Fourth hotfix for 0.15

27 February 2019

Some more fixes and improvements.


  • Added guard for missing default.pc
  • Fixed crashdump being saved to default userpath even after changing it
  • Fixed default userpath being incorrect if Windows Defender “ransomware protection” is enabled
  • Fixed crash on render related to shadow materials
  • Fixed missing GPU meters on the performace UI
An up to date list of known issues can be found in the dedicated Feedback & Bug Reporting Thread here.
Instructions on how to update the game here.

Deprecation of DirectX10 support

30 January 2019

The relentless march of technology brings with it many improvements but also requires us to make difficult decisions.

Adapting our rendering technology to utilise the maximum potential of modern DirectX libraries means that supporting older DirectX versions has become increasingly difficult and introduces instabilities into the game for all users. DirectX10 was first introduced with Microsoft Vista back in 2007, 11 years ago, and both Nvidia and AMD stopped supporting DirectX10 in their driver development several years ago

Though it has been possible to run on DirectX10 graphics cards, this did not meet our minimum system requirements, which have called for DirectX11 for some time. The developer resources required to maintain functionality on DirectX10 graphics cards has reached the point where continued support is not sustainable. It is for this reason that we have had to make the decision to cease ongoing support of DirectX10 in the same way we had to stop supporting the now 17 years old DirectX9.

We have made available a branch of the DX10 game client in Steam. This branch will not be updated beyond this point.
You can find instruction on how to use it here.

Third hotfix for 0.15

29 January 2019

Third round of fixes and improvements.


  • Fixed crash when rendering shapes with invalid details numbers
  • Fixed initial window size of scriptAIManager
  • Fixed autobello thumbnails
  • Fixed custom groundmodel not being loaded
  • Fixed Some utility function using default userpath instead of actual defined userpath (may have fixed issues inside the torque3D editor)
  • Launcher: Fixed open dialog failing to open on some specific configuration
An up to date list of known issues can be found in the dedicated Feedback & Bug Reporting Thread here.
Instructions on how to update the game here.

Second hotfix for 0.15

11 January 2019

Second round of fixes and improvements.


  • Added new binding “Reset all vehicles” to quickly reset all spawned cars using Shift+R
  • Interior skins changed for Autobello Piccolina 110b and Carabinieri
  • Improved reverse gear logic of scriptAI
  • Improved steering positioning of scriptAI when driving on heavily cambered roads
  • Reduced peak and runtime memory usage of Static Collision subsystem
  • Reduced default depth of dirt_loose_dusty groundmodel
  • Reduced piano destruction sound volume


  • Fixed floating camera on missing default vehicle
  • Fixed lighting issues when Lowest graphic settings is used
  • Fixed materials UV animation on Material editor
  • Fixed crash on imposter generation
  • Fixed render using instancing when materials use dynamic cubemap
  • Fixed ability to repair cars during competitive scenarios through the “Reload all vehicles” binding
  • Fixed duplicate “Reload vehicle” binding name in UI (was really “Reload all vehicles”) and added a default Ctrl+Shift+R binding for it
  • Fixed wrong turn signals for Autobello Piccolina 130a
  • Autobello Piccolina: Fixed turbocharger turbine direction, lights falling off when spare tire falls off, wheels breaking off at max offset, steering limiters inhibiting steering (off-road steering)
  • Fixed reset and recovery lag while using vehicles with a navigator display
  • Fixed Moonhawk drift steering breaking at full lock
  • Fixed some small issues with Roamer off road roofrack
  • Fixed ‘Through the center’ time trial rolling start spawning car underground
  • Fixed gate prop not spawning correct configurations
  • Fixed Barstow ‘Old Paint’ skin not displaying correctly
  • Reverted change to mud and sand groundmodel default depths
  • Fixed game crashes and loss of force feedback with various Thrustmaster wheels, as well as potential issues with many other force feedback devices
  • Fixed log spam when encountering certain problems with force feedback system
  • Fixed rare possibility of log file corruption
  • Slightly improved force feedback ‘Auto’ update rate detection
  • Improved handling of force feedback devices when they are unplugged
  • Fixed harmless error logs when force feedback devices are connected before running
  • Fixed some cases where force feedback would be disabled or routed to an incorrect device while multiseat is enabled
An up to date list of known issues can be found in the dedicated Feedback & Bug Reporting Thread here.
Instructions on how to update the game here.

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