Second hotfix for 0.12 released

20 April 2018

We’ve released another hotfix for version 0.12, fixing the most important issues from the bus update.


  • Hustle and Bustle: revised difficulty and improved overall experience
  • Hustle and Bustle: Display how to activate nitrous oxide injection in certain bus scenario
  • Added deactivate button to in-game repository
  • Added rally suspension parts to Barstow and Moonhawk
  • Improved transbrake to hold the car in place, not just the engine
  • Reduced strength of City Bus brakes so they aren’t as touchy
  • Changed RPM tuning variables to increment in 50rpm steps instead of 100rpm
  • Finer step distance for Trailer Bogie position variable


  • Fixed missing game window on ALT + TAB when fullscreen and borderless are used at the same time
  • Fixed crash when no audio device is available
  • Fixed rare crash when using non-supported languages
  • Fixed free camera switching back to the vehicle in various situations
  • Fixed off road tire material name, reverted back to original name (was breaking some mods textures)
  • Fixed vehicle interior sounds can be heard while driving another vehicle
  • Fixed bug with ETKI rev limiter variable
  • Fixed 2bbl carburetor missing from Moonhawk
  • Fixed City Bus frame not being a required part
  • Fixed City Bus N2O Min Gear variable going up to 12
  • Fixed mirrored uv map on Barstow’s rear bumper
  • Fixed automatic transmission logic expecting a torque converter to work
  • Fixed non-working colors of radial menu bus options
  • Fixed missing graphs in Performance UI
  • Fixed SimplePowertrainControl app showing incorrect amount of fuel remaining for JATOs
  • Fixed a small median curb in West Coast that was lacking collision
  • Fixed missing cubemap reflection on Driver Training Center wet roads
  • Improved stability of camera code when using corrupted configuration files

Known Issues

  • Bus stops look out of place on some maps
  • Randomly some sounds do not follow slow motion
  • Waypoint counter doesn’t update in some scenarios
  • Optional scenario waypoints can disappear after selecting them and retrying a scenario
  • Sometimes vehicle’s props are not visible when using Part Manager
Instructions on how to update the game here.
Bug reporting/Help Thread here.

First hotfix for 0.12 released

06 April 2018

Hello everyone,

Update v0.12 went pretty well, it’s clear many of you liked the DT40L!
As usual, the community has helped us track down a few issues (thanks!). This patch release addresses as many of them as possible.



  • Added “Remove Track” functionality to the track builder
  • Added “nodeMove” jbeam parameter that translates a part in absolute coordinates (as opposed to nodeOffset which mirrors about YZ plane)
  • Added total number of bus stops to route selection menu
  • Improved consistency of JATO icon on SimplePowertrainControl app
  • Changed LOD for low quality track builder tracks to be always the same


  • Fixed AI freezing the game when colliding
  • Fixed AI not being able to cross bridges made out of objects
  • Fixed “Extinguish Vehicle” not working
  • Fixed Hotlapping App throwing errors when adding checkpoints
  • Fixed issue with Light derived classes in Lua interface
  • Fixed the City Bus being frozen when choosing freeroam after a bus route
  • Fixed the City Bus transmission group, changed name in Jbeam info
  • Fixed missing descriptions and prices of the City Bus
  • Fixed the City Bus color selection
  • Fixed missing texture on T-Series navigation unit
  • Fixed the SBR4’s rear suspension collapsing
  • Fixed the Semi 10spd auto shifting problems
  • Fixed the Hopper’s engine management part being required
  • Fixed the Moonhawk engine always having a rev limiter
  • Fixed some configurations having power steering installed. Since power steering is a FFB effect only, it is optional to equip.
  • Reverted material name change of off road tire

Known Issues

  • Bus stops look out of place on some maps
  • Randomly some sounds do not follow slow motion
  • Performance UI is missing some graphs
  • Waypoint counter doesn’t update in some scenarios
  • Optional scenario waypoints can disappear after selecting them and retrying a scenario
  • Sometimes vehicle’s props are not visible when using Part Manager
Instructions on how to update the game here.
Bug reporting/Help Thread here.

