Second Hotfix for 0.11 – Loud and clear

28 November 2017

We fixed muffled engine sounds, tire smoke, crashes, the world editor, microstutters, the campaign and a lot of tiny things.

Thanks for the awesome feedback! it helped us a lot fixing the problems.


  • Fixed problem with muffled engine sounds – thanks to JulianSauco for the video
  • Fixed an issue with tire smoke
  • Fixed A Rocky Start campaign: Delivery mission by fixing props not being able to activate triggers
  • Fixed editor opening time when lots of mods are installed
  • Removed buggy HDR option: always on now
  • Fixed physics benchmark – Banana!!
  • Fixed beacon not rotating with siren on
  • Fixed manual gearbox not resetting broken gears correctly
  • Fixed multiseat player tags being visible after disabling multiseat
  • Fixed shafts not connecting/disconnecting anymore after reset
  • Fixed reverb tails still audible when leaving tunnels
  • Fixed Lua garbage collector causing micro-lags
  • Fixed Bolide transmission breaking when exhaust fell off
  • Fixed Barstow rear suspension unstable with certain wheels
  • Fixed ETK-I rear suspension unstable


  • Added option to disable multiseat player tags
  • Updated semi performance data
  • Added line locks to stock drag configurations
  • Strengthened push bars/bull bars (had forgotten to add to 0.11 changelog)
  • Tweaked ETK-K handling for better turn-in
  • Improved or added intercooler weight to relevant turbo vehicles
Instructions on how to update the game here.
Bug reporting/Help Thread here.

First Hotfix for 0.11 – The vacuuming

26 November 2017

Worked the weekend to fix some problems for you 🙂


  • Fixed broken turbo/vacuum sounds
  • Fixed memory corruption that prevented 32 bit Windows to work correctly
  • Fixed West Coast USA getting out of memory error on 32 bit Windows
  • Fixed mirrored skin on Ibishu Hopper right door
  • Fixed unmapped skin beneath the windshield wipers on Burside Special Chopped & Channeled body
  • Fixed flickering brake light with engine turned off
  • Fixed vehicles being in the wrong orientation after resetting a scenario
  • Removed old untested multiseat prototype scenario
  • Better default configuration for the Logitech G29 steering wheel
  • Excluded mod_info from levels and vehicles folder
  • Display player numbers on top of their vehicles when multiseat mode is enabled
  • Fixed force feedback Update Type option being ignored in direct drive steering wheels
  • Fixed sound issues with slow motion
  • Fixed sound related electric motor errors
  • Fixed GridMap and Utah spawnPoints
  • Fixed mod mount priorities
  • Fixed reduced/unstable friction between vehicles (fixes slippery trailer and similar issues)
  • Ignoring certain errors that some old mods throw, to allow them to load
  • Fixed orbit cam’s dynamic FOV jumping when resetting the cam
  • Fixed advanced bindings being misleadingly greyed out, now all bindings share the same color
  • Adjusted maximum torque ratings of Van/Fullsize V8 and 1st gen Pessima 2.0 DOHC
  • Fixed DetailedDamageApp
  • SimpleDamageApp now stays visible if damage has occured
  • Fixed missing transbrake icon for radial menu
  • Fixed invisible quad exhaust, spoiler and diffuser on the Bolide 390GTR
  • Modern light bars added to the Grand Marshal
  • Concealed flashers and siren added to the Grand Marshal “Unmarked”
  • Gavril Grand Marshal: Added ‘Belasco City Police Department’ configuration
  • Tweaked drag tires and drag strip groundmodels
  • Added a user interface error message when download fails
  • Added “Subscribe” and “Open in game repo” Buttons
  • Fixed fatal vehicle lua exception in AI random mode
  • Fixed AI vehicle handling in scenario “Airfield Showdown” (jungle rock island drag race).

Known problems

  • Banana-bench does not work atm :/
Instructions on how to update the game here.
Bug reporting/Help Thread here.

Alpha version 0.11 – The Coast is Clear

23 November 2017’s first major urban environment!
The time has come to release our most ambitious map so far, together with plenty of improvements such as clutch thermals, horn and siren sounds, afterfire effects, and much more.
Additionally, you will now be able to browse and download new mods from itself, and easily keep them all updated with one click.


