Episode – A new hop

First hotfix release of 0.9, fixing some of the most annoying problems. Should load levels and vehicles a lot faster again.


  • Hopper: Fixed models having the wrong spare wheels/tires, added ‘Classic’ variant, added heavy duty brakes, added stronger quick ratio off-road steering, strengthened wheel attachment 10%, fixed grille badge being a subpart of the fascia and not the grille, fixed rear wheel shaking with parking brake applied, improved clipping of engine bay meshes (intake, radiator tube), separated intakes to their own parts, added Olive Green and Army Green colors, fixed skin issues, fixed left rear side marker light having the wrong material, fixed rogue hood beams that weren’t breaking when the body was detached
  • Adjusted weightpad display to be more stable
  • Increased value of all race transmissions to be more realistic
  • Fixed average fuel consumption unit spacing on ETK gauges
  • Fixed ESC/TC subsystem staying deactivated after losing a wheel and resetting the vehicle
  • Fixed turbocharger generating wrong pressure with turned off engine
  • Fixed powertrain instabilities when one driveshaft was removed from a vehicle
  • Fixed CVT having reverse lights on in P mode


  • East Coast USA: fixed floating house, hole in the ground of the town, minor terrain issues and other small issues
  • Utah: Fixed disconnected navigraph at tourist area parking lot
  • Hirochi Raceway: added some spawn points

General Bugfixes

  • Fixed loading screens hanging and no description showing of what’s going on
  • Fixed “Fatal Vehicle Exception” when “Remove steering wheel” setting is enabled
  • Fixed monitors not showing in graphic settings
  • Mesh compilation working again: Every .dae file is compiled into a .cdae resulting in faster loading times
  • Made SJSON parser more strict to avoid corrupted JSON data being wrongly parsed: Fixes quite some mods that contained various json syntax errors.
  • Fixed Lua error with incorrect configured spawn points
  • Fixed crash on startup when monitor or GPU do not match game settings
  • Removed text from fixed nodes in grabber: Better for video recording 🙂
  • Fixed node grabber during vehicle reset and recovery, added one-time warning on how to unfix nodes
  • Fixed sounds not muted when game window lost focus
  • Fixed Performance screen benchmark warning
  • Simple Powertrain Control not visible anymore in cockpit view
  • Fixed Simple Powertrain Control leaving the engine starter on after being used
  • Fixed Progress dialogs not showing the proper text
  • Fixed Launcher integrity functions. Improved usability: opens notepad with the log now
  • Start screen delay down to 1 second from 2 seconds
  • Adjusted East Coast Chase 3 difficulty rating
  • Fixed findFiles native filesystem API returning invalid error codes
  • Fixed loading of modScript.lua files from mods
  • Fixed game starting arguments not working reliably
  • Removed OpenStreetMap Loader from public release: Not ready yet
Instructions on how to update the game here.
Bug reporting/Help Thread here.

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  1. dragonfire43 says:

    Great job on everything you've done so far, the updates you poor out on this magnificent game are incredible, the work hours and passion that go into this is other wordly!Thank you so much for all your commitment

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