First hotfix for 0.13 released

20 July 2018

New content:

  • Added new scenario intro screen that enables vehicle selection
  • Added 3 time trials to the automation test track : Hillclimb 2, Short Circuit, Old Race Circuit
  • Added Dam Jump scenario
  • Added 3 Tracks for the Track Builder: Fast and Slow, TB Raceway, Corners


  • Added degenerate collision triangle warning
  • Made physics core more robust when faced with degenerate collision triangles
  • Improved distance attenuation for backfires
  • Improved distance attenuation for rumblestrips
  • Improved turbo and supercharger sounds
  • Improved performance for kickup (lowered max voices)
  • Improved sand surface sound emitting
  • Throttle cut during shifting of automatics is now disabled by default
  • Nodegrabber fixed nodes can now persist across Ctrl+R vehicle reloads
  • Added message to in-game repository when connection fails
  • Rephrasing for repo mods removal button and message box


  • Fixed tracking of deformation energy (used by crash sounds)
  • Fixed some sounds not affected by slow motion, like breaking glass sounds
  • Fixed loose surface sounds not audible with many vehicles (changed voice settings)
  • Fixed WCA drag strip christmas tree
  • Fixed mods with long names causing mod icons to be misaligned
  • Fixed Grand Marshal front suspension breaking with some wheels, fix wobbly hood hinges
  • Fixed City Bus degenerate coltri, add n2o purge valve
  • Fixed Moonhawk turn signal and headlight switch sounds
  • Fixed siren audio not playing in scenarios until its reset (Affected Scenarios: East Coast Chase (1,2,3,4), Bank Robbery, Delivery Truck Takedown, Small Island Chase, Police Patrol)
  • Fixed lifting a key/button right after switching vehicles (was acting on the new vehicle, rather than the original one)
  • Fixed error when attempting to record replay while in main menu
  • Fixed replay not stopping when going back to main menu
  • Fixed low replay update rate of UI apps during both recording and playback
  • Fixed Hotlapping app not working
  • Fixed exception in Mod Manager when invalid packed mods are parsed

Known issues:

  • Main menu is sometimes shown when starting a time trial
  • 200BX has compatibility issues with some 4 lugs wheels
Instructions on how to update the game here.
Bug reporting/Help Thread here.

The Automation Collaboration – Version 0.13 Released

13 July 2018

Automation cars, a level and new sounds!

In this update, we are collaborating with the development team of Automation. Automation, developed by Camshaft Software, is a separate game revolving around managing your own car company and designing extremely detailed vehicles from scratch, and is getting an update today too.

This joint update allows users of to drive cars designed by Automation players, using the regular BeamNG mod repository. At the same time, players of Automation are able to export its vehicles, drive them in and submit them to our mod repository, for any owner to download and drive.

In addition to that, here’s some other highlights in this release:

  • Drive in the new Automation Test Track map:
  • Delight in the new sounds of tire squeal, revamped crunching metal audio, new surface sounds (gravel, sand, dirt, grass, asphalt, rumblestrips), turbochargers, superchargers, etc.
  • Support for importing and sharing Automation cars
  • And of course a myriad list of improvements and fixes in response to your awesome feedback
The Automation Test Track contains the track layout designed by the Automation developers to be the perfect test of vehicle performance. And in addition, there are various other test areas, a mixed surface hillclimb, an airstrip, and a large hydroelectric dam with great stunt potential! Set in New Zealand, the home of the Automation team.

As mentioned before, today Automation is also releasing an update that will allow you to export your Automation car designs to our game and test or trash them to your heart’s content. While the exporter comes with Automation, we really all put our
heads together to make it possible. You can pick up Automation and get started designing and sharing your own cars, or at least try out the cars that others share in the Repository!

If you decide to try Automation, here’s a useful guide to designing your first car:

Reminder: A cross Promotional Sale starts today! If you own either or Automation, you will get a Steam coupon to purchase the other game for 20% off! The coupon expires in three weeks.

