Hotfix for version 0.15

We identified and fixed some serious crashes and problems within hours of the release.

Happy holidays from the whole team!


  • Replaced old performance graph by new imgui-based performance graph (in scenario mode)
  • Audio: Changed loading type of water assets for Italy to improve performance
  • scriptAI: Improved user interface and fixed performance problems


  • Fixed crashes when running 32 Bit (x86) version
  • Fixed license plate always defaulting back to old text generation
  • Fixed old Italian plate breaking text when trying to parse something else than valid plate (Eg: nicknames with numbers)
  • Fixed missing bumpers for Autobello 110B version
  • Fixed tailgate grill normals issue
  • Fixed hydros deforming other parts of the car when their movement is nearby the natural frequency of the other parts. This happened at low FPS and inside a certain movement speed zone
  • Fixed wheel force feedback being disabled when scriptAI is recording
  • Fixed scriptAI not setting arcade gearbox mode when following a recording
  • Fixed scriptAI not preserving initial direction when looping
  • Fixed crash on static render manager when shapes don’t have any LOD
  • Fixed PointLight shadows
  • Fixed crash when opening a replay before having loaded any map first
  • Fixed watercooled engine thermals not cooled down by water
  • Fixed wrong information showed for the Etk 854tx (A)
  • Fixed scenario logic breaking after trying to reset a paused scenario
An up to date list of known issues can be found in the dedicated Feedback & Bug Reporting Thread here.
Instructions on how to update the game here.

5 responses to “Hotfix for version 0.15”

  1. Anjac says:

    BeamNg , i have the a question…
    How do you update the version 0.12 to 0 .15 the new one?

    If you did reply thanks!

  2. gamer armin says:


  3. Chance Barber says:

    Sunburst CVT doesn’t rev down at Lower speeds. Had this issue since 0.14

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