Safe and sound: 0.10 hotfix

17 August 2017

Lots of bugfixes and tweaks for the last release 🙂


  • Fixed scenery static collisions randomly being ignored
  • Fixed physics core performance regression


  • Fixed sound mods being overwritten by new engine sounds (If you have a sound mod installed, you will now lose our new sounds until the mod is deactivated/removed)
  • Made crash sounds less loud
  • Made the starter sounds slightly louder
  • Fixed non existing engine sounds in reverse rotation
  • Moved audio blend files out of the protected zip for better mod support
  • Fixed crash when no audio output device is used
  • Added fallback when the audio device from settings are missing
  • Fixed reverb not applying in the middle of tunnels
  • Reduced very low frequencies for most vehicles, especially the t-series


  • Tuned automatics to shift at lower RPMs when cruising
  • Tweaked the aggression calculation for transmissions
  • Added configurable torque loss during shifts for automatic transmissions
  • Shift times slightly decreased for manual transmissions, reduced gear spacing effect on shift times, increased shift times with low aggression
  • Adjusted gear damage warnings to better inform the user about how to avoid them
  • Fixed DCT giving unwanted throttle response on unpredicted upshifts
  • Increased engine braking torque
  • Fixed electric motor not working with mods
  • Starter motor no longer works when the engine is hydrolocked


  • Fixed Piano throwing errors when removing the lid part
  • Reduced brake torque of 90s Pessima for easier brake modulation
  • Fixed steering breaking on D and H Series solid front axle with maximum track width
  • Fixed Hirochi 19×8 and 19×11 wheel/tire offset issues
  • Fixed H-Series I6 engine not having a fuel tank assigned
  • Adjusted wrongly labeled H15 Offroad configuration
  • Fixed H15 Drift Missile configuration showing wrong transmission type
  • Fixed a small issue in the Sunburst Offroad configuration files
  • Fixed ‘Small Trailer’ materials
  • Fixed ETK Kc4t missing exhaust


  • East Coast USA: Fixed some roads, made them smoother and less jagged
  • Hirochi Raceway: Adjusted some decals
  • Fixed missing file in ‘Template Map’

User Interface

  • Fixed “Update translations” button – translations work properly again
  • Fixed thumbnail app using incorrect distance when using advanced settings
  • Fixed bug where SimplePowertrainControl app would change size when going into options menu
  • Made level selector show which spawnpoint has been selected
  • Made level selector show a description for the selected level
  • ‘Showroom’ map is now hidden from level selector (still accessible via Thumbnail Generator app)
  • SimplePowertrainControl now has support for toggleable limited slip differentials
  • “Open Replay Folder” button will now create the folder if one does not exist
  • EngineDynamometer app now uses correct torque unit.
  • Steam photos taken in Photo Mode will no longer show UI in the screenshot
  • Fixed typo in Thumbnail Generator UI app
  • Fixed typo in integrated GPU detection warning
  • Added buttons to open folder of mods and replay
  • Added several missing translations in Options menu
  • Added informational note about Camera switching order not being visible from the main menu
  • Fixed image slider used in all kinds of selectors triggering too fast


  • Improved AI speed planning. Fixes drag race behavior.


  • Added backward compatibility for extensions.use(‘ext’).doSomething()
  • Fixed update translations button
  • External camera is now enabled by default (note that disabled cameras are usable via keys 1-9; open Options > Camera for more information)
  • Fixed issue in virtual filesystem when no mods are installed
  • Fixed not-yet-implemented binding resetting the screen to black
Instructions on how to update the game here.
Bug reporting/Help Thread here.

Sounds like version 0.10 is out!

