progress – Multi-DAE, zip support, and lots more

So the last two weeks we worked on the following things:

  • Multi-DAE support: it is now possible to load a vehicle from multiple .DAE files – this enables mods for the vehicles without the need to modify the original model 🙂
  • For example all the wheels are in one file now:

  • File system: Zip support, overlaying of files and folders: We are working on having the mods as simple zip files for easy exchange.
  • Greatly improved Heightmap Resolution (and thus physics resolution -> smoother drive) [before/after]:
  • screenshot_00064 screenshot_00065

  • Steam Store and Steam integration (i.e. the ingame steam overlay is working):
  • steam1

  • JBeam: Coltris can now define a groundmodel (so dynamic surfaces can have other friction parameters than asphalt)
  • Terrain block’s groundmodel matching is now case insensitive
  • Dynamic Friction improvements:
  • angle_test vans


  • Stabilized water (When things hit water, they don’t explode that much)
  • Increased core’s accuracy
  • Core optimizations
  • Improved stablility of the wheel weight display (this thing):
  • wheel_weight

  • Some tests with Cloth:
  • cloth

User Interface work:

  • minor work on the JS
  • added version information to the main menu (see bottom right corner):
  • mm

  • improved SimpleEngineDebug, SimpleGears
  • added SimplePerfTimers, SimpleTrip:
  • ui2

Lots of Vehicle and Terrain work as well 🙂

We also fixed the following bugs:

  • Trippy underwater camera effect never stops (underwater -> mainmenu bug)
  • Lowest lighting option breaking water
  • DeformGroups not working at all after implementing multi-DAE
  • T3D per level resource fixes: Brushes and terrains are now saved with the level instead of globally
  • Decals vanishing at certain angles
  • ScatterSky missing mieScattering field.
  • LOD for decalroad: they fade away now, increasing FPS
  • Crash in GFXD3D9OcclusionQuery: improved crash reporting and user message
  • Improved Crash reporting: now loaded dynamically to prevent the game not working when some Anti-Virus decides this file is not good enough for him
  • Buggy vehicle shadows with multi-dae vehicles
Above changes will get available within the next update [except the steam integration, it will be released later on]

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