Hotfix for 0.8

We were quite busy the last days fixing the most important problems for you, happy holidays again!


  • Fixed invalid audio provider breaking game
  • Fixed Editor camera “Smoothed Rotate” not being as smooth as in previous versions
  • Fixed crash when rendering terrain with broken materials/shaders
  • Fixed Hypermiling scenario
  • Fixed level selector not showing preview icons of levels without an “info.json”
  • Removed rewards for now as they are not working yet


  • LeGran: fixed automatic shifters animation, fixed shading errors on seats and parts of interior, fixed inaccurate sport speedometer, fixed base model having chrome trim, weakened radiator, stabilized hood, increased drag
  • Caravan: fixed propane tanks having the wrong name

User Interface

  • Improved Options layout
  • Language support starts. See Options > Languages (Work in progress, might be buggy)
  • Added option to disable videos in main menu
  • Level selector’s list is now alphabetically sorted
  • Improved vehicle selector performance the first time it is used
  • Fixed Engine Debug gear display


  • Added support for pre-damaged gears in the manual gearbox
  • Improved error logging for modder when incorrectly setting up powertrain
  • Improved “Engine is off” messages
  • Fixed auto starter motor not working correctly in all cases
  • Fixed reverse lights staying on with DCTs in P
  • Fixed “engineThrottle” and “running” electrics sources


  • Fixed extreme forces/vibrations of force feedback during slow motion
  • A few of the Logitech G920 users might see a decreased amount of crashes. Please run the 32bit version of BeamNG if you still experience crashes, that could work better (though not guaranteed).
  • Removed G27 LED lights support due to bugs in G27 drivers. They will be re-enabled if/when drivers are fixed.
  • H-Shifter does not allow access to non supported gearbox modes anymore

Artificial Intelligence

  • Fixed AI flee not working in levels without roads
  • Fixed AI vehicles causing waypoint markers to disappear in scenarios
Instructions on how to update the game here.
Bug reporting/Help Thread here.

One response to “Hotfix for 0.8”

  1. bob.blunderton says:

    Well nice to see ya'all fixing things up a bit.  Game works nicely on my 4790k, 70~140fps on average map, sometimes up to 400+fps with no vsync on, on a simple map.  Can run up to 7 vehicles before serious performance impact on an i7.  Spawned 18 vehicles in 0.7.x a month ago and got like 10~12fps 😡  Will have to re-test that.Can't wait to see how well this runs on the new AMD RyZen processor and AM4 platform that comes out in 3 weeks.

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