09 August 2017

Our first update that focuses on audio! 🙂


  • Audio:
  • Procedural track:
  • Couple any two nodes
  • Support for direct drive steering wheels
  • Replay Menu
  • New Radial Menu
  • Dynamic Field of View option for greater sensation of speed
  • Transbrake for drag cars
  • Shift logic improvements


  • Added new vehicle engine mixing to avoid sound phase problems and improve quality
  • Integrated custom BeamNG plug-in to control new vehicle engine sounds
  • Improved integration of FMOD sound library
  • Exposed parameters for vehicle engine modding (equalizer, volume control)
  • Added interior filter for all vehicles
  • Added filter changes depending on camera angle to vehicle
  • Added new asphalt roll and skid sounds
  • Added starter motor and mis-shift gear grind sounds
  • Set up new 2D and 3D ambient sounds
  • Created ambience zones (SFX Spaces) and ambient 3D emitters in all maps
  • Added dynamic reverb for tunnels in all maps
  • Added dynamic environmental reverb for distant driving
  • Greatly reduced time lag and increased smoothness of skid sounds

New Vehicles and Parts

  • Added ‘Box Utility’ trailer (Normal and Large)
  • Dryvan: Added ‘Loading Ramp’ part. Added ‘Beam Industries’ skin
  • Old Gen Pessima: Ported exhausts from Hatch. Added ‘Racing Livery’ skin
  • Hopper: Added ‘Windshield Bar’ and ‘Spare Wheel Cover’
  • Torque Converters and Flywheels are now separate parts with different options to choose from
  • Added 265/35R18 Race tire for 18×11 wheels


  • Added ability to couple any two nodes
  • Improved initial coupling stability
  • Pressure simulation for tires, balls, blobs, etc; is simulated in a fully volumetric way now
  • Added “getRelativeAirDensity” vehicle Lua function that returns air density in relation to sea level air density
  • Improved aerodynamics debug visualization. It now shows independent normal, drag, lift lines as well angle of attack. Normal’s line length is related to surface area at the point
  • Groundmodel hydrodynamic friction is not limited any more
  • Wheel angular velocity calculations are exact now using full numerical accuracy
  • Exposed “torqueArm2” parameter used by wheel torque reaction
  • L-beams are anisotropic now, allowing different compression/expansion parameters
  • Added beam “beamPrecompressionTime” parameter that allows gradual compression of a beam over a time duration
  • Added beam deformation limits (using “deformLimit” and “deformLimitExpansion” parameters) to reduce vehicle stretching
  • Added perpendicular and perpendicularN functions to mathlib.lua. These return a vector that is perpendicular to a given vector
  • Improved vehicle memory reclaiming
  • Small speed optimizations
  • Improvements and fixes in physics core’s sound APIs


  • Added support for end-of-travel deadzones in bindings
  • Updated SpeedLink Drift OZ steering wheel bindings
  • Added inputmap for Heusinkveld Engineering Sim Shifter Sequential
  • Added inputmap for SimXperience AccuForce steering wheel
  • Added force feedback support for SimXperience and OpenSimWheel-based steering wheels
  • Improved default force feedback settings for Logitech G27 and G29
  • Added new binding to switch to previous camera, not just for next one (not assigned to any key or button by default)
  • Added new binding to edit UI Apps (shift+alt+U)
  • Added support to directly switch to any camera using bindings (number row keys by default), whether it is enabled or not
  • Normalized force feedback strength between vehicles
  • Improvements for input handling for cars with no engines
  • Tweaked kbd/button clutch rates for more forgiving shifting

Artificial Intelligence

  • AI racing line calculation improvements. Vehicle position and direction is now taken into account.
  • AI racing line optimizations (converges faster)
  • Improvements in AI path waypoint progression
  • Corrected BeamNGWaypoint (manual waypoint) radius calculations
  • Made AI settings persistent across vehicle recovery (“i”, “r”)
  • AI steering improvements: Calculates target position using circular interpolation on AI path nodes, producing more accurate vehicle trajectories.
  • Added ability to specify the drivability of roads the AI will consider in flee pathfinding.
  • Added ability to set the desired drivability for AI in scenario JSON files
  • AI road Drivability Fixes in Jungle Rock Island
  • AI road dead end Fixes in Jungle Rock Island
  • AI road fixes and additions in East Coast Usa
  • Added new onAiModeChange callback
  • Implemented selectable vehicle tracking in vehicle jbeam (“general”: {“enableTracking”: true})
  • Made the ball prop available as a target for the AI


