Second hotfix for 0.14

In this second hotfix for version 0.14 we are continuing the process of resolving issues reported by the community as well as deploying fixes identified by the dev team.


  • Fixed playing track in reverse not working in Time Trials and Light Runner


  • Fixed tiny camera movements when approaching or leaving the window borders
  • Disallowed extreme field of view angles to prevent graphic issues
  • Fixed ‘External’ camera using incorrect vehicle position when set as default camera


  • Fixed speed-sensitive steering limits not working correctly
  • Removed two non-working input actions


  • Fixed possible crash when handling vehicles with very large or very small amounts of nodes
  • Removed experimental work-in-progress replay options from Options > Other menu
  • Fixed crashes when opening replays if the aforementioned options had been enabled in the past
  • Fixed incorrect filesystem error logs when a recording is succesfully stopped

Track Builder

  • Added Seven Trials Bridge: A difficult and long track, featuring seven different challenging track styles
  • Fixed being able to click on Track pieces while in Drive or Test mode
  • Fixed obstacle placement not working
  • Fixed Linear Interpolation for height not using the correct slope
  • Custom Slope now auto-enables to prevent gaps in tracks when using advanced interpolations for height
  • Resetting checkpoint size now sets the size to the width of the track piece
  • Windows no longer exactly overlap upon opening them
  • Added description and difficulty fields for saving tracks (and all existing tracks)
  • Reworked the drop in Kraken Incorporated, made Nosedive track shorter
  • Fixed a bug where the width was calculated incorrectly on thin tracks
  • Added a few more decals for materials and border shapes
  • Fixed textures for obstacles not showing up in some levels


  • Fixed cannon not being able to shoot
  • Re-enabled gearbox debug and shift decision apps


  • Fixed bug with beam counts > 32768
  • New max beams limit is 65534


  • Fixed static collision debug tool
  • Fixed lag when updating mods using in-game repository
  • Fixed ‘Change Configuration’ button taking you to Quick Race menu in Light Runner mode
  • Fixed garage not loading correctly when a level had been loaded previously
  • Decreased step value on fog slider
  • Fixed settings\base.ini not being created if doesn’t exist. Would only cause debug messages to be visible by default in the console

Notable Known Issues

An up to date list of known issues can be found in the dedicated Feedback & Bug Reporting Thread here.
Instructions on how to update the game here.

3 responses to “Second hotfix for 0.14”

  1. Nadeox2 says:

    finish game ok

  2. Franek Nowak says:

    beamnge drive super

  3. Aaron says:

    I have a Question, im having a problem when loading into a map any map the vehicle thati spawn with has front broken steering, Like when i turn the steering the tires turn to the right and i cant drive straight? its a constant occurrence
    Every Vehicle, I cleared Cache Verified steam files Beamng drive files also and nothing is wrong, I went into my bindings and changed steering still the same problem.

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