Get Busy – version 0.12 released

03 April 2018

Here’s the twelfth major version update of! This new version brings you another new vehicle and some cool new features (presented in the Highlights section below), together with our traditional list of improvements, optimizations, tweaks and bugfixes.


  • New vehicle: Wentward DT40L bus:
  • Accompanying bus gameplay modes:
  • Added “Hustle and Bustle” bus campaign mini-chapter
  • Added dynamic track creation tool: Track Builder
  • More vehicle sounds:


  • New “Bus Routes” gameplay mode
  • Added “Hustle and Bustle” bus campaign mini-chapter
  • Added Track Builder
  • Fixed some issues with ‘Tanker Delivery’ scenario
  • Improved some language in scenario descriptions
  • Improved “Airfield Showdown” scenario
  • Improved navigation line


  • Added the new bus vehicle Wentward DT40L, featuring various skins, airbag suspension, pneumatic doors and “JATOs”
  • Added ETK800/ ETK K stage 1 turbo delivering around 440HP
  • Added ETK K “Trackday” config with better tires, suspension and brakes, spoiler and a stage 1 turbo
  • New race tires for 19×9 and 19×10 wheels (ETK wheels)
  • Added new engine tuning options – Engine Management/ECU, Engine Internals
  • 200BX: Street tuned config uses sport brakes
  • Barstow: Fixed rear suspension unstable with 15×8 Magnum wheel
  • Bolide: Fixed issues with exhausts
  • ETK800: Reduced vehicle polar inertia, fixed shaking during burnouts, engine breaks more easily in crashes
  • ETKC: Reduced vehicle polar inertia, fixed shaking during burnouts, engine breaks more easily in crashes
  • ETKI: Improved suspension geometry, fixed rear suspension unstable at times, reduced crash strength in the rear, Knallhart uses race tires and RP02 wheels
  • Grand Marshal: Base tire grip tweaked, Police configs gets sport steering
  • Hopper: Steering instability fixed, reduced stiffness of sway bars
  • Miramar: Fixed spoiler shaking laterally
  • Pickup/Roamer/Van: Added extra node to front axle for better collision, fixed heavy duty tire unstable and causing truck to bounce
  • Semi: Improved collision of flatbed, strengthened 5th wheel attachment, added 10 speed automatic transmission, added airbag suspension controller, reduced torsional stiffness of frames, reduced rear suspension roll stiffness. Changed rear tire model to real duallies!
  • Small trailers: Brake fix, instability fix
  • Sunburst: Reduce body polar inertia, fix skidplate collision issue, fix Sunburst Sport RS using race DCT
  • Brake stiffness increases to all cars to suit higher stability of new brake code
  • Improve rigidity of mirrors on some cars
  • Drag tire grip balancing
  • Rally configs not using ultra light flywheels anymore
  • Reduced some overly high locking rates on limited slip differentials
  • Add/improve jbeam for intercoolers
  • Unified engine part slot order for all cars
  • Added support for dampCutoffHz in pressureWheels
  • Added wheelAngle property for pressureWheels, allows wheel to spawn at chosen orientation
  • Fixed an issue with the Roamer ‘roofrack’ materials
  • Fixed an export issue with ‘’ texture


  • Braking torque is applied in a more stable and effective way now. Threshold braking is much easier now.
  • Improved antisticking of collisions
  • Increased max limit of vehicles/objects to 100
  • Performance optimizations
  • Added “beamLongExtent” property to Anisotropic and Support beams. It works in the same way as beamLongBound but with meter units
  • Added “precompressionRange” beam property. It works in the same way as beamPrecompression but with meter units
  • Added “longBoundRange”, “shortBoundRange” to Bounded beams. They work in the same way as beamLongBound and beamShortBound but with meter units
  • Added “boundZone” property to Bounded beams. It controls the boundary zone range (in meter units) of a bounded beam. Default value is 1m
  • Bounded beam internal forces are capped now to increase their stability
  • Fixed brake pre-tensioning that was causing vehicles to rock back and front while stopped
  • Fixed breaking of triangles defined inside the quad jbeam section