  • Added replay menu to dashboard and main menu
  • More consistent behaviour of replay seeking shortcuts (arrow keys)
  • Added informative text when a replay fails to open correctly
  • More efficient replay seeking

Vehicle Lua

  • Added a transbrake controller, equipped with drag transmissions (activate in Pie Menu or add your own binding)
  • Improved brake pressure delay handling, now better simulates real braking
  • More accurate cooling rates for brake drums
  • Improved DCT mis-shift protection and stalling behavior
  • Post crash brake now has a better brake control without accidentally entering reverse gear
  • Added support for cars without a rev limiter
  • Torque now falls off after redline to help re-use the same base engine with different redlines
  • Implemented overrev damage, vehicles can take damage from exceeding their maximum rpm
  • Air density is now taken into account for engine torque calculation
  • Added support for a “noisy” idle RPM
  • Added engine load smoothing for simulating throttle response
  • Implemented engine starter throttle blip
  • Increased default starter motor torque for faster engine starts
  • Added “clutch fade-out” support for superchargers for easier configurability in hybrid turbo/supercharger setups
  • Added support for a “kerosene” fuel preset
  • Switched from using purely “throttle” for dynamically adjusting the shiftpoints to a new “aggression” factor that is much more adaptive to driving style
  • Shift times are now dynamic, driving aggression and gear ratio differences are taken into account
  • Implemented delay to punish shifts without using enough clutch, while still applying damage to the affected gear
  • Improved automatic S mode to be more accurate compared to similar modes in real life
  • Improved overall logic that prevents shifts in unwanted circumstances
  • Implemented “Shift Denial” to prevent engine damage due to overrev when downshifting
  • Improved automatic shiftpoint calculation to prevent gear hunting
  • Improved wheel slip based shift prevention in corner cases like losing ground contact with one wheel
  • Improved neutral gear selecttion in arcade modes and various other small improvements for the shift behavior
  • Improved ESC/TC via killing the throttle input when the ESC is active
  • Added active diff prototype to the sunburst drift mode
  • Improved stability of limited slip differentials
  • Shafts connected to wheels now provide wheel friction and electrics value for animated shafts
  • Implemented ability to have the transmission influence the engine inertia (flywheel etc)
  • Implemented proper error handling for non existing or faulty controllers
  • Added support for loading custom powertrain devices from the vehicle lua directory
  • Split vehicleController common logic and shifting logic into multiple files, allows for custom shift logic without replacing the common logic
  • Added live tire pressure readout to tuning menu
  • Made clutches stronger for manual transmissions for more direct feel

