some lines on the ground for the crawling scenarios. So now the courses aren’t a county-wide free for all. You’re still ok to drive outside the lines, but the competitive among you can make it a point to remain within them.


  • Added lines to demarcate the crawler course boundaries
An up-to-date list of known issues can be found in the dedicated Feedback & Bug Reporting Thread here.
Instructions on how to update the game here.

6 responses to “Update v0.18.4 – Crawler Scenario Improvements”

  1. Jaco says:

    I just want to thank you guys for making one of the best automotive games ever made. You guys go above and beyond to make the best product and I applaud and respect all the effort.

  2. bk says:

    jest zajebuis

  3. kainah says:

    thank you for leting me play

  4. Faisal says:

    hello I play the game more then 1000hr and I thought you need to put airbags and macke the game online and thxs yours faisal

  5. subramani sarath says:

    beamng drive error

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