  • Intakes and Exhausts modify engine torque
  • Engine internals can change torque rating, RPM limit, and modify base torque curve
  • Implemented an expression based system for jbeam variables, allows for much better and easier customization with user-set tuning variables
  • Expression system has support for various math related function such as min, max, floor, ceil, case, random, etc
  • Can be used to tie multiple jbeam values to one tuning setting with varying logic


  • Additional construction equipment models for West Coast roadblocks
  • Optimized parts of the city on West Coast (LoD tweaks)
  • Opened bridge on West Coast and added tunnel loop
  • Various building, sidewalk and road mesh bugfixes on West Coast

User Interface

  • Added multi-part highlighting
  • Tuning variables improved: Set brake bias directly, change ride height in real units, and more!
  • Added Bus Line app
  • Added wheel power/torque figures to engine dyno app, cleaned up other uses of “wheel” data in the apps and made sure they actually use the correct values
  • Added JATO fuel indicator to Simple Powertrain Control app
  • Improved labels in ‘Display Shadow’ option
  • Reduced jumpyness of vehicle selector scroll
  • Reduced perf impact for some minor apps
  • Reduced likelyhood of endless loading screen
  • Fixed apps sometimes spawning over the loading screen
  • Fixed bug where the positions of the items in the vehicle selector would change positions on scrolling
  • Fixed Debug visualisation not reseting when choosing None


  • Added experimental FMOD modding support. More info coming soon.
  • Implemented a new set of vehicle sounds: indicators, lights, back-up beeper, air brakes, pneumatic doors, air suspension, additional horn and siren sounds and realistic flat tire sounds with correct relation to wheel speed
  • Engine starter sounds are now based on loops with a dedicated start and stop sample rather than a series of single sounds
  • Added option to follow Windows default audio device on game startup (enabled by default)
  • Fixed empty selected option after disconnecting audio device and restarting game
  • Manually chosen audio device will be remembered across game restarts, even if it’s temporarily unplugged
  • Refined the skid sound parameters for earlier onset of sound but softer increase in volume
  • Various tweaks improving volume, reverberation and filters
  • Cleaned up ambient zones, sfx emitters and reverb zones
  • Added “Horn” part to all cars
  • Fixed slow-motion applying to UI sounds
  • Improved support for engine sounds using FMOD Studio

World Editor

  • Fixed heightmap importer for 8-Bit images
  • Fixed heightmap exporter
  • Fixed camera autofit binding (F key)
  • Fixed lag when material editor try to find a missing textures
  • General cleanup of old/broken editor cameras


  • Added “dynamic” brake lights feature that makes the brake lights flash when braking with ABS and enables the hazard lights after coming to a harsh stop
  • Completely reworked the ABS logic for much better brake response and feeling
  • Reworked engine torque curve handling, there are now 4 different curves available (existing “base” torque, a multiplier table for that base torque, an intake modification table and an exhaust modification table), different curves can be set from different parts for much increased modding potential, allows for detailed torque curve changes without redefining the full curve in every part
  • Torque converter lockup is now disabled during shifts (unless sport mode is selected) and smoother in operation
  • Added “RPM” and “spin” values for turbocharger for use with animated props
  • Time based rev limiter gained an RPM fallback, this increases usability when drifting with grippy tires
  • Throttle input rate is now considered when calculating shift aggression
  • Combustion engine rev limiters can now be adjusted in a broader range without affecting the torque curve
  • Rebalanced engine thermals
  • Increased compatibility of the electric motor device with the latest ESC improvements
  • Retuned all ESC/TC setups for ongoing vehicle changes
  • Fixed AWD Pessima not working correctly after reset
  • Fixed S transmission mode disabling post crash braking logic
  • Fixed an issue where the turbocharger assumed and efficiency of 100% outside its defined range
  • Fixed an issue where the automatic transmission would start in a too low gear after going through N while driving
  • Fixed dynamically altered brake torques not being reset properly
  • Fixed some issues with drum brake thermals, rebalanced thermals due to changes in brake code
  • Reduced effectiveness of some radiators
  • More off-idle torque for various engines
  • Remove deprecated “absThreshold” value from vehicles