Vehicle Jbeam

  • Barstow: Increased rigidity of mirrors, bumpers, pillars, new tire and suspension tuning
  • Bolide: Reduced spiking in cowl
  • Burnside: Increased rigidity of front frame and body parts, new tire and suspension tuning
  • Covet: Improved design of Covet suspension using geometry information from real sources, improved tire tuning
  • D-Series & Roamer: Improved rigidity of pillars, body parts, better hinge design on Roamer tailgate
  • ETK800: Increased rigidity of body parts, reduced spiking of rear subframe, reduced weight of tailgate and improved hinge design so it can pop open, handling tweaks
  • ETK-K: Increased rigidity of body parts, reduced spiking of door frame, handling tweaks
  • ETK-I: Raised ride height of rally version
  • Hopper: Increased rigidity of front suspension and frame, added windshield lightbar
  • H-Series: Reduced wheel hop when locking the rear brakes on the cargo van
  • Miramar: New suspension and tire tuning, race version has wider suspension track, added adjustable panhard bar length to center rear axle when raised/lowered
  • Moonhawk: Increased front frame rigidity, new tire and suspension tuning
  • Pessima: New suspension and tire tuning
  • SBR4: Increased rigidity of hatch and spoiler, improved rear suspension behavior with race tires
  • Sunburst: Raised ride height of rally version, changed RS all wheel drive system to use a viscous limited slip center differential, ABS and ESC added to “Street Tuned” config, stronger LSD for “Hillclimb” config
  • T-Series: Reduced engine inertia and dynamic friction, made rear suspension more flexible but increased rigidity of rear axles, fix floppy door hinges
  • Large Flatbed Trailer: Increased Rigidity
  • Cleaned up some vehicles’ materials, fixed some duplicates.
  • Changed some naming of configs for more clarity (“Rally” -> “Rally – Gravel” and so on)
  • Police/Fire/Ambulance/Taxi and similar vehicles are now “Service” vehicle configuration type. You can filter them in the vehicle selector.
  • Added new beam expansionLimit feature to the vehicles to reduce stretching of the body in crashes
  • Increased tuning range of suspension and steering alignment variables, using “beamPrecompressionTime” to prevent damage
  • Added caster tuning variable to suspensions where applicable
  • Removed rev limiters from pre-computer age vehicles
  • Increased rigidity of all solid axles
  • Changed most transmissions to use auto calculated shift points
  • Modern automatics use advanced shifting aggression while older ones use a basic method
  • Improved windshield durability when landing jumps
  • Added pressure and ballast tuning variables to the Inflated Mat, Ball, and Pressure Ball
  • Tongue jack added to small trailers

User Interface

  • New Radial Menu
  • Transparent thumbnail for garage and Radial Menu
  • Added ShiftPointDebug app
  • Improved Navigation app: Redesigned, now supports level images, better performance
  • Added ThumbnailGenerator app
  • Tweaked vehicle selector grid appearance, new thumbnails
  • Added ability to tweak some External camera parameters in Options menu
  • Added button to overwrite the default vehicle from Vehicle Selector menu
  • Optimized Controls menu, improved its appearance, search now always searches in the full list of bindings
  • Reorganized all Options subcategories. Controls menu is now included too
  • Added ability to configure camera switching order (when using C key) as well as to remove specific cameras from the cycle
  • Added new UI app “Clock Debug”, used internally to debug smoothness of framerate and physics. You can probably ignore this one
  • Renamed Quick Race to Time Trials to better reflect the gameplay
  • Added ability to tweak and remember Time Trials UI apps
  • Improved default set of apps for Time Trials, now showing all inputs and brake temperatures
  • Improved speed of all Options menus
  • Hotlapping app performance improved and bugs fixed
  • Added SimpleTime app
  • Added Flexmesh debug
  • Refactored and improved vehicle debug modes, split up aero and triangle debug


  • Added ability to couple and decouple nodes
  • Minor revamp of nodegrabber appearance and binding names/descriptions
  • Improved nodegrabber mechanics: allow dragging nodes closer over the map ground


  • Added procedural track generator, includes 9 tracks, seeded generation (same seed = same track)
  • To use, go to Play > Time Trials > Select Map > Procedural Tracks

