Development Sneak Peek #6

Hey everyone!

Here’s another view inside the development of This time there’s not only screen captures, but also some photos and videos. Hope you find them interesting 🙂

Remember that you can keep track of development by subscribing to the developer subforum – that’s where the content in this post came from.

But first, here’s some fun facts (…if you like numbers): I’ve briefly analyzed a subset of our code repositories, which are the internal development places where we work on the game, store most of its associated files, etc.

The following stats correspond to only two of those code repositories:

  • We’ve uploaded around 2340 changes to them since the last game update.
  • That’s equivalent to around 42 changes per day.
  • The day with the lowest amount of changes was September 2 (Sunday), with 1 change.
  • The day with the greatest amount of changes was September 7 (Friday), with 128 changes.

On top of that, there’s also the effort that doesn’t necessarily get reflected as one of those ‘changes’: Quality Assurance, Mod reviewing, Support, Research, etc:

  • Our support team has attended 1123 tickets (around 27 per day) since the last update.
  • These, in turn, prompted 2052 responses in the form of emails (forums and social media support is not included in these numbers).
  • People have sent 2474 debug reports to us. These help us when we need extra information to debug any issues you may experience.
  • We have seen 2213 mods. Phew!

Alright, that’s enough numbers. On to the media!

What you see here will NOT necessarily reach the next update or the final version
If it does, it is NOT representative of what it may look like
More work happens behind the curtains – this is only a random selection!
LJFHutch, May 31, 2018:

Italy progress

Swapped out the old asphalt texture that was extracted from a photograph to one built in Substance Designer, looks better now.

Also changed out the old roadsides for ones built in Designer as well:

tdev, Jul 27, 2018:

New tools in the works …

We can also change groundmodels on the fly now 🙂

LJFHutch, Jul 27, 2018:

Italy progress

Haven’t updated in a while, better grass colours, more work on the dirt roads, new guardrails and a few other things:

Diamondback, Aug 6, 2018:


A little something 🙂

(Note the messages app in the beginning)

LJFHutch, Sep 10, 2018:

Italy progress

Improved the visuals of the castle.

sebaudio, Sep 27, 2018:

Recording scrapes and grinds for impact audio system

Some impressions of the last recording session for the new audio system. Next up: scrapes and grinds.

What if a vehicle flips upside down and the body scratches against asphalt? What if the same thing happens on gravel? Or the exhaust system gets detached and scrapes against the floor? Those questions need answers also in terms of audio. Scrapping a whole vehicle outdoors might have been fun, but this time we decided to re-create the sounds in the studio, using car parts and different surface types.

Please Note: Everything here is a work in progress and in no way reflects the final quality or confirm their presence in-game.
So here are some pics and a short clip of the recordings we´ve made:

After mixing and editing the recordings, we will implement them with our audio middleware FMOD and use physics parameter from to change the sounds in real-time.

Stay tuned!

TStabbert, Sep 27, 2018:

Track Builder

Hey guys. I’ve been working on improving the Track Builder, adding new features, to give you a powerful tool to create 3d Tracks. Here, I want to show you some new features.

More grid forms
Previously, the tracks were forced to be on a triangular/hexagonal grid, allowing only 60° turns. Now, you can also select a square grid for those familiar 90° turns and orthogonal roads. Additionally, you can create arbitrary curves where you specify the radius and angle. In the image below, you can see all three types of tracks.

Additional Border types and textures
Now it is possible to change the border of the track, selecting from a range of borders forms, as well as textures. The picture shows four border types: The regular border in blue, the bevel border in red, rail border in green and wall border in orange.

Parametrized borders
Some of those new borders can have different forms along the track, for example the height of a wall. The next image shows some varying heights.

Previously, the values for the height, bank and width of a track would be interpolated between two key values with the same interpolation function, to ensure a smooth and gradual change from one value to another. Now you can chose how to interpolate between the values.

Obstacles and Objects
Through the Editor, you can now place a variety of objects on the track. They can be moved, scaled and rotated. This way, you can place ramps to jump on, bumps to drive over, or rocks to evade.

Track Preview
Of course, we will provide you with a number of tracks. Here is a preview of two tracks which make heavy use of the wall and obstacle feature.

Bonus Video

LJFHutch, Oct 2, 2018:

Italy progress

I improved the background a lot over the simple dirt texture I stretched over some polygons last time:

The map feels a lot less lonely especially on the cliffs:

tdev, Oct 2, 2018:

Soon to a planet near you

We worked on some small gravity improvements.

Not sure when or how it will be released yet. Video was too awesome to not share 😀

estama, Oct 2, 2018:

Soon to a planet near you


For each of the vehicle’s nodes, it calculates the full Newtonian gravity for all planets. So yes it’ll get weaker and yes it’ll pull the car towards it from anywhere on the map. The gravity calculations are also correct while inside the planet. So for example at the center of the planet the gravity will be 0.

About the why, well, why not? The main concern with something like this is if it’ll affect the performance of the “normal” simulation. We found a way to add this feature without affecting the performance under normal circumstances (without any planets enabled).


It supports multiple gravity sources. You can also change the sources on the fly and have different sources per vehicle.

gabester, Oct 3, 2018

Autobello Piccolina

Today we’re introducing a new Italian marque – Autobello!
Autobello was founded by Vincenzo Bello in 1948 to build affordable family cars after the second world war.

From 1957 to 1973, the Autobello Piccolina was produced in several different configurations. Powered by a rear-mounted air-cooled flat-4, it’s rear-wheel-drive, has torsion bar suspension and is extensively customizable. Light weight and lively handling characteristics combine for a thrilling drive.

