Sounds like version 0.10 is out!

Our first update that focuses on audio! 🙂


  • Audio:
  • Procedural track:
  • Couple any two nodes
  • Support for direct drive steering wheels
  • Replay Menu
  • New Radial Menu
  • Dynamic Field of View option for greater sensation of speed
  • Transbrake for drag cars
  • Shift logic improvements


  • Added new vehicle engine mixing to avoid sound phase problems and improve quality
  • Integrated custom BeamNG plug-in to control new vehicle engine sounds
  • Improved integration of FMOD sound library
  • Exposed parameters for vehicle engine modding (equalizer, volume control)
  • Added interior filter for all vehicles
  • Added filter changes depending on camera angle to vehicle
  • Added new asphalt roll and skid sounds
  • Added starter motor and mis-shift gear grind sounds
  • Set up new 2D and 3D ambient sounds
  • Created ambience zones (SFX Spaces) and ambient 3D emitters in all maps
  • Added dynamic reverb for tunnels in all maps
  • Added dynamic environmental reverb for distant driving
  • Greatly reduced time lag and increased smoothness of skid sounds

New Vehicles and Parts

  • Added ‘Box Utility’ trailer (Normal and Large)
  • Dryvan: Added ‘Loading Ramp’ part. Added ‘Beam Industries’ skin
  • Old Gen Pessima: Ported exhausts from Hatch. Added ‘Racing Livery’ skin
  • Hopper: Added ‘Windshield Bar’ and ‘Spare Wheel Cover’
  • Torque Converters and Flywheels are now separate parts with different options to choose from
  • Added 265/35R18 Race tire for 18×11 wheels


  • Added ability to couple any two nodes
  • Improved initial coupling stability
  • Pressure simulation for tires, balls, blobs, etc; is simulated in a fully volumetric way now
  • Added “getRelativeAirDensity” vehicle Lua function that returns air density in relation to sea level air density
  • Improved aerodynamics debug visualization. It now shows independent normal, drag, lift lines as well angle of attack. Normal’s line length is related to surface area at the point
  • Groundmodel hydrodynamic friction is not limited any more
  • Wheel angular velocity calculations are exact now using full numerical accuracy
  • Exposed “torqueArm2” parameter used by wheel torque reaction
  • L-beams are anisotropic now, allowing different compression/expansion parameters
  • Added beam “beamPrecompressionTime” parameter that allows gradual compression of a beam over a time duration
  • Added beam deformation limits (using “deformLimit” and “deformLimitExpansion” parameters) to reduce vehicle stretching
  • Added perpendicular and perpendicularN functions to mathlib.lua. These return a vector that is perpendicular to a given vector
  • Improved vehicle memory reclaiming
  • Small speed optimizations
  • Improvements and fixes in physics core’s sound APIs


  • Added support for end-of-travel deadzones in bindings
  • Updated SpeedLink Drift OZ steering wheel bindings
  • Added inputmap for Heusinkveld Engineering Sim Shifter Sequential
  • Added inputmap for SimXperience AccuForce steering wheel
  • Added force feedback support for SimXperience and OpenSimWheel-based steering wheels
  • Improved default force feedback settings for Logitech G27 and G29
  • Added new binding to switch to previous camera, not just for next one (not assigned to any key or button by default)
  • Added new binding to edit UI Apps (shift+alt+U)
  • Added support to directly switch to any camera using bindings (number row keys by default), whether it is enabled or not
  • Normalized force feedback strength between vehicles
  • Improvements for input handling for cars with no engines
  • Tweaked kbd/button clutch rates for more forgiving shifting

Artificial Intelligence

  • AI racing line calculation improvements. Vehicle position and direction is now taken into account.
  • AI racing line optimizations (converges faster)
  • Improvements in AI path waypoint progression
  • Corrected BeamNGWaypoint (manual waypoint) radius calculations
  • Made AI settings persistent across vehicle recovery (“i”, “r”)
  • AI steering improvements: Calculates target position using circular interpolation on AI path nodes, producing more accurate vehicle trajectories.
  • Added ability to specify the drivability of roads the AI will consider in flee pathfinding.
  • Added ability to set the desired drivability for AI in scenario JSON files
  • AI road Drivability Fixes in Jungle Rock Island
  • AI road dead end Fixes in Jungle Rock Island
  • AI road fixes and additions in East Coast Usa
  • Added new onAiModeChange callback
  • Implemented selectable vehicle tracking in vehicle jbeam (“general”: {“enableTracking”: true})
  • Made the ball prop available as a target for the AI