  • Speed optimizations in the loading of levels
  • Adjusted all level thumbnails (format/size)
  • Added minimaps for: Cliff, Derby, East Coast USA, Gridmap, Hirochi Raceway, Industrial, Jungle, Port, Small Island
  • GameEngine LUA callbacks for update and pre-render now have extra timing available, the last of which should only be used for debugging purposes: dtReal, dtSim, dtRaw
  • Moved vehicle spawn code from TS to LUA
  • Removed deprecated “Reload system LUA” binding
  • Tweaked default Free camera speed
  • Added helper message on how to tweak free camera speed when activated
  • Improved logging of binding configuration and camera jbeam errors
  • Added automatic switch to vehicle camera if user attempts to cycle it while in free camera
  • Added dynamic field of view to Orbit camera (can be tweaked in Options > Camera; disabled during replay for the time being)
  • Tweaked External camera zoom levels
  • Fixed possible slowdown due to log spamming by ‘Steering’ UI app when used in conjunction with certain mods
  • Improved colors shown for ground model debugging (in Debug menu)
  • Improved Out Of Memory message, fixed issue with it giving potentially wrong advice
  • Deprecated race.lua, moved api to scenarios.lua
  • Added removeAllWithProperty to vehicle.lua as a way to remove vehicles with a specific property from the scene
  • Cleaned up prefab spawning code. Moved from scenarios.lua to ge_utils
  • Prefab spawning Api changed to addPrefab, spawnPrefab and removePrefab
  • Added global vmType variable for identifying which VM code is running under
  • Moved tracking of waypoints from Vehicle LUA to Game Engine LUA
  • Deprecated Vehicle LUA scenario.lua
  • Unified extensions lua function names for load, unload and reload
  • Added the option to exclude sub directories when loading lua extensions using loadModulesFromDirectory
  • Set up simple obstruction/occlusion effect for vehicles inside buildings
  • Increased robustness of S/JSON parser
  • Improved editor visualization for SFXEmitters and SFXSpaces
  • Load coreModules after ModManager for allow mod extensions run in main menu
  • The rotation of the free camera is used now when spawning the first vehicle or when pressing F7
  • Small improvement of orbit cam movement after a vehicle falls from a height
  • Added startup time debug messages to investigate possible start up slowdowns


  • East Coast USA: fixed specular on vertcol material, fixed tree movements in wind being erratic
  • Jungle Rock Island: fixed some terrain spiking issues and some minor vegetation issues
  • Industrial: fixed a broken material
  • Added rain objects
  • Fixed .DDS textures to match the new specs
  • Fixed several typos in scenarios’ description
  • Fixed a broken road on JRI
  • Fixed new vehicle spawning according to current vehicle’s local space instead of world space
  • Fixed bug involving removing BeamNG manual waypoints from maps
  • Fixed many Game Editor bindings not working, they will now take precedence over regular bindings again
  • Fixed onboard camera not resetting the field of view on reset
  • Fixed physics instabilities not pausing the simulation like it used to
  • Fixed minor inconsistency in clock source (dt) of Pre-Render hooks (used for maps extension)
  • Fixed wrong camera rotation center when switching between certain vehicles
  • Fixed some crashes in Relative camera when refnodes were missing
  • Fixed minor stutter of external camera during simulation (may still stutter during replays)
  • Fixed inability to edit ‘cockpit apps’ while in Cockpit camera. They will now be shown with a slight transparency
  • Fixed radial menu obstructing view while using menus
  • Fixed keyboard focus issues while renaming a replay
  • Fixed derby scenarios with missing extensions field
  • Fixed message display for damage progress
  • Fixed damage goal; damage message was not getting displayed
  • Fixed bug where restarting a scenario toggled the police beacon light instead of setting it.
  • Fixed JRI chase AI going off road
  • Fixed input filter settings persisting from other modes
  • Fixed bug when pressing Shift + C with no vehicles in the scene, not checking if the vehicle exists.
  • Fixed bug with scenario triggers persisting when a new scenario starts.
  • Fixed chapter 1 crawl scenario, vehicle has to be in low range so it has a chance at climbing the hill
  • Fixed chapter 1 drag – callback from vehicle lua now fires correctly
  • Fixed level listing code to be backwards compatible with mis files
  • Fixes for extension namespace changes, allowing extensions to have underscores in their names and still comply with the new naming format
  • Fixed transitioning to Freeroam from a scenario
  • Fixed SimpleAGears app so that it shows correct gears on modern automatics
  • Fixed DCT issue where the car would briefly drive forward when shifting into reverse at high rpm
  • Fixed wrong ETK fuel consumption display when standing still
  • Fixed brake temperature color inverting when the brakes melt
  • Fixed minor issue with BOV handling for diesels
  • Fixed velocities and rotations of sounds sources
  • Fixed some serialization issues for reducing diffs of levels and CDAE
  • Fixed a crash during generation of binary mesh files with large number of triangles
  • Fixed crash on startup when mod_info is an invalid file zip
  • Fixed SFXSpace not stopping/playing ambient sounds correctly
  • Fixed bugs that could crash the game
  • Fixed a number of serious coupler bugs
  • Fixed deformed beam debug statistics
  • Fixed beam stress debug visualization
  • Fixed crash on load level when tree size is set to 0
  • Fixed crash on load level using special SFX parameters
  • Fixed crash on game start
  • Fixed Legran parking brake pedal clipping through floor
  • Fixed some GTT wings instability
  • Fix some door beams mixed left to right on Grand Marshal and 90’s Pessima
  • Fix right side exhaust of moonhawk jiggling too much
  • Fix ETKI rear bumper instability
The ingame repository did not make it into this update, we are working hard on fixing its bugs right now. Litte preview:

