Fourth hotfix for 0.17

25 September 2019

With today’s hotfix we are deploying fixes to the traffic system. The police should now behave properly and the Traffic AI in general should exhibit better awareness of what is happening and react accordingly.

We are also making some changes to the game launcher. All the support tools will now be grouped together in a dedicated ‘Support Tools’ section. In the ‘Manage User Folder’ section you will find tools to move your user folder, open it in Windows Explorer and restore it to the default location. These tools should help those affected by issues caused by folder path conflicts or who just can’t remember where in the labyrinth of folders their user folder has hidden itself.


  • Fixed error preventing police logic within traffic from working properly
  • Fixed traffic AI awareness issue


  • Rearranged some tools into their own categories
  • Added option to force the game to launch without UI GPU acceleration


  • East Coast and Hirochi Raceway: Fir group collision modified to better reflect actual appearance.


  • Removed leftover files (/cefTest) that would make the integrity check fail
  • Fixed game crashing if map.json is an empty file
An up-to-date list of known issues can be found in the dedicated Feedback & Bug Reporting Thread here.
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Third hotfix for 0.17 released

11 September 2019

With today’s hotfix we are releasing a number of bugfixes.


  • Fixed various Grand Marshal and Roamer configs not having the correct secondary color when a different color was chosen in the selector
  • Grand Marshal: improved reliability of enging bay mesh breaking beams, added missing torque converters for drag gearbox, fixed repeated brake line lock slot, fixed firewall textures
  • Covet: Fixed missing mesh for race radiator
  • Bluebuck: Fixed position of tow hitch nodes

World Editor v2

  • Fixed wrong selection calculation on some maps
  • Fixed mouse hover sometimes going to the bottom window
  • Fixed scale gizmo jumping values
  • Fixed objects having no parent property when saving a prefab object


  • Fixed a broken loading screen hint
  • Fixed loading proper vehicle colors when double-clicking on vehicle in selector
  • Fixed Tune button in garage
  • Added “Traffic” mode option to AI control app
  • Fixed wrong error message in ImGui
  • Added support for many new languages in ImGui


  • Fixed Mountain Race’s scenario description


  • Fixed 32bit version using 64bit version of d3dcompiler_47.dll
  • Fixed bug in FileSystem when targetDirectory is missing
  • Fixed error when userpath have non-ASCII characters
  • Fixed launcher not being able to open Explorer window to show user path if it contains foreign characters (non-ASCII)
  • Fixed relative camera throwing errors when the vehicle does not contