Fourth hotfix for 0.17

With today’s hotfix we are deploying fixes to the traffic system. The police should now behave properly and the Traffic AI in general should exhibit better awareness of what is happening and react accordingly.

We are also making some changes to the game launcher. All the support tools will now be grouped together in a dedicated ‘Support Tools’ section. In the ‘Manage User Folder’ section you will find tools to move your user folder, open it in Windows Explorer and restore it to the default location. These tools should help those affected by issues caused by folder path conflicts or who just can’t remember where in the labyrinth of folders their user folder has hidden itself.


  • Fixed error preventing police logic within traffic from working properly
  • Fixed traffic AI awareness issue


  • Rearranged some tools into their own categories
  • Added option to force the game to launch without UI GPU acceleration


  • East Coast and Hirochi Raceway: Fir group collision modified to better reflect actual appearance.


  • Removed leftover files (/cefTest) that would make the integrity check fail
  • Fixed game crashing if map.json is an empty file
An up-to-date list of known issues can be found in the dedicated Feedback & Bug Reporting Thread here.
Instructions on how to update the game here.

34 responses to “Fourth hotfix for 0.17”

  1. Zach says:

    Whenever I spawn the vehicle that looks like a hatch BMW M3 (Or the one that was recently added in as the coupe) my game with preemptively pause and it seems like before this happens the whole car explodes. Interesting!!

  2. jake stanbridge says:

    thanks for the fix devs can you devs make the police more aggresive when there chasing you like in real life where thay try to ram you off the road.

  3. João Pedro says:

    Can you guys make stroger axels for the front wheel drive cars when i put drag tires and like 1000hp and launch the car whit NOS the axels cant sustain and break.

    • Justin says:

      That’s actually realistic for some stock FWD cars. Actually, they should break on any launch with that much HP, NOS or not. However, I do believe that strengthened axles should be available as an option.

  4. SnowFoxMediaYT says:

    Do you have any idea when the Intel GPU issue will be fixed?

  5. Samuel says:

    Thank you so much for this game is my favorite car game

  6. Michael R. says:

    I would like to say that, I would add in more realistic engines. Such as you can put different typs of fluids in the engine.(high octain gas, low octain gas, ethonal free, good oil, bad oil, ect…)

    • im good says:

      Yeah, and add a option to fill till the top with oil or run with no oil, and add a valvle ticking sound when the car is overreved too much like real cars

  7. bob ross says:

    I was playing with traffic yesterday 25/09/2019 and I was overtaking some cars on the main highway in Italy map and cars seemed to swerve around the lanes. I found this very annoying as in real life you wouldn’t change lanes without an indicator. or every 5 seconds.

  8. Bobby J. says:

    you guys should fix tow hitches for automation cars in beamng

  9. kakes_411 says:

    Damn, second time in a row that the moonhawk gets t-boned in the banner. Unlucky mf

  10. Ryan Anthony Moore says:

    Hey I’ve been having problems with the 89 pessima aws. It seems the suspension just isn’t there in it. May just be a me thing though.

    • KolbenLP says:

      U have start the game in “save mode” when it isn’t there anymore than a mod from you made this happen.

      Sorry for maybe bad English, I’m a German!

  11. Ferghus says:

    The Police seems to chase me for no apparent reason. Is anyone else having this problem?

  12. radit says:

    Hi, i enjoy your game, can ai traffic follow the traffic lights? also 4 weeks ago a youtuber tested out if the traffic will respond to objects in front of them. (cone, stop sign, hay bale etc) the traffic didnt responded and they just crashed right into it. They only react to cars. Can you make them respond to objects? Thx

  13. Sammy says:

    Cool and all but can you fix windowed mode? Tabbing out while loading in most cases will soft lock the game.

  14. Gabriel says:

    I would like that you devs make the i3 engine sound more realistic, because it sounds really low reeving and boring, not like a real i3 engine sound…

    And you guys should add traffic a.i. that want to race with the player, with any aleatory car that the a.i. is driving.

    And add an option to old diesel engines runaway…

  15. Luca says:

    your update sucks it says it takes over a year to complete…..


  16. latvianco says:

    Hello. I got this one problem. So when i spawn Garvril Grand Marshal or some other cars while on the lowest graphics they have some sort of dots on them and they just dont look too well.So please is it possible to fix it or something so i can enjoy all the cars? Thank you

  17. BeamNG.driver says:


  18. BeamNG.driver says:

    Hello,i have bigger laggggggggg moments

  19. Hi Devs u dont care about this post bcs devs cont read that comments, rather they read the treads with the ideas says:

    Make an updated techdemo version, like techdemo 2.0

  20. Jason Wainwright says:

    The Gavril H Series brakes does not work on this version. Please fix it on the next hotfix.

  21. Mpho Mdaks says:

    I want this game

  22. IMAKID2453 says:

    sadly my game hasn’t updated and begining to get frusterated

  23. Someone says:

    Hello, can we have multiplayer option in ?

  24. Someone says:

    Can we have Multiplayer option in please ?

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