Second hotfix for 0.12 released

We’ve released another hotfix for version 0.12, fixing the most important issues from the bus update.


  • Hustle and Bustle: revised difficulty and improved overall experience
  • Hustle and Bustle: Display how to activate nitrous oxide injection in certain bus scenario
  • Added deactivate button to in-game repository
  • Added rally suspension parts to Barstow and Moonhawk
  • Improved transbrake to hold the car in place, not just the engine
  • Reduced strength of City Bus brakes so they aren’t as touchy
  • Changed RPM tuning variables to increment in 50rpm steps instead of 100rpm
  • Finer step distance for Trailer Bogie position variable


  • Fixed missing game window on ALT + TAB when fullscreen and borderless are used at the same time
  • Fixed crash when no audio device is available
  • Fixed rare crash when using non-supported languages
  • Fixed free camera switching back to the vehicle in various situations
  • Fixed off road tire material name, reverted back to original name (was breaking some mods textures)
  • Fixed vehicle interior sounds can be heard while driving another vehicle
  • Fixed bug with ETKI rev limiter variable
  • Fixed 2bbl carburetor missing from Moonhawk
  • Fixed City Bus frame not being a required part
  • Fixed City Bus N2O Min Gear variable going up to 12
  • Fixed mirrored uv map on Barstow’s rear bumper
  • Fixed automatic transmission logic expecting a torque converter to work
  • Fixed non-working colors of radial menu bus options
  • Fixed missing graphs in Performance UI
  • Fixed SimplePowertrainControl app showing incorrect amount of fuel remaining for JATOs
  • Fixed a small median curb in West Coast that was lacking collision
  • Fixed missing cubemap reflection on Driver Training Center wet roads
  • Improved stability of camera code when using corrupted configuration files

Known Issues

  • Bus stops look out of place on some maps
  • Randomly some sounds do not follow slow motion
  • Waypoint counter doesn’t update in some scenarios
  • Optional scenario waypoints can disappear after selecting them and retrying a scenario
  • Sometimes vehicle’s props are not visible when using Part Manager
Instructions on how to update the game here.
Bug reporting/Help Thread here.

10 responses to “Second hotfix for 0.12 released”

  1. Alexander Kuhn says:

    whenever I try to ,,retry scenario“ or replace the car, the game crashes. I reinstalled the game, but nothing happens. Please fix that.
    Thank you 🙂

  2. KZrT010 says:

    Hey guys! Nice hot fix, but the Buses tachometer isn’t working.

  3. Mike says:

    One problem about automatic transmission….it won’t lock a transmission when shift to Park like in a real life. Please fix it. Thanks!

    • Nick says:

      I am having the same issue, Park does nothing, the vehicle just rolls as if it is in Neutral. Please fix this issue as I used Park all the time, it worked great before the update and seemed realistic, why did you change it? “Improved transbrake to hold the car in place, not just the engine”

  4. paul says:

    it looks fun

  5. paul says:

    it looks fun. i have all was wanted to play it

  6. eleno napoleon says:

    pongan una verificacion de jugar por 10 minutos para que vean el juego y lo compren

  7. sammie says:

    my launcher did not work

  8. kaiser says:

    fuck niggers

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