Mod repository

  • Added a fallback to offline data if connection drops (works only if mod is mounted)
  • Game will now automatically create the ‘mods’ folder on the first run


  • Various fixes for random pathfinding
  • Various fixes for map span pathfinding
  • Create aliases for manual waypoint names that have been merged
  • User input validation in manual mode checks against node name aliases


  • Added Steam Big Picture support: skip launcher and enforce fullscreen
  • Very minor speedup when switching to another vehicle
  • Optimized decal loading from disk
  • Fixed rare crash on level load
  • Performance warnings are now acknowledged only for the current computer (rather than all computers sharing your Steam account)


  • Implemented pneumatics controller to control anything with pneumatic cylinders (rather than hydraulic simulation with hydros), can be used for airbag suspensions, low riders, bus doors, etc
  • Work on Lua debugger adaptor
  • Added new controller.getControllerSafe API that can be called in a fire and forget way without checking if a controller actually exists
  • Added “obj:getFrontPosition()” to vehicle Lua, it returns the position of the front of the vehicle
  • Added “obj:getObjectFrontPosition(objId)” to vehicle Lua, it returns the front position of another vehicle
  • Added “obj:getObjectInitialWidth(objId)”, “obj:getObjectInitialLength(objId)” to vehicle Lua, it returns the initial width and length of another vehicle
  • Added “clamp”, “smoothmin” functions in Lua mathlib
  • Added “getRotationTo”, “rotated” methods to mathlib:vec3
  • Added experimental “castRayStatic(rayStart, rayDir, distance)” fast function to both vehicle and game engine Lua. It returns the distance to closest ray hit with static geometry or ground
  • Added “obj:getDirectionVector”, “obj:getDirectionVectorUp” to game engine Lua
  • Added sceneGetCameraFrustum
  • Added Frustum.isBoxOutside , Frustum.isBoxContained and Frustum.isPointContained member functions
  • mainLevel.lua has proper alias in global table now
  • New base: fixed texture hotloading
  • Fixed BNG Trigger Box contain
  • Fixed debug of trigger box contain, fix debug build of player.cpp

Graphics Engine

  • Improved caustics postfx: now fades out after a certain depth
  • Improve smoothness of road splines in Utah
  • Added support for explicit UVs channels in Material’s textures
  • Render code refactoring
  • Particles are now correctly affected by custom gravity values
  • Disabled turbulence effect (wavying screen) when underwater
  • Improved imposter UVs usage
  • Improved fire particles texture
  • Improved default dynamic reflecion settings
  • Fixed detail texture in Materials
  • Fixed dynamic deferred decals on Lowest settings
  • Fixed frozen particle effects when choosing extreme slow motion speeds
  • Fixed Relative camera flashlight staying on even after switching to another camera
  • Fixed material switching. It was affecting dashboard indicators of certain vehicles
  • Fixed two invalid color correction ramps files (for Postfx usage)


  • Added Neutral Gear binding (e.g. for keyboard users)
  • Added 8th Gear binding
  • Fixed various force feedback bugs affecting multiseat mode
  • Fixed rare dangling forces after modifying force feedback configuration


    Note: the internal replay format has changed and old files won’t be readable any more

