Second hotfix release for 0.9


  • Hopper: added Dune Edition, added Sport Special, added more spare wheel and tire options, added optional 6-lug swap (brake meshes WIP), added new wheels for ZXT6, added colorable soft top, added high performance radiator (still many more mod parts to come), tuned off-road dampers, weakened mirror attachment, fixed instability around b-pillar area, made front roll bar breakable (windshield can now detach), added more steering damping for off-road steering, lowered tire pressure on Off-Road and Custom variants
  • D-Series/H-Series/Roamer: Fixed some missing triangles on lightbars, improved van roof rack jbeam, improved flexbody mapping of 3-link rear coilovers, added H25 Vandal off-road van variant, added snorkel to Off-Road configuration
  • Added non-collidable triangles to parts on D-Series, H-Series, and Hopper to help anti-clipping collision system
  • Ball: Updated Jbeam, added adjustable pressure
  • Fixed Alder Dragger 15×7 wheel clipping into some cars
  • Strengthened/cleaned up some fuel tanks
  • T-Series: Fixed flat bed instability on T75 frame, fixed rear wheels vibrating at rest, improved ram plow, added T65 Ram Plow config, added T600 turbocharger (600 hp)
  • Added torque reaction nodes to car’s undriven wheels
  • Changed trailers’ bindings from “Landing Gear” to “Trailer Legs” or “Trailer Jack”
  • Fixed material conflict with TireStack prop
  • Cleaned up a lot of duplicated vehicle specific lua code (beacons, trailer feet, …)
  • Fixed rollover sled, now has an adjustable tilt angle
  • Improved turbo pressure reading while idling
  • Added multi-breakGroup and multi-deformGroup support

General Bugfixes

  • Fixed language problems: should be a lot more stable and usable now
  • Application manifest was missing, resulting the game running in windows 8.1 compatibility mode. Nothing serious, the performance screen just reported an incorrect windows version.
  • Fixed launcher hashing log files, resulting in always missing files.
  • Optimized online mode: more reliable, faster connection
  • Fixed SimplePowertrainControll app tooltip from staying when changing vehicle.
  • Adjusted ETK digital temperature gauge display.
  • Fixed some bugs in node grabber
  • Fixed bug where gameplay modules were still loaded when the user returned to the main menu
  • Fixed bug where starting a new freerom while one was active caused an invalid access
  • Fixed bug where starting a new scenario while one was active caused an invalid access


  • Fixed density calculations of atmosphere at altitude
  • Temperature in space is now equal to 2.73 Kelvin
  • Pressure groups deflate now when any beam on their surface breaks


  • Gridmap: added some more rock objects and a new rock crawling area
  • Miscellaneous minor tweaks (such as a texture issue on a road in Hirochi Raceway)
Instructions on how to update the game here.
Bug reporting/Help Thread here.

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