Instructions on how to update the game here.

Bug reporting/Help Thread here.

Development Sneak Peek #1

18 July 2017

Hello everyone!

We want to keep you guys on the loop about development. We realize we are often so focused on the game development itself that we forget to keep you updated as much as we would like.

After reading your feedback, we have decided to put some extra effort to improve on that front.

This post contains a few sneak peaks into what some of the BeamNG team has been working on since the last update. Most of it is taken straight from our Developer Section, so if you want to find out about these tidbits before anyone else, you may want to subscribe to that subforum.

If we see a positive reaction, then this will be the first of a series of posts. Our aim is to post somewhat regularly, and more frequently than game updates.

What you see here will NOT necessarily reach the next update or the final version
If it does, it is NOT representative of what it may look like
More work happens behind the curtains – this is only a random selection!
LJFHutch May 4, 2017:
Improved the water:

Diamondback May 11, 2017:
A while after publishing the 0.8 update with the all new powertrain and controller system, it turned out that it’s just not practical to replace the entire vehicleController if you want to have a custom shifting logic.
While this is perfectly supported, it means that you need to copy/paste a lot of the stock code that doesn’t deal with shifting just to have your own shifting logic. Certainly not an ideal way of solving this.

So the proper solution is to outsource the shifting logic into its own module that can be easily replaced while still keeping the other code. I finally found time to tackle this and now it looks like this:

So every gearbox type has its logic in a dedicated file now. This means a few things:

  • A lot less code is loaded into memory for every vehicle (since it just loads the relevant code for a given gearbox)
  • The vehicleController code is a fair bit cleaner now
  • It’s very easy to specify a custom file with your own shifting logic

LJFHutch May 11, 2017:
Diamondback May 12, 2017:
Currently working on making rev limiters optional.
And guess what, it means we’ll also have some sort over-rev damage. Finally!
Currently you have a chance of damaging your valves (less compression/torque) and of completely messing up the engine (locked up).
Nadeox1 May 14, 2017:
LJFHutch May 17, 2017:
Lower road is getting along well too

donoteat May 17, 2017:
Hi everyone, I made some buildings.