On the home front, our physics programmers and audio engineers have been hard at work on improving vehicle sounds. We created physics-driven tire sounds for asphalt, dirt, gravel, grass, sand, and rumble strips!
Crash sounds also got a big improvement. Now all vehicle impacts can generate destruction sounds that have variety and proportion to their severity. Even the parts that fall off will continue making sound as they tumble away!
Turbocharger, blow-off valve, supercharger, and interior sounds have been reworked, and a lot of mixing and balancing has gone on behind the scenes.

Here’s the full changelog:


  • Track Builder: Added ’empty piece’, allowing you to have gaps in the track
  • Track Builder: Added three tracks: Whirl, Jumps and Parkour
  • Track Builder: Custom lap count and allows tracks to be reversed
  • Track Builder: Improved performance, now only updates track pieces that actually need to be updated
  • Vehicles now spawn/reset with activated smart parking brake
  • Fixed bug where scenarios stopped working when the user changed the vehicle
  • Fixed inability to use a bus stop twice in the same route
  • Fixed Time Of Day resetting to default when a scenario is restarted
  • Fixed bug incorrectly giving a user the success outcome when they actually failed the scenario
  • Fixed static collision not working in some scenarios while playing campaign mode
  • Fixed bug where a newly started mode or activity would not work if the game was paused previously
  • Fixed Bank Robbery scenario
  • Fixed Moose test scenario
  • Fixed restarting scenarios
  • Time Trials: No longer resets level and track when clicking “Change Configuration” in the end screen


  • T-Series: BeamIndustries, Two-Tone (3), Patriot (from MJ) skins
  • ETK K-Series: ‘polizei’ variant (skin, lightbar), ‘Sporty’ livery
  • Burnside: Added ‘taxi’ variant (skin, parts)
  • New-Gen Pessima: ‘TurboBurger’ skin
  • Barstow: Added ‘old paint’ skin (default on ‘Awful’ configuration). Re-textured ‘Frontguard’
  • Moonhawk: Added ‘old paint’ skin (default on ‘Terrible’ configuration)
  • Wentward DT40L: New door opening mechanism, corrected the color of some exterior rear lights, and other minor fixes
  • T-Series added 2nd UV channel, supports skins
  • ETK K-Series added 2nd UV channel, supports skins
  • New-Gen Ibishu Pessima added 2nd UV channel, supports skins
  • Moonhawk: Reduced weight of to ~1700kg, tweaked Stage 3 supercharger
  • SBR4 rear suspension design improvement, engine and transaxle tuning changes, rolling resistance of tires reduced
  • Tweaked Sunburst and SBR race DCTs/manuals for quicker launch
  • Tweaked semi fifth wheel, it’s now 3.5 times stronger
  • Added more damping to all tires, makes for more direct steering feel and more controlled body motion
  • Semi brake balance tweaked
  • Miramar race brake strength reduced
  • Increased steering system rigidity on most vehicles
  • Hopper: Increased wheel attachment strength
  • Minor durability tweaks to some cars
  • Fixed intercooler meshes stretching when engines come out of the car
  • Turned off collision for wheel axle nodes to stop snagging things (self collision is still enabled)
  • Fixed City Bus micro deformations which increased the damage counter from normal driving in scenarios
  • More consistent radiator damage for Barstow and Legran
  • Sunburst: Brake power and balance tweaked on Sunburst Rally, tweak CVT hill holder behavior
  • Fixed H45 Van rear axle becoming unstable at max track width
  • Pessima rear suspension stability fixed
  • Added Race seats available for most of vehicles
  • Fixed camera breaking when removing subpart on Wood Crate, Wood Planks props
  • Improved trailer behavior on vehicle reset/recover


