Second Hotfix for 0.16

With today’s hotfix we are releasing a number of bugfixes and optimisations. We are continuing to work on resolving the UI issues encountered by a small subset of players. These are proving tricky to pin down and in some cases our analysis has revealed that the issues actually lie outside of, requiring third parties to deploy fixes. In such cases we are looking into workarounds as much as possible.


  • Increased differential output speed limits and allowed override in jbeam
  • Fixed jumpy behavior from torque converters when rock crawling or rolling backwards
  • Fixed Covet having incorrectly named differential parts
  • Fixed Barstow front wheels clipping into hub
  • Fixed electric batteries being able to massively overcharge
  • Fixed: Burnside front left door glass using “chopped” door node positions

Mod Repository

  • Added missing list to mod repository to not download missing mods on update all
  • Added download all missing mods button to mod repository


  • Fixed Semi hood camera moving around too much


  • Fixed Engine Audio debug app breaking on cars with old V8 sounds


  • Fixed wrong ordering during render of decal roads
  • Fixed missing woodcrate and woodplanks


  • Fixed UI process when run in software mode
  • Improved logging of UI processes for better diagnostics
  • Fixed outgauge coolant temperature using the wrong unit
An up to date list of known issues can be found in the dedicated Feedback & Bug Reporting Thread here.
Instructions on how to update the game here.

12 responses to “Second Hotfix for 0.16”

  1. Adrien Richard says:

    Fix ui lag problems por favor ..

  2. Tuke says:

    Is there currenlty a way to enable gear whine for forward gears? For example in the JBEAMs?

  3. Tuke says:

    Is there currenlty any way to enable gear whine for forward gears? For example in the JBEAMs?

  4. connor clay locklin says:

    it looks good

  5. ibes says:


  6. promemo53 says:


  7. Hyoomun says:

    Please post an update on career mode. It’s been years since it was announced.

  8. jeremy says:

    leuk game

  9. Annaleigh Maguire says:

    wear is the play buton

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