  • Drastically reduced replay sizes. Compression could increase up to 1x-5x depending on the situation
  • Added option to ignore vehicle transparency feed during playback in Options > Other > Replay
  • Improved interpolation technique, providing generally much smoother playback (can be turned off in Options > Other > Replay)
  • Minor optimizations of playback
  • Fixed playback randomly freezing in replays
  • Fixed random inability to seek to the end of the time bar
  • Fixed various bugs with files bigger than 2 gigabytes
  • Fixed rare desynchronization of broken beams and materials
  • Fixed small memory leak when opening many replays

Known Issues

  • Bus stops look out of place on some maps
  • Randomly some sounds do not follow slow motion
  • Performance UI is missing some graphs
  • Waypoint counter doesn’t update in some scenarios
  • Optional scenario waypoints can disappear after selecting them and retrying a scenario
  • Sometimes vehicle’s props are not visible when using Part Manager
  • Bus brakes are applied after exiting bus route with Freeroam button. Reloading the vehicle (CTRL+R) would help as workaround
Instructions on how to update the game here.
Bug reporting/Help Thread here.

Development Sneak Peek #4

16 February 2018

Some of you were asking for a new Dev Sneak Peek, and it’s finally here 😉

We have all been quite busy since the last post in the series, here’s a brief summary of what you have seen:

  • 1 major release, featuring West Coast USA, a new in-game mod repository, new drivetrain torque reaction physics and lots more
  • 5 minor releases, with various improvements and numerous bugfixes
  • A time-limited special Winter event mod with a corresponding Steam achievement to unlock

While all of that happened, we’ve been continuing to work on the next major release, and regularly posting updates in the developer subforum. Some of these updates mention features that are already available for you to play with, so those might not be new to you, but we thought you’d like to see what’s under the hood anyway.

Remember that this post contains just a sample of what the BeamNG team has been working on. Most of it is taken straight from our Developer Section, so if you want to find out about these tidbits before anyone else, you may want to subscribe to that subforum.


What you see here will NOT necessarily reach the next update or the final version
If it does, it is NOT representative of what it may look like
More work happens behind the curtains – this is only a random selection!
LJFHutch, Oct 25, 2017:

Here’s some signs:

A few more:

thomatoes50, Oct 30, 2017:

Hot-loading for Mesh is fixed too

stenyak, Oct 30, 2017:

Currently working on small improvements for the spawn algorithm of External camera. Here’s some debug visualizations of two of its worst enemies:

One of them is curved tunnels:

The other is… fast tunnels:

Red lines are the reasons why specific spawn configurations were discarded.
Blue lines are those discarded spawn configurations: each blue line represents the predicted camera path during its panning movement. If the camera was static, it would be just a point, rather than a line.
The black line represents the chosen spawn point. Green sphere is the original position, white is its current position, red will be the final position, if everything goes according to the basic predictions we performed at the beginning of the take.

tdev, Nov 14, 2017:

Sneak peak, work in progress 🙂

stenyak, Nov 16, 2017:

This is a statistical profiler, and is one of the tools a developer can use to optimize software:

It sneakily gathers stats about what the program is internally doing at intervals, for a period of time. If this profiler thingie caught doing the same thing (in the same function of code) 90% of the times it has taken a look, then it would mean we are probably spending 90% of the time there.

More samples means more reliable stats. In this case, the profiler has taken 62.000 samples while I was recording a replay of an ETK K-series doing burnouts and donuts.

Once you know what the cpu time is used for, you have a better idea of where it might be worth to spend your time optimizing. As you analyze and rework the chosen code, you run the profiler again to verify the results are indeed what you expect (they not always are).

