Minor Update v0.18.1 Released

Today’s release launches fixes for several issues reported by our QA team and our community. Thank-you for all your praise and excitement through the forums and social media. It has been very motivating and heart-warming to share your comments with the development team.

Graphics engine

  • Fixed gamma setting
  • Fixed vehicle’s materials with texture animations
  • Fixed missing cached meshes causing loading time issues the first time content is loaded


  • Fixed Pickup ‘D15 Fleet Extended Cab (M)’ configuration having wrong transmission
  • Fixed Pickup ‘D15 Park Ranger (A)’ configuration having wrong rear shocks
  • Fixed Pickup ‘D15 Marauder (M)’ configuration having wrong driveshaft
  • Fixed Pickup ‘D15 Custom Classic (A)’ configuration missing two-tone paint
  • Fixed Pickup ‘D15 Track (M)’ configuration having wrong brake pads and interior door panels
  • Fixed Pickup ‘D15 Drag (A)’ configuration having wrong brake pads
  • Fixed Roamer ‘Drag (A)’ configuration having wrong brake pads
  • Fixed Van ‘H15 Vanster Off-Road (M)’ configuration missing roll cage
  • Fixed Pickup/Roamer/Van heavy duty brakes becoming unstable when applied
  • Fixed Pickup/Roamer/Van interior sounds being too quiet
  • Fixed Pickup/Roamer Race 6-Speed Manual Transmission missing clutch pedal prop
  • Fixed Pickup/Roamer ‘lifted’ suspension height mismatch
  • Fixed Pickup/Roamer radiator support being dragged by hood damping beams after detaching
  • Fixed Pickup tachometer on extended cab
  • Fixed Roamer side exhaust end node positions
  • Fixed Van missing red ambulance lightbar
  • Fixed Van missing radiator hoses
  • Fixed Van roll cage missing beams
  • Fixed Van wiper meshes behaving oddly in a crash
  • Fixed Sunburst rear seats not displaying with fender flares fitted
  • Fixed Covet rear caliper meshes stretching when rear wheels broken off


  • Changed tunnel lines to broken white lines


  • Fixed floating tree
  • Improved ocean visuals
  • Fixed river junction
  • Restored broken forest brushes to editor
  • Fixed minor AI issues on Fastello
  • Reduced holm oak leaves specular intensity
  • Fixed missing forest brushes

East Coast USA

  • Fixed incorrect road sign
  • Fixed pop in on town houses
  • Fixed town bridge transition

West Coast USA

  • Fixed incorrect ground models on city meshes

Hirochi Raceway

  • Updated sky to use new sky gradients


  • Fixed Speed Trap Flowgraph Demo in Gridmap Demo not working correctly


  • Fixed typos in vehicle color table for Pigeon
  • Added blank key binding for toggling traffic mode (see Options > Controls > Gameplay)
  • Made large vehicles less likely to spawn on very narrow roads


  • AI will keep further off the road center when driving on narrow roads


  • Updated main menu backgrounds
  • Updated vehicle thumbnails to preserve the vehicle’s colors
  • Vehicle selector : allow the use of jpg file (faster and smaller files) and convert official content to jpg


  • Thumbnail script : fix redo function, fix vehicle not being centered
An up-to-date list of known issues can be found in the dedicated Feedback & Bug Reporting Thread here.
Instructions on how to update the game here.

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