  • Added replay menu to dashboard and main menu
  • More consistent behaviour of replay seeking shortcuts (arrow keys)
  • Added informative text when a replay fails to open correctly
  • More efficient replay seeking

Vehicle Lua

  • Added a transbrake controller, equipped with drag transmissions (activate in Pie Menu or add your own binding)
  • Improved brake pressure delay handling, now better simulates real braking
  • More accurate cooling rates for brake drums
  • Improved DCT mis-shift protection and stalling behavior
  • Post crash brake now has a better brake control without accidentally entering reverse gear
  • Added support for cars without a rev limiter
  • Torque now falls off after redline to help re-use the same base engine with different redlines
  • Implemented overrev damage, vehicles can take damage from exceeding their maximum rpm
  • Air density is now taken into account for engine torque calculation
  • Added support for a “noisy” idle RPM
  • Added engine load smoothing for simulating throttle response
  • Implemented engine starter throttle blip
  • Increased default starter motor torque for faster engine starts
  • Added “clutch fade-out” support for superchargers for easier configurability in hybrid turbo/supercharger setups
  • Added support for a “kerosene” fuel preset
  • Switched from using purely “throttle” for dynamically adjusting the shiftpoints to a new “aggression” factor that is much more adaptive to driving style
  • Shift times are now dynamic, driving aggression and gear ratio differences are taken into account
  • Implemented delay to punish shifts without using enough clutch, while still applying damage to the affected gear
  • Improved automatic S mode to be more accurate compared to similar modes in real life
  • Improved overall logic that prevents shifts in unwanted circumstances
  • Implemented “Shift Denial” to prevent engine damage due to overrev when downshifting
  • Improved automatic shiftpoint calculation to prevent gear hunting
  • Improved wheel slip based shift prevention in corner cases like losing ground contact with one wheel
  • Improved neutral gear selecttion in arcade modes and various other small improvements for the shift behavior
  • Improved ESC/TC via killing the throttle input when the ESC is active
  • Added active diff prototype to the sunburst drift mode
  • Improved stability of limited slip differentials
  • Shafts connected to wheels now provide wheel friction and electrics value for animated shafts
  • Implemented ability to have the transmission influence the engine inertia (flywheel etc)
  • Implemented proper error handling for non existing or faulty controllers
  • Added support for loading custom powertrain devices from the vehicle lua directory
  • Split vehicleController common logic and shifting logic into multiple files, allows for custom shift logic without replacing the common logic
  • Added live tire pressure readout to tuning menu
  • Made clutches stronger for manual transmissions for more direct feel

Vehicle Jbeam

  • Barstow: Increased rigidity of mirrors, bumpers, pillars, new tire and suspension tuning
  • Bolide: Reduced spiking in cowl
  • Burnside: Increased rigidity of front frame and body parts, new tire and suspension tuning
  • Covet: Improved design of Covet suspension using geometry information from real sources, improved tire tuning
  • D-Series & Roamer: Improved rigidity of pillars, body parts, better hinge design on Roamer tailgate
  • ETK800: Increased rigidity of body parts, reduced spiking of rear subframe, reduced weight of tailgate and improved hinge design so it can pop open, handling tweaks
  • ETK-K: Increased rigidity of body parts, reduced spiking of door frame, handling tweaks
  • ETK-I: Raised ride height of rally version
  • Hopper: Increased rigidity of front suspension and frame, added windshield lightbar
  • H-Series: Reduced wheel hop when locking the rear brakes on the cargo van
  • Miramar: New suspension and tire tuning, race version has wider suspension track, added adjustable panhard bar length to center rear axle when raised/lowered
  • Moonhawk: Increased front frame rigidity, new tire and suspension tuning
  • Pessima: New suspension and tire tuning
  • SBR4: Increased rigidity of hatch and spoiler, improved rear suspension behavior with race tires
  • Sunburst: Raised ride height of rally version, changed RS all wheel drive system to use a viscous limited slip center differential, ABS and ESC added to “Street Tuned” config, stronger LSD for “Hillclimb” config
  • T-Series: Reduced engine inertia and dynamic friction, made rear suspension more flexible but increased rigidity of rear axles, fix floppy door hinges
  • Large Flatbed Trailer: Increased Rigidity
  • Cleaned up some vehicles’ materials, fixed some duplicates.
  • Changed some naming of configs for more clarity (“Rally” -> “Rally – Gravel” and so on)
  • Police/Fire/Ambulance/Taxi and similar vehicles are now “Service” vehicle configuration type. You can filter them in the vehicle selector.
  • Added new beam expansionLimit feature to the vehicles to reduce stretching of the body in crashes
  • Increased tuning range of suspension and steering alignment variables, using “beamPrecompressionTime” to prevent damage
  • Added caster tuning variable to suspensions where applicable
  • Removed rev limiters from pre-computer age vehicles
  • Increased rigidity of all solid axles
  • Changed most transmissions to use auto calculated shift points
  • Modern automatics use advanced shifting aggression while older ones use a basic method
  • Improved windshield durability when landing jumps
  • Added pressure and ballast tuning variables to the Inflated Mat, Ball, and Pressure Ball
  • Tongue jack added to small trailers

