Second hotfix release for 0.9


  • Hopper: added Dune Edition, added Sport Special, added more spare wheel and tire options, added optional 6-lug swap (brake meshes WIP), added new wheels for ZXT6, added colorable soft top, added high performance radiator (still many more mod parts to come), tuned off-road dampers, weakened mirror attachment, fixed instability around b-pillar area, made front roll bar breakable (windshield can now detach), added more steering damping for off-road steering, lowered tire pressure on Off-Road and Custom variants
  • D-Series/H-Series/Roamer: Fixed some missing triangles on lightbars, improved van roof rack jbeam, improved flexbody mapping of 3-link rear coilovers, added H25 Vandal off-road van variant, added snorkel to Off-Road configuration
  • Added non-collidable triangles to parts on D-Series, H-Series, and Hopper to help anti-clipping collision system
  • Ball: Updated Jbeam, added adjustable pressure
  • Fixed Alder Dragger 15×7 wheel clipping into some cars
  • Strengthened/cleaned up some fuel tanks
  • T-Series: Fixed flat bed instability on T75 frame, fixed rear wheels vibrating at rest, improved ram plow, added T65 Ram Plow config, added T600 turbocharger (600 hp)
  • Added torque reaction nodes to car’s undriven wheels
  • Changed trailers’ bindings from “Landing Gear” to “Trailer Legs” or “Trailer Jack”
  • Fixed material conflict with TireStack prop
  • Cleaned up a lot of duplicated vehicle specific lua code (beacons, trailer feet, …)
  • Fixed rollover sled, now has an adjustable tilt angle
  • Improved turbo pressure reading while idling
  • Added multi-breakGroup and multi-deformGroup support

General Bugfixes

  • Fixed language problems: should be a lot more stable and usable now
  • Application manifest was missing, resulting the game running in windows 8.1 compatibility mode. Nothing serious, the performance screen just reported an incorrect windows version.
  • Fixed launcher hashing log files, resulting in always missing files.
  • Optimized online mode: more reliable, faster connection
  • Fixed SimplePowertrainControll app tooltip from staying when changing vehicle.
  • Adjusted ETK digital temperature gauge display.
  • Fixed some bugs in node grabber
  • Fixed bug where gameplay modules were still loaded when the user returned to the main menu
  • Fixed bug where starting a new freerom while one was active caused an invalid access
  • Fixed bug where starting a new scenario while one was active caused an invalid access


  • Fixed density calculations of atmosphere at altitude
  • Temperature in space is now equal to 2.73 Kelvin
  • Pressure groups deflate now when any beam on their surface breaks


  • Gridmap: added some more rock objects and a new rock crawling area
  • Miscellaneous minor tweaks (such as a texture issue on a road in Hirochi Raceway)
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9 responses to “Second hotfix release for 0.9”

  1. fufsgfen says:

    New rock crawling area at grid map, that really hits the spot, that sport is really good with this game, great to see they are making use of that 😀

  2. FS16 says:

    finally a place to offroad properly at GM

  3. Spec Racer Z says:

    More new additions than I was expecting, can't wait to see how crazy the Hopper can get once fully modified.

    PS, is there anything special that can be done with the accurate space temperature currently?



  5. Y4123 says:

    The update really tanked my fps with 0.8 I was averaging 25-30 since the 0.9 I barely get 10 fps on the main menu screen and in the map selector

  6. Those new rims reminds me of the Landcruiser which is cool.

  7. Land Cruiser says:

    "ktheminecraftfan, wrote:

    Those new rims reminds me of the Landcruiser which is cool.

    Yeah here they are on my Cruiser…


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