  • West Coast USA:
  • In-game Mod Repository (Including automatic mod updates)
  • Added simulation of engine flywheel and drivetrain torque reactions


  • Improved overall physics performance by around 10%
  • Improved heightmap interpolation. This smooths road surfaces and improves overall driving experience
  • Improved reaction force calculations of collisions between vehicles. This improves tilt-board and carrying heavy loads
  • Improved tiremark placement
  • Added dampCutoffHz option to normal and bounded beams. This option simulates band limited damping, increasing the amount of damping that can be stably used
  • Wind now affects particles
  • Improved the pressure calculation of initial inflation of wheels
  • Fixed pressure physics: previously pressure stopped decreasing above 88 meters
  • Fixed objects not moving while paused


  • Implemented clutch thermals with overheating clutches when being abused
  • Stability improvements for torque converter lockup clutch
  • Stability improvements for automatic transmission one-way clutch and park mode
  • Added realistic Nitrous Oxide Injection support including varying bottle sizes, purge visuals, exploding engine blocks on too much torque
  • Fixed various small issues with the engine thermals in reverse rotation
  • Fixed fuel tanks being able to be overfilled from jbeam
  • Improved DCT shifting and fixed various bugs
  • Implemented physics based afterfire sounds and visuals
  • Added simulation of engine, flywheel and drivetrain torque reactions
  • Added sequential gearbox
  • Improved calculation of virtual inertia for powertrain shafts without any child
  • Implemented “Line-Lock” feature for drag races
  • Improved exhaust tree algorithm to support multiple start nodes, multiple trees per car and merging of trees
  • DCTs and Automatics now shift down in M mode if the RPM drops far enough
  • Improved shift times of Automatics and DCTs
  • Implemented different styles of rev limiters (RPM based, time based, smooth)
  • Fixed vehicle controller aggression detection being unaware of players using keyboard-drift filter
  • Fixed minor aggression calculation issue while revmatching


  • Nitrous Oxide parts added to the vehicles
  • Brake Line Lock parts added to the vehicles
  • Engine torque and inertial reactions added to the vehicles
  • Sequential gearbox added to SBR4 Hillclimb, Sunburst Rally and Hillclimb, Pessima Hillclimb
  • Timer-based rev limiter added to 200BX, Covet, ETKI, 90s Pessima, Sunburst
  • Door and tailgate glass are now removable parts
  • Tire load sensitivity and softness properties added to all tires now
  • Suspension damping increased on many vehicles particularly with race suspensions
  • Suspension geometry tweaks on the cars to improve handling
  • Vehicle engine mounts improved for better reaction to torque/inertia
  • Vehicle exhausts improved for better particle emissions/afterfire and more believable motion
  • burnEfficiency tables added to all engines for more dynamic fuel consumption
  • Hill-holding behavior stronger on automatic transmissions
  • Automatic transmissions now lose some torque during shifting
  • Added “gearboxNode” tag to gearboxes (used for gear grind sound)
  • Clutch thermal masses added to all vehicles (affects clutch heat tolerance)
  • Added UI Names to vehicle powertrain devices (for better looking messages related to powertrain)
  • Fixed mesh stretching when engine removed from certain vehicles
  • Changed vehicle info to include gearbox types
  • Off-idle torque curve tweaks for various cars
  • Fixed a jbeam issue where driveshafts breaking would stop brakes from working
  • Fixed tire pressure variable not affecting some tires
  • Default node treadCoef to 0.25 (vehicle body will have more sliding friction against dirt/mud)
  • Adjusted European Lightbar textures
  • Barstow: Added drift steering, rear suspension tweaked to reduce roll steer, “Drag” version suspension tuning, fixed steering limiters causing car to drop at full lock, fixed oil temp gauge
  • Burnside: Rear body and frame rigidity increased, “Drag” version suspension tuning
  • D-Series and H-Series: Suspension tweaks to reduce roll steer, added crawler transfercase parts, D-Series “Pig” config uses i6 and crawler transfer case
  • Grand Marshal: Front subframe strength increased, front end deformation improved
  • Moonhawk: Added drift steering, rear suspension tweaked to reduce roll steer, “Drag” version suspension tuning
  • Hopper: Frame rigidity/deformation improved
  • 80s Pessima: Front axle shafts less likely to break
  • T-Series: Added ABS, changed tires to 24 rays for smoother rolling, fix tie rod mesh stretching, various rigidity and damping improvements, various optimizations for CPU performance
  • Semi Trailers: Added ABS, fixed trailer jacks exploding, changed tires to 24 rays for smoother rolling
  • Large Tilter jbeam redesigned to reduce clipping
  • Added Mod Slot to Boxutility, Boxutility_Large, Caravan and Piano
  • Added blue-green tint to car glass
  • Reduced vehicle memory bookkeeping
  • Fixed particles spawning 1 frame behind their emitting node
  • Wheels with numRays = 0 are ignored now


