Third hotfix for 0.17 released

With today’s hotfix we are releasing a number of bugfixes.


  • Fixed various Grand Marshal and Roamer configs not having the correct secondary color when a different color was chosen in the selector
  • Grand Marshal: improved reliability of enging bay mesh breaking beams, added missing torque converters for drag gearbox, fixed repeated brake line lock slot, fixed firewall textures
  • Covet: Fixed missing mesh for race radiator
  • Bluebuck: Fixed position of tow hitch nodes

World Editor v2

  • Fixed wrong selection calculation on some maps
  • Fixed mouse hover sometimes going to the bottom window
  • Fixed scale gizmo jumping values
  • Fixed objects having no parent property when saving a prefab object


  • Fixed a broken loading screen hint
  • Fixed loading proper vehicle colors when double-clicking on vehicle in selector
  • Fixed Tune button in garage
  • Added “Traffic” mode option to AI control app
  • Fixed wrong error message in ImGui
  • Added support for many new languages in ImGui


  • Fixed Mountain Race’s scenario description


  • Fixed 32bit version using 64bit version of d3dcompiler_47.dll
  • Fixed bug in FileSystem when targetDirectory is missing
  • Fixed error when userpath have non-ASCII characters
  • Fixed launcher not being able to open Explorer window to show user path if it contains foreign characters (non-ASCII)
  • Fixed relative camera throwing errors when the vehicle does not contain relative camera information
  • Input: Fixed some direct drive wheels (and other devices self-identifying as joysticks) using smoothed input, instead of raw steering input


  • Fixed cars in “Random” mode to not slow down for other vehicles
  • Fixed a rare error that happened with “Chase” mode


  • Italy: Fixed grass clipping through curb
  • East Coast USA: Fixed some holes (visual and collision mesh) in the town mesh
  • East Coast USA: Fixed incorrect signs in shops (jewelers selling bread)
  • East Coast USA: Improved collision for tall plant
  • Replaced .png files with .dds files in all levels to improve performance on AMD cards

Intel HD crashes

We are still working on resolving the crash with the Intel HD 620/630 Series on vehicle reset. Help us gather more information here please.

(Solution #1) – Use CTRL+R to reset a vehicle, instead of just R.
(Solution #2) – A temporary workaround solution is available here.

Some users have suggested that this issue is caused by some specific Intel drivers versions. You could try to update / rollback drivers and see if that helps.

An up-to-date list of known issues can be found in the dedicated Feedback & Bug Reporting Thread here.
Instructions on how to update the game here.

9 responses to “Third hotfix for 0.17 released”

  1. jake stanbridge says:

    the traffic is broke police dont chase you and the traffic just crashes you out the way can you fix this please thanks devs you are the best (:

  2. Garrett Underwood says:

    Every time that I try to reload or reset a vehicle, the game crashes hard. I tried to find the problem myself but I couldn’t. I don’t really like to ask for help, but any help would be nice. Its only been since the latest hotfix.

  3. Kristoffel says:

    The AI traffic is not stopping and just smashes into you. I hope you guys can fix this !

  4. faiz says:

    Good job!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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