What you see here will NOT necessarily reach the next update or the final version
If it does, it is NOT representative of what it may look like
More work happens behind the curtains – this is only a random selection!

31 responses to “Development Sneak Peek #6”

  1. Eric says:

    hey guys! I’ve been watching your dev progress for a while now (I got into BeamNG after watching a youtuber play it). I really love the work you’ve been doing and as great as it is I can’t wait to see it continue to be developed. You have one of the most active early access dev programs I’ve seen and publish great updates. Considering the current issues with the state of early access games on steam it’s really a breath of fresh air to see something like this. Keep up the great work!

  2. Nicolas Bergeron-Poitras says:

    NICE LOOKS GREAT. I think one improvement you guys could make is making the car selector run better like they did in automation, go have a look (in automation sandbox when you pick your car model)

  3. jojojona says:

    This looks promising, as well as really fun!

  4. dean wang says:

    nice ! where is it ported from ?

  5. Keys! says:

    Wow! I can’t wait! From what I read, there is going to be another massive sound update. Also the Autobello!

  6. Simon says:

    Autobello Piccolina looks AWESOME Cant wait for it! 😀

  7. Chris Comstock says:

    I really hope all of it does happen, and what timeframe?

  8. Steppy says:

    Looks great! can’t wait till the D-Series gets the long bed! keep up the good work!

  9. jireijunek says:

    Because i use beamng as a transport simulator and when I imagine what can do with planets …

  10. MoonTruther says:

    Hey! i love the game, and i have nearly 500 hours on this game, the most in all my steam games! Anyhow, i had a couple qustions:

    1. The usual ”when will this be released” question, though i don’t mind waiting.

    2. With the new scraping sounds, will they be lowered or anything? because if not that might be a huge turn off for a bunch of players, due to the fact that its pretty much nails on a chock board..

    3. how many hours of in-game time do all the developers have combined? just wondering.. 😛

  11. combatwombat003 says:

    need a late ’50s land monster, like ’58 Plymouth or a ’57 buick

  12. Wojtek says:

    Plane maybe….

  13. Quidsa says:

    nice 😀 i cant wait for visiting the new map ^^

  14. Suchsneak says:

    Amazing audio goes a long way, soooo looking forward to new releases to add to the driving experience. I want to hear my car interact with the world, and driving in Italy will be a treat.

    I’ve watched Beamng grow since those wee baby days, now there’s so much content built with meticulous quality.

    Devs, I’m so glad I backed you when I did, you guys are great!

  15. asen todorov says:

    Why dont you guys use photo hdr backgrounds like on the mode : Altitude 1.5, this map feels a way more realistic due to the background, the procedural clouds of the engine is just ugly, and its not looking to date

  16. Lioumer says:

    Ok.. i want spend many more hours with this update.. PLZZ UPDATE FAST…. EVEN WITH SOME BUGS.. =P i want to drive this Abarth-morris-wagen…. 😉

  17. Zack_13358 says:

    Can’t wait! One suggestion though, please add buttons to open/close doors, hoods/bonnets if you’re British, trunks/boots if you’re British, and ect. thx!

  18. Antonio ragbir says:

    we need a modern pick-up truck like a f1-50 or a ram 1500 and maybe more modern cars like a Audi RS6 or a dodge challenger and/or charger

  19. phoob says:

    The two-step looks like a transbrake with a variable rpm limit lol

  20. melker hamresand says:

    there are trucks that have loading decks wich dont work and i wish you can fix that

  21. joel sundberg says:

    this looks fo damn good i cant wait

  22. Elian says:

    This has been the only game i religiously come back to, This development team really knows what its player base wants. always working, this is possibly the best game of the early 21st century I can’t wait to see whats next.

  23. Cybiko says:

    This looks like exciting stuff! Any chance of adding an i3 to the Piccolina, also are you guys planning on adding more customization for the Pigeon? I’m a big sucker for Kei cars and inline 3’s haha.

  24. Anthony Z says:

    It would be grand if some improvements on getting better framerates where made. But what would be fantastic is to have a selection of Land Rovers, dated from 1940’s to 1970’s. that would be a great drive!

  25. Faceglitch says:

    Hey, nice work as always.

    When your finished with the audio improvements, do u plan to add features like plastic bumper shattering, particles or scraping the paintjob?

    I would really love to see some of those features (especially the last one)

    Greetings from Germany, thank you for your awesome work on BeamNG drive! 🙂

  26. SpaceEngineer says:

    This is one of the best sneak peeks in my opinion. I can’t wait for the Piccolina (or as I like to call it, the Volkswagen Beetle and Fiat 500 hybrid), the planets, and all of the noises (I like how they are all being made in real life with real objects)!

  27. Callahan says:

    I am very excited for this new update, will there ever be like an old wagon or a Volvo mock up added officially into I really love old Volvos and all the mods for them are terrible.

  28. Kayan says:


    Excellent job !

    Please … add a “menu selector” with images for the parts, mainly the wheels … it is very difficult to change the wheels without the images.

    It would be wonderful to have this 😀

  29. ceossain says:

    Мой канал на ютубе.

  30. Victor Filgueiras says:

    Hey BeamNG people, I have a question. Do you plan to add any effect to simulate the cars paint?
    What I mean is: when a car body or panel deforms, the paint on it tends to crack and come loose. But on BeamNG we don’t see any kind of change to how the surface of a body looks when it deforms. I think this would really add to the aesthetic realism of the game!

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