  • Added old asphalt and prepped asphalt ground models for terrain creators, tweaked “slippery” ground model
  • Hirochi Raceway: Bridges lowered and transitions smoothed
  • Jungle Rock Island: Spaced back some bushes encroaching on the road

User Interface

  • In Game Repository
  • Reworked Vehicle Damage app
  • Added N2O button to Simple Powertrain Control app and adjusted positioning
  • Better naming/grammar for car, level, and scenario descriptions
  • Sliders in the camera options menu no longer change values each frame but rather once you release the slider
  • Added BBCode parsing to scenario menus
  • Fixed Engine Damage app
  • Fixed bug where Tachometer app would sometimes not initialise correctly
  • Fixed issue where certain languages would result in text overflowing on menu buttons
  • Torque Curve app can now show data for certain configurations such as N2O, Turbo etc
  • Fixed physics instability message not showing up until pause was toggled off
  • Added ability to use mouse scroll wheel even if window isn’t focused
  • The FPS limiter can now be toggled on/off without losing the value of choice
  • Added UI translations for binding filters
  • Fixed inability to click buttons when mouse axes were incorrectly assigned to nodegrabber
  • Added warning log when the user’s Steam language is not recognized
  • Improved stream sending logic, minor speedup
  • Added ABS mode setting, allowing you to have an “Arcade ABS” on any car
  • Improved the readings of the engine dyno app


  • New Speed Planner. Plan resolution increases closer to the vehicle (will accomodate overtaking in the future)
  • Adjusted (exposed) Agression limits (max is now 2)
  • Adjusted lateral/longitudinal acceleration learning curves
  • Manual mode refactoring (separated user input validation from manual mode path creation)
  • Ability to define road directions and one way roads in Navigraph
  • Made path finding road direction sensitive
  • Simplified random path finder


  • Fixed memory: In 64Bit systems, Lua’s memory is not limited to 2GB anymore
  • Fixed all functions receiving the dtSim estimated for the next graphics frame, rather than for the current frame
  • Fixed getNodeVelocity game engine LUA function returning bogus values
  • Fixed ini settings ignoring some lines containing certain characters (such as underscore)
  • Mod settings will now be saved in Steam cloud, rather than local storage only
  • Big ESC/TC performance overhaul, ~30% speedup
  • Improved vehicle reset times by not having to fully initialize wheels and powertrain on reset
  • Improved ESC throttle cut by having a virtual rev limiter during ESC action
  • Added temporalSigmoidSmoothing to utils.lua, it simulates a point moving with inertia
  • Added volume to obj:setEngineSound function
  • Added obj:getAirflowSpeed, obj:getFrontAirflowSpeed and obj:getAltitude core functions
  • Added tableIsEmpty to utils.lua
  • Sounds from obj:playSFXOnce function. follow the node on which they were spawned
  • Fixed zero pitch values to work again
  • Fixed bug regarding equality check with floats in quadtree.lua

World Editor

  • General improvements in editor performance
  • Optimized scene view selection/unselection/removal, can be 60x faster for maps with huge amounts of elements
  • Fixed editor scene view selecting random extra elements in maps with huge amounts of elements
  • Fixed editor not properly selecting/unselecting scene view elements when clicking them in 3d view
  • Fixed alt + scrollwheel changing both camera speed and brush size in editor
  • Fixed broken ‘v’ binding in the editor (Bounds Selection)
  • Fixed cloning of objects: everything can be cloned now, stays in the same folder
  • New level file formats: work in progress. Use with caution.