  • Added thread scheduling subsystem to physics core. The scheduling subsystem removes the 64 vehicle/object limit, that constrained previous versions
  • Increased max nodes limit from 2000 to 3000 and max beams limit from 10000 to 15000
  • Added “extentFactor”, “inExtent”, “outExtent” parameters to hydros. They work in the same way as “factor”, “inLimit”, “outLimit” but with meter units
  • Added “RUMBLESTRIP” ground type
  • Added pitch detector and peak force detector subsystem on wheels
  • Added impact energy tracking
  • Improved tracking of wheel’s slip attributes and downforce
  • Improved deformation energy tracking
  • Fixed possible crashing bugs in static collisions subsystem
  • Fixed river calculation for vehicle nodes
  • Improved customization of airbrakes


  • Added new “Automation Test Track” map
  • Added new billboards in West Coast USA
  • Added an aged and weathered version of the bus stop to Jungle Rock Island
  • West Coast USA: fixed various collision mesh issues, terrain spikes and decal road transitions
  • Removed extra lake on East Coast USA
  • Fixed a decalroad on Gridmap

User Interface

  • Added clutch thermals debug app
  • Updated key binding app to be smaller by default
  • Improved ‘ABS’ settings’ name, ordering and tooltip
  • Added translation strings for scenario difficulty types
  • Added keybinding to refresh UI (F5)
  • Changed UI process priority as game priority
  • Increased category filter height on in-game repository
  • Added electrics source for displaying if N2O is being active or not
  • Fixed replay notifications being hidden by most menus
  • Fixed Forgotten raceway time trial having wrong layout on the thumbnail
  • Fixed part selector not updating when changing between vehicles
  • Fixed some minor bugs regarding part highlighting
  • Fixed AiPathEditor icon
  • Fixed typo in Thumbnail Generator app
  • Fixed typo in an Industrial map scenario description


  • Added new surface sounds for various surfaces, including various loose roll, skid and kickup effects for: Gravel, Dirt, Sand and Grass
  • Implemented experimental geometry-based rumblestrip shape detection and its corresponding sound effect triggering
  • Reimplemented apshalt sounds from scratch, with new Asphalt skid samples and much better logic
  • Improved forced induction: new system with separate hiss noise and spindle whine layer
  • Forced induction: new turbo sounds
  • Forced induction: new supercharger sounds
  • Impact sounds: new vehicle collision samples using different impact strengths, with added LFE sample layer
  • Improved logic for fire and impact sounds, they can now follow the position of nodes
  • Implemented various sets of handbrake effects: ratchet, electric, pedal and lever mechanisms
  • Implemented support for having interior sounds at their correct location
  • Aero audio: replacement wind samples
  • Suspension: replacement loop (longer, more detail)
  • Improved piano crashing sounds
  • Mixing: various smaller tweaks for balancing snapshots, volume and filters, environmental reverb slightly reduced
  • Updated FMOD to version 1.09.14
  • Fixed incorrect pitch fluctuations in Doppler effect
  • Expanded possible range of audio pitch and volume values
  • Removed ingame audio device selection, please use Windows settings instead (was buggy for a few users, but impossible to fix without a complete rewrite)
  • Added setVolumePitchCT, playSFXOnceCT, playSFXOnceStaticCT functions that allow to control the “color” and “texture” attributes of sound events
  • Fixed ambiance sound leaking after exiting garage
  • Fixed rotation of sounds attached to vehicles
  • Fixed memory leaks on audio system


  • Implemented turbo boost per gear support
  • Implemented ECU top-speed limit support
  • Added ability to set max physical engine RPM from jbeam
  • Added support for automatic shifter layouts not including D
  • Improved thermal support for air cooled engines
  • Improved clutch thermal simulation, exposed various parameters in jbeam
  • Reduced inertia of gearbox input shaft in neutral
  • Locked differentials can auto calculate a maximum stiffness and strength value if nothing is defined
  • Automatics now properly reduce throttle during shifts
  • Fixed Park mode problems
  • Added some missing internal features to CVT code (minimal effect on behavior)
  • DCT now uses independent stiffness calculation for each clutch, making for tighter shift feel
  • Combustion engine intake/exhaust modifier torque tables now use the last raw value past their defined range instead of 0
  • Fixed automatic transmission getting stuck with reduced output torque
  • Fixed electric motor not generating any torque if turned against its turning direction
  • Fixed powertrain inertia not being recalculated after shifting a manual without using the clutch
  • Fixed powertrain inertia not being recalculated after shifting a DCT at all
  • Fixed excessive turbo RPM/pressure overshoot

