Second hotfix for 0.13 released


  • Improved Dam Jump scenario : Added accuracy score, one new target and an explanatory image
  • Tweaked Wentward DT40L config values to be more realistic for a 20-30 year old bus
  • Added white steel wheels to Wentward DT40L, standard on Base and Safari configs
  • Tuned wheel deformation – most alloy wheels will deform a bit more now
  • Cleaned up Pessima Turbo Burger info.json


  • Fixed broken flex meshes after use of “RESET ALL” button on Debug panel
  • Fixed shortcuts in Gravel Circuit and Old Race Track Circuit Time Trials
  • Fixed Big Air Vanster scenario
  • Fixed crash on engine Lua reload (CTRL+L)
  • Fixed tanker fender breakgroup
  • Fixed issue with the rear 4 lugs wheels on the 200BX
  • Adjusted engine strength on Sunburst, rear doors latch stronger
  • D-Series / H-Series front hub adjustements
  • Minor handling balance tweaks on 200bx,ETKi and Bolide
  • Fixed some visual issues on the Automation level
  • Fixed restarting of Bus Route scenarios

Known issues:

  • Vehicles can disappear during replays
Instructions on how to update the game here.
Bug reporting/Help Thread here.

3 responses to “Second hotfix for 0.13 released”

  1. Yiuli says:

    Did you fix the problem of game crash when you remove a car, spawn an other or want to modify one of them?

  2. zeki says:


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