Hotfix for 0.7

Hotfixes for the big update from some days ago 🙂

Update: Second hotfix ( released, fixing crash in “Low” quality settings.


  • Fixed render issues on DirectX10 GPUs
  • Fixed empty Freeroam menu when maps with multiple .mis files were installed
  • Improved orbit of orbit cam
  • Reduced jittering of orbit cam
  • Fixed incorrect thumbnails being shown in Freeroam menu (for maps without info.json files and with multiple .mis files)
  • Fixed unintended switch to free camera when removing the current vehicle (should only happen when removing the last vehicle left)
  • Fixed rare crash related to certain keyboard events
  • Fixed Return key not working for ingame console while menus are shown on screen
  • Fixed missing translations in DCT and 8AT transmissions
  • Fixed wrong message being displayed when switching to Automatic mode in DCT transmissions
  • Fixed Messages UI app not correctly updating the text of a category in some cases
  • Reducing stuttering caused by update UI to GPU
  • Added “Pause” action to the scenario’s blacklisting
  • Fixed GroundCover on terrain holes (fixes flying rocks in tunnel entrances)
  • Fixed enabling and disabling statistics tracking
  • Improved ending sequence of scenarios, vehicle crashes should come to a reasonable end before the scenario end UI appears
  • Added easier backwards compatibility for the “old” node offset functionality
  • UI: Fixed target Vehicle field not updating correctly on AI app on vehicle switch
  • UI: hardware page updated, problems shown in main menu again. Added ability to acknowledge them. Fixed critical battery state.


  • Derby: Fixed decalroad issue
  • ECA: fixed lod of town base being too dark
  • Chapter 1: improved downhill, improved many of the intro cameras to be quicker
  • Chapter 1 Bridge: Fixed excessive slow motion after vehicle falls off the bridge
  • Chapter 1 Wall Jump: Fixed distance tracking and scoring
  • Utah: fixed issues on some decalroads, minor terrain/forest/etc fixes
  • ETK test centre: Fixed splash particles not spawning on slippery surface


  • Strengthened most tires by 10-20% to reduce popping when bumping curbs
  • Fix Semi cab to frame mounts breaking too easily
  • Fix part of East Coast Town using visual mesh for collision (leading to tire popping on curbs)
  • Added proper ETK800 Driving Experience config
  • Added “Wood” Groundmodel to Suspension Bridge to eliminate sparks
  • Fix Semi driveshafts not breaking
  • Fix Pigeon rear wheels clipping through bed on hard cornering and jumps
  • Flatbed trailer: improved jbeam structure so that it can be crashed into better, added straps and improved steel pipes loads, added steel pipes config
Instructions on how to update the game here.
Bug reporting/Help Thread here.

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