Mod repository

  • Added Automation tab to repository

Artificial Intelligence

  • Overall code cleanup
  • Fixed inputs being unnecessarily reset
  • Fixed force feedback effects being generated while AI drove the vehicle


  • Fixed userpath being mounted twice with wrong priority
  • Fixed problem with FileSystem if manually defined userpath didn’t have a trailing slash character
  • Fixed levels list cache being a refreshed everytime a file modification happened in the userpath


  • Added getSensorZ() function, it returns the acceleration (without gravity) on vehicle’s Z-axis
  • Added getSensorVectorRaw() function, it returns a float3 vector containing the acceleration (including gravity) on vehicle’s X, Y, Z axes
  • Added optimized tableSizeC function to utils, it returns the size of C-like arrays (starting at 0)

Graphics Engine

  • Debri particles and ‘Time of Day’ now correctly follow the currently selected slow/fast motion speed
  • Added support for BC4 texture compression
  • Fixed normalization of specular light for forward rendered meshes
  • Fixed unsteady field of view angle during replay playback while using Orbit camera
  • Fixed license plates being generated on vehicles without licence plates too
  • Fixed tiny memory leak in render system
  • Fixed jittering of top-down camera
  • Fixed PostFX Open/Save functions


    Note: the internal replay format has changed and old files won’t be readable any more

  • Included additional select-able playback speeds during playback
  • Improved vehicle reuse during replay, leading to faster playback startup times
  • Added safeguard to replay system, will now correctly stop recording when the level or any vehicle changes, when running out of space on disk, etc
  • Improved detection of deprecated replay file formats, they will now stop immediately
  • Fixed gap in replay recording while a second vehicle was reloading
  • Fixed rare crash when resetting a vehicle during a replay recording session
  • Fixed vehicle shape corruption when playing back a second replay
  • Fixed unwanted full vehicle transparency in various situations

Game engine

  • Added new ‘Force High Performance Plan’ option
  • Added game’s version to launcher’s title bar
  • Optimized raycasting algorithms
  • Small speedup of vehicle loading
  • Slightly improved vehicle switching times when tens of them have been spawned
  • Fixed rare black screen after all vehicles were removed
  • Fixed ‘Out of memory’ crashes when loading certain assets from disk
  • Fixed level saving process, was ignoring empty scenetree nodes (leading to error logs when loading the level)
  • Fixed game getting stuck in loading screen when the default vehicle was no longer valid
  • Fixed memory leaks on vehicle spawn

Known Issues

  • Main menu is sometimes shown when starting a time trial
    • Instructions on how to update the game here.
      Bug reporting/Help Thread here.

      Announcing Automation & collaboration!

      15 June 2018

      If you are into cars and car games, you’ve probably heard about Automation, the game where you can design and build your own cars in exquisite detail, from the body and chassis right down to the suspension and engine tuning. Automation enjoys a great community of players coming up with incredible cars to share with each other, all while debating the finer points of design.

      We are now working with the developers of Automation to get you in the driver seat of your Automation designs. Export your car from Automation to with a single click and take it for a spin! The styling, sound, and mechanical details will all be making the conversion to our game. Not only that, we will be hosting your creations in our mod repository so you can share them with all players of


      The cars are not the only focus of our collaboration. We’ve also joined forces to recreate the Automation test track. Set in a mountainous area of New Zealand’s South Island, the map has a challenging roller-coaster of a track layout and many unique features to explore. Do your best to recreate the simulated laps of Automation, or explore the strengths and weaknesses of your designs on different surfaces and obstacles.