User Interface

  • New Radial Menu
  • Transparent thumbnail for garage and Radial Menu
  • Added ShiftPointDebug app
  • Improved Navigation app: Redesigned, now supports level images, better performance
  • Added ThumbnailGenerator app
  • Tweaked vehicle selector grid appearance, new thumbnails
  • Added ability to tweak some External camera parameters in Options menu
  • Added button to overwrite the default vehicle from Vehicle Selector menu
  • Optimized Controls menu, improved its appearance, search now always searches in the full list of bindings
  • Reorganized all Options subcategories. Controls menu is now included too
  • Added ability to configure camera switching order (when using C key) as well as to remove specific cameras from the cycle
  • Added new UI app “Clock Debug”, used internally to debug smoothness of framerate and physics. You can probably ignore this one
  • Renamed Quick Race to Time Trials to better reflect the gameplay
  • Added ability to tweak and remember Time Trials UI apps
  • Improved default set of apps for Time Trials, now showing all inputs and brake temperatures
  • Improved speed of all Options menus
  • Hotlapping app performance improved and bugs fixed
  • Added SimpleTime app
  • Added Flexmesh debug
  • Refactored and improved vehicle debug modes, split up aero and triangle debug


  • Added ability to couple and decouple nodes
  • Minor revamp of nodegrabber appearance and binding names/descriptions
  • Improved nodegrabber mechanics: allow dragging nodes closer over the map ground


  • Added procedural track generator, includes 9 tracks, seeded generation (same seed = same track)
  • To use, go to Play > Time Trials > Select Map > Procedural Tracks

  • Speed optimizations in the loading of levels
  • Adjusted all level thumbnails (format/size)
  • Added minimaps for: Cliff, Derby, East Coast USA, Gridmap, Hirochi Raceway, Industrial, Jungle, Port, Small Island
  • GameEngine LUA callbacks for update and pre-render now have extra timing available, the last of which should only be used for debugging purposes: dtReal, dtSim, dtRaw
  • Moved vehicle spawn code from TS to LUA
  • Removed deprecated “Reload system LUA” binding
  • Tweaked default Free camera speed
  • Added helper message on how to tweak free camera speed when activated
  • Improved logging of binding configuration and camera jbeam errors
  • Added automatic switch to vehicle camera if user attempts to cycle it while in free camera
  • Added dynamic field of view to Orbit camera (can be tweaked in Options > Camera; disabled during replay for the time being)
  • Tweaked External camera zoom levels
  • Fixed possible slowdown due to log spamming by ‘Steering’ UI app when used in conjunction with certain mods
  • Improved colors shown for ground model debugging (in Debug menu)
  • Improved Out Of Memory message, fixed issue with it giving potentially wrong advice
  • Deprecated race.lua, moved api to scenarios.lua
  • Added removeAllWithProperty to vehicle.lua as a way to remove vehicles with a specific property from the scene
  • Cleaned up prefab spawning code. Moved from scenarios.lua to ge_utils
  • Prefab spawning Api changed to addPrefab, spawnPrefab and removePrefab
  • Added global vmType variable for identifying which VM code is running under
  • Moved tracking of waypoints from Vehicle LUA to Game Engine LUA
  • Deprecated Vehicle LUA scenario.lua
  • Unified extensions lua function names for load, unload and reload
  • Added the option to exclude sub directories when loading lua extensions using loadModulesFromDirectory
  • Set up simple obstruction/occlusion effect for vehicles inside buildings
  • Increased robustness of S/JSON parser
  • Improved editor visualization for SFXEmitters and SFXSpaces
  • Load coreModules after ModManager for allow mod extensions run in main menu
  • The rotation of the free camera is used now when spawning the first vehicle or when pressing F7
  • Small improvement of orbit cam movement after a vehicle falls from a height
  • Added startup time debug messages to investigate possible start up slowdowns