Graphics Engine

  • Optimized render of decal roads
  • Reduced memory usage of levels
  • Added “Smart” vertical sync option: it turns vsync ON when your framerate exceeds the monitor refresh rate, and OFF when it falls down again
  • Added VSync graph to the render stats menu
  • Fixed 30FPS limit not working when window loses focus
  • Fixed incorrect bounding box of vehicles, causing vehicles dissapear in some cases
  • Fixed hotloading of meshes for forest items
  • Fixed wrong normals on imposters when using BC5 textures


  • Added support for speed-sensitive steering limits, available at Options > Controls > Filters
  • Fixed incorrect forces on Thrustmaster devices. Users that have used the 100 Hz workaround should now revert back to Automatic update rate
  • Optimized input system when no XBox controllers are plugged (very minor speedup)
  • Added force feedback ‘Update Type’ option. Only users of direct drive wheels should need to tweak it
  • Fixed broken replay seeking and flexmesh bindings, each keypress was incorrectly logged up to 5-10 times
  • Deprecated ‘slua’ context from input actions. Please use ‘tlua’ instead


  • Added multiseat mode to orbit camera
  • Improved orbit camera manual rotation after a vertical fall
  • Fixed orbit camera not zooming in/out smoothly
  • Improved ‘external’ camera spawn locations in tunnels, upcoming uphills and landings
  • Fixed incorrect FOV angle after onboard camera is reset
  • Reduced inertia effect of ‘external’ camera when vehicle travels at speed
  • Improved how ‘external’ camera chooses which vehicle part to focus on while stationary
  • Fixed ‘external’ camera vibrating in slow motion
  • Fixed ‘external’ fan camera behaviour depending on the framerate and on slow motion speed


  • Added ability to cancel recording (you can press alt+shift+r, or use the new button in the replay UI app)
  • Added the map location to filenames
  • Optimized replay-related bookkeeping during normal gameplay (very minor framerate improvement)
  • Optimized tiremarks and broken beams recording and playback
  • Fixed dangling sounds (e.g. skidding effects), broken beams, prop data and material changes after stopping a replay
  • Fixed particle and sound positions being off by one frame during playback
  • Fixed frame timestamps losing accuracy when recording 20+ FPS while using 1/100x slowmotion
  • Fixed tiremarks sometimes being duplicated in replays (one duplicate per vehicle)
  • Fixed replays spawning and then removing an unnecessary vehicle when opened from the main menu
  • Fixed tiny memory leak when stopping a replay


  • Added horn sounds, and siren sounds for emergency vehicles
  • Several minor filter, volume, reverb and distance attenuation adjustments
  • Improved skid sounds by adding a second layer with higher frequencies
  • Added new vehicle wind event
  • Added new surface layer “tire pops” for very slow speeds on asphalt
  • Added different environmental reverb settings depending on map
  • Added afterfire events
  • Added blow-off valve events
  • Added UI sound events; UI sounds not anymore effected by interior filter
  • Added new snapshots and sidechain compression for specific sounds to better cut through
  • Added new vehicle fire sounds (burn and ignition)
  • Added new tire burst events
  • Added new UI sound for “take picture”
  • Added environmental sounds and reverb zones for West Coast, USA
  • Added traffic environmental sound for garage in day time


  • File System rewrite
  • Support tool will now automatically copy the generated report ID number to the clipboard
  • ProceduralMesh: ability to create 3D geometry via lua 🙂

Known Issues

  • Main menu sounds might be buggy after exiting a level
Also, two cool desktop backgrounds for you here 🙂

Instructions on how to update the game here.
Bug reporting/Help Thread here.

West Coast USA – Preview

31 October 2017

It’s been a long time coming, but we’re finally preparing to release West Coast USA in the next update that is scheduled for November.
What started out as an experiment to see if urban environments were feasible has turned into the most detailed map in so far.
We are very excited to bring this project to completion and look forward to seeing all the ways in which the community will use it.

Discuss here


Happy halloween! We got a little mod for you there, which includes an achievement: (install directly) (download zip) – have fun!

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