Should be able to post a cool video soon — not today, though.

stenyak May 19, 2017:
This took way more time and code rewrites than I anticipated, but it’ll improve the camera situation:
LJFHutch Jun 1, 2017:
A few more textures:

LJFHutch Jun 6, 2017:
TStabbert Jun 8, 2017:
Working on procedural track generation…
Nadeox1 Jun 12, 2017:
Was going for a surprise, but looks like you forced my hand :p

Diamondback 12 Jul, 2017:
Little update from my side:
We have decided to not allow any shift anymore. Previously, the game did not use any safeguards against weird or almost impossible shifts, for example it let you shift into too low gears, overrevving the engine or let you shift without using the clutch (essentially assuming unlimited force to engage the gear and applying gear damage at the same time).
We now moved away from this and implemented several safe guards and changes to this:

  • There’s a new “Gearbox safety” option which prevents you from using gears that would exceed the engine’s maximum rpm, the game will simply reject the shift
  • This also applies to switching non manual transmission modes (for example going from D to 2/1)
  • In addition to that we made the switch to rejecting shifts that did not use the clutch at all. While we are still working on this and we might change the design slightly, the idea is to prevent users from “cheating” by not using the clutch while tolerating the applied gear damage. We also try not to interfere too much with users that don’t press the clutch far enough.

LJFHutch Jul 17, 2017:
A few more sections updated:

Diamondback Jul 18, 2017:
A little update on the previous blog:

  • There has been some confusion about whether the gearbox safety will be enforced or an option. Of course it will be an option 🙂 We won’t restrict your joy in destroying your favorite gearbox if you so wish
  • The reason the safety option has been added is that overrevving now causes serious damage, so it tends to destroy your engine pretty quickly if you don’t watch out. To prevent frustration about that, the gearboxes will protect themselves a bit better when that option is enabled
  • In addition we switched from outright rejecting shifts to “cutting power” for a short time. This makes it much less frustrating to miss a shift while still penalizing you for it

What you see here will NOT necessarily reach the next update or the final version
If it does, it is NOT representative of what it may look like
More work happens behind the curtains – this is only a random selection!

Fifth hotfix release for 0.9

27 April 2017


  • Fixed missing comics in campaigns
  • Fixed crash report tool
  • Fixed some scenarios taking too long before showing the end screen
  • Fixed F7 not automatically switching to vehicle camera
  • Fixed numerous level editor keys not working, they now take precedence over regular bindings
  • Fixed consecutive Ctrl+Q keypresses registering as regular Q presses
  • Fixed a few fuel tank issues
  • Fixed Intersection2 scenario
  • Fixed log spamming warnings when rotating camera in the editor
  • Fixed going into Freeroam from scenarios and campaigns
  • Running BeamNG with -level arguments won’t trigger a level reload during replay playback (path check is case insensitive now)
  • Fixed Airfield showdown scenario


  • Added Sunburst “Off-Road” configuration, based on the previous “Port Shakedown” scenario configuration
  • Added Fuel Volume to the Tuning Menu for all cars. One can now change fuel level to affect weight, balance, and range of the vehicle
  • Added 215/70R15 All-Terrain tire for low offset 15×8 wheels
  • Added 205/55R15 Rally tire for 4 lug 14×8 wheels
  • Added more grip to Race tires to act more as true racing slicks than street legal tires
  • Added more suspension damping to the Hopper
  • Finished adding noncolliding tris to all cars underbodies, less chance of getting stuck when driving over other cars now
  • Converted large all-terrain tires to 20 ray structure for smoother crawling (for 17×9 wheels only)
  • “Off-Road” tires renamed to “All-Terrain” tires to better refer to the tread type
  • Increased COG height of D-Series, Roamer, H-Series to be closer to real life comparables
  • Reduced COG height of Miramar
  • Increased steering rate upper limit of steering hydros for a small improvement in ffb stability and feeling
  • Cleaned up unnecessary “beamLimitSpring” and “beamLimitDamp” values in vehicle .jbeam files, they don’t apply to support beam type
  • Changed trailer “Landing Gear” part selector names to “Trailer Legs”
  • Minor visual tweaks to Replay app
  • Slightly faster level switching during replay


  • Added replay seeking bindings (keyboard arrow keys by default)
  • Added ability to change camera speed with alt + mouse scroll wheel
Instructions on how to update the game here.
Bug reporting/Help Thread here.

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