  • East Coast USA: fixed specular on vertcol material, fixed tree movements in wind being erratic
  • Jungle Rock Island: fixed some terrain spiking issues and some minor vegetation issues
  • Industrial: fixed a broken material
  • Added rain objects
  • Fixed .DDS textures to match the new specs
  • Fixed several typos in scenarios’ description
  • Fixed a broken road on JRI
  • Fixed new vehicle spawning according to current vehicle’s local space instead of world space
  • Fixed bug involving removing BeamNG manual waypoints from maps
  • Fixed many Game Editor bindings not working, they will now take precedence over regular bindings again
  • Fixed onboard camera not resetting the field of view on reset
  • Fixed physics instabilities not pausing the simulation like it used to
  • Fixed minor inconsistency in clock source (dt) of Pre-Render hooks (used for maps extension)
  • Fixed wrong camera rotation center when switching between certain vehicles
  • Fixed some crashes in Relative camera when refnodes were missing
  • Fixed minor stutter of external camera during simulation (may still stutter during replays)
  • Fixed inability to edit ‘cockpit apps’ while in Cockpit camera. They will now be shown with a slight transparency
  • Fixed radial menu obstructing view while using menus
  • Fixed keyboard focus issues while renaming a replay
  • Fixed derby scenarios with missing extensions field
  • Fixed message display for damage progress
  • Fixed damage goal; damage message was not getting displayed
  • Fixed bug where restarting a scenario toggled the police beacon light instead of setting it.
  • Fixed JRI chase AI going off road
  • Fixed input filter settings persisting from other modes
  • Fixed bug when pressing Shift + C with no vehicles in the scene, not checking if the vehicle exists.
  • Fixed bug with scenario triggers persisting when a new scenario starts.
  • Fixed chapter 1 crawl scenario, vehicle has to be in low range so it has a chance at climbing the hill
  • Fixed chapter 1 drag – callback from vehicle lua now fires correctly
  • Fixed level listing code to be backwards compatible with mis files
  • Fixes for extension namespace changes, allowing extensions to have underscores in their names and still comply with the new naming format
  • Fixed transitioning to Freeroam from a scenario
  • Fixed SimpleAGears app so that it shows correct gears on modern automatics
  • Fixed DCT issue where the car would briefly drive forward when shifting into reverse at high rpm
  • Fixed wrong ETK fuel consumption display when standing still
  • Fixed brake temperature color inverting when the brakes melt
  • Fixed minor issue with BOV handling for diesels
  • Fixed velocities and rotations of sounds sources
  • Fixed some serialization issues for reducing diffs of levels and CDAE
  • Fixed a crash during generation of binary mesh files with large number of triangles
  • Fixed crash on startup when mod_info is an invalid file zip
  • Fixed SFXSpace not stopping/playing ambient sounds correctly
  • Fixed bugs that could crash the game
  • Fixed a number of serious coupler bugs
  • Fixed deformed beam debug statistics
  • Fixed beam stress debug visualization
  • Fixed crash on load level when tree size is set to 0
  • Fixed crash on load level using special SFX parameters
  • Fixed crash on game start
  • Fixed Legran parking brake pedal clipping through floor
  • Fixed some GTT wings instability
  • Fix some door beams mixed left to right on Grand Marshal and 90’s Pessima
  • Fix right side exhaust of moonhawk jiggling too much
  • Fix ETKI rear bumper instability
The ingame repository did not make it into this update, we are working hard on fixing its bugs right now. Litte preview:

Instructions on how to update the game here.

Bug reporting/Help Thread here.

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