Minor Update v0.19.3 Released

Today’s minor update brings several fixes to the physics engine and vehicles, and two brand new Time Trials for the East Coast map. We are grateful for everyone’s feedback and support!


  • Gavril D-Series
    • Adjusted Rusty skin to better fit the updated skin UV. This skin is currently a placeholder and will be replaced eventually.
    • Fixed dually fender flare collision issue
    • Fixed typo in D10 bed cap glass part name
    • Fixed typo in Custom Classic configuration description
    • Added locking differentials and heavy-duty brakes to the D10 Zeta configurations
  • Gavril Roamer
    • Added center stoplight for barn doors
    • Tweaked shape of front wheel arches
    • Fixed incorrect transmission designations for LXT-35 configurations
  • Burnside Special
    • Fixed selected color not properly applying when spawning V8 manual configuration
  • Ibishu 200BX
    • Fixed sport intake not correctly modifying engine torque
  • Ibishu Hopper
    • Fixed exhaust sound remaining muffled when the exhaust is detached
  • Hirochi Sunburst
    • Fixed collision issue with window frames
  • Autobello Piccolina
    • Added transmission designation to Tricolore configuration name
  • Ibishu Pigeon
    • Fixed collision issue with tailgate
    • Added rear suspension hard limiters to reduce wheels clipping through arches
    • Strengthened axle anti-wrap effect of leaf springs to allow for harder launches without breaking the driveshaft
  • Common
    • Fixed instability in 15×7 rally wheels causing them to break off when steering
    • Fixed 15×10 Sport Front Tires being invisible and having an incorrect part name
  • Temporary fix for Barstow and Moonhawk ‘Old Paint’ skins
  • Fixed old lightbar having inverted deformgroups
  • Fixed some typos in the D-Series configurations
  • Fixed Italian (modern and old) license plate specular using default font instead of right one


  • East Coast USA
    • Added 2 new Time Trials: ‘Sawmill Long’ and ‘Sawmill Short’

    • Changed start time of day to morning
  • Organized common art folder, moved races assets into a separate folder, removed some duplicates


  • Fixed vehicle spawning partially inside a rock in Senseless Destruction’s “Bridge” scenario


  • Updated locales


  • Another fix for game crashes when resetting a burning vehicle

World Editor

  • Improvements to PathCam Tool interface, added button to set the camera FoV from a marker
  • Improvements to ScriptAI Manager columns, adjusted size of buttons

An up-to-date list of known issues can be found in the dedicated Feedback & Bug Reporting Thread here.

Instructions on how to update the game here.