      In light of this development, our two games will be offered on Steam for a cross promotional sale! If you have either Automation or, this will be the chance to pick up the other for a discount, and join in on the fun.

      Keep an eye out for a joint release from and Automation on July 13th. The cross promotional sale starts then!

      Development Sneak Peek #5

      21 May 2018

      Hello everyone!

      Several weeks have passed since the last released update, so here´s a 5th sneak peek blog, to make the wait for the next update shorter 🙂

      There’s tons of work that can’t really be showcased in a visually appealing way. It’s therefore not shown below, but is taking place nonetheless. We want to briefly explain part of it in future posts or threads.

      Remember that you can keep track of development by subscribing to the developer subforum – that’s where most of the content in this post comes from.

      What you see here will NOT necessarily reach the next update or the final version
      If it does, it is NOT representative of what it may look like
      More work happens behind the curtains – this is only a random selection!

      tdev, Feb 26, 2018:

      So, apparently, we went through 110TB of traffic for the repository from the 1st of Feb so far D:

      We will need to setup new CDN nodes to push all this traffic. Also, it’s getting costly – we pay some amount per GB right now as they are all over the limit right now :/

      tdev, Feb 26, 2018:

      We have some [regional data of downloads], but not from all nodes (this is the top 28 from 138 countries …):

      LJFHutch, Mar 1, 2018:

      I just worked on the cliffs a little bit. Here’s a comparison of the game area and a spot from Google Maps:

      Reference location:

      LJFHutch, Mar 2, 2018:

      Some more work on the roads and forests:

      LJFHutch, Mar 18, 2018:

      Better dirt road textures

      LJFHutch, Apr 5, 2018:

      More road work:

      LJFHutch, May 3, 2018:

      Dirt road textures:

      LJFHutch, May 4, 2018:

      Better sand textures:

      Diamondback, May 6, 2018:

      Today, we talk about something a bit different, editor workflow! 🙂 Sounds amazing, doesn’t it?
      I’m sure some of you can appreciate a little insight into how I work with lua and jbeam though. 😎

      Let’s speak first about what tools I’ve used in the past for the majority of work for BeamNG:

      • Zerobrane IDE (
      • Notepad++ (

      The Zerobrane IDE is a very nice tool to work with lua, it supports all the nice stuff like syntax highlighting, auto formatting, linting, code outlines etc. All in all a very useful piece of software and what I have used in the past 3 or so years. (It also supports debugging lua with breakpoints and all, but that usually isn’t all that helpful with the kind of work I do)
      Here’s a typical screenshot:

      The second tool, Notepad++, is something literally everyone should have on their computers, it’s just a super handy and powerful text editor. I use it for all text files other than lua, so mostly *.jbeam, *.json, *.pc, etc

      In addition to that, I also work a lot with our versioning control software, so that’s overall 3 pieces of software for the majority of work.

      Now, just out of curiosity, I wanted to take another look at Visual Studio Code, Microsoft’s new-ish all around lightweight code editor. I gave it a spin when it was really new but didn’t see any advantages over my existing setup.

      The next post will detail what I’ve set up now with VS Code and how that works out. 🙂

      [this post is the first of several, click here to view the whole thread]

      LJFHutch, May 17:

      The dirt roads, especially on the mountain were a bit too wide, now they’re roughly 4m across and a bit more interesting overall, [WIP]:

      Falkrum, May 19, 2018:

      New upcoming vehicle!

      tdev, May 24, 2018:

      very experimental still 🙂

      (you can see the vehicles queuing at the junctions 🙂 )

      tdev, May 24, 2018:

      Dedicated AI tracks are work in progress

      tdev, May 24, 2018:

      We are investigating if navigation meshes will help us having the AI drive offroad better 🙂

      blue = ‘drivable’ areas.
      non-blue / transparent = cannot pass here

      May 25, 2018:

      A new marque arrives…

      What you see here will NOT necessarily reach the next update or the final version
      If it does, it is NOT representative of what it may look like
      More work happens behind the curtains – this is only a random selection!
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