In this case, the changes resulted in roughly a 0.6% increase in framerate for that specific replay recording scenario in my computer.

tdev, Dec 1, 2017:

So, in the first days of the repository our CDN provider Akamai really helped us push the load – so everyone can have fast ingame downloads 🙂

The peak bandwidth at one point was 1939 MBit/s 🙂

Since its release, we had 387 thousand downloads with it 🙂

LJFHutch, Dec 4, 2017:

Hilltop villa:

Diamondback, Jan 16, 2018:

The last days we have been working on implementing an expression based system for variables in jbeam.

To recap, that’s how variables in jbeam are currently used:
Define the variable(s):

[“$wastegateStart”, “range”, “psi”, “Turbocharger”, 8, 6, 36, “Wastegate Start”, “Pressure at which the wastegate begins to open”][“$wastegateLimit”, “range”, “psi”, “Turbocharger”, 10, 8, 38, “Wastegate Limit”, “Pressure at which the wastegate is fully opened”],
And then use it to adjust whatever you need to adjust:
Now that system has enabled us to offer lots of tuning options, from tire to pressure, over turbo and engine settings to things like spring rates.
However, all the time the system was quite limited, you could just assign a single variable to a single data point.

With the expression based extension of this, we aim to allow for simpler, yet more powerful tuning options.
The goal is to essentially allow the creator to use math inside these variables to allow for finer control and easier tuning.

Let’s take a look at the example from above simplified with expressions:


[“$wastegateStart”, “range”, “psi”, “Turbocharger”, 8, 6, 36, “Wastegate Start”, “Pressure at which the wastegate begins to open”]
“wastegateLimit”:”$=$wastegateStart + 2″
As you can see, you can now avoid having two different variables and just use a fixed offset.
One could also allow to tune the start value + the offset and use it like so:
“wastegateLimit”:”$=$wastegateStart + $wastegateRange”
We also plan to allow the use of certain math related functions like:

  • min
  • max
  • abs
  • sin
  • cos
  • tan
  • sign
  • round
  • square
  • etc

We haven’t finished working on this yet, so details may or may not change/disappear/appear. But in any case, this is a much needed extension of the jbeam variable system, made to allow for much greater customization while keeping stuff more simple to use. 🙂

Diamondback, Jan 19, 2018:

Just a tiny cryptic teaser 🙂
As always, no promises on if and how that actually makes it into a final release but we are experimenting with something like this.

Nadeox1, Jan 29, 2018:

Improved ‘Caustics’ being displayed at any depth at full strength.
Now fades out the deeper you go.

We also disabled the underwater bobbing/distortion effect, as it was kind of nauseating.

LJFHutch, Jan 30, 2018:

I implemented longer grass for the more wild areas

LuisAntonRebollo, Feb 2, 2018:

Working on lots of invisible changes on the render code, but i have on my ToDo some little things too…

Added a new material option for invert backface normals for simplify geometry of some opaque objects.

stenyak, Feb 2, 2018:

A future update will include small improvements in the handling of audio devices.

The first change will be the ability to just use whatever the selected Windows audio device is. It’s checked each time you start, and remembered for the rest of the session:

You can of course still force the use of an specific audio device, if you want to always go through one specific output (if you want to actively ignore your Windows configuration).

The second change is the ability to remember previously plugged devices:

For example, if you had decided to use a USB headset for the game, and have now unplugged it, will temporarily use the Windows default as fallback. But it will remember your old choice and use it again next time you run the game with that USB headset plugged in.

tdev, Feb 5, 2018:

Repo is back on – 2.9 GBit/s max peak, 17.5 M hits and 26.8 TB mods delivered in two days.

LJFHutch, Feb 13, 2018:

Improved the grass throughout the entire island.

Diamondback, Feb 14, 2018:

Giving the torque/power related apps a bit more attention:

There has been some confusion around what each value means so I tried to make that more obvious 🙂

tdev, Feb 15, 2018:


Nadeox1, Feb 19, 2018:

Busy street

What you see here will NOT necessarily reach the next update or the final version
If it does, it is NOT representative of what it may look like
More work happens behind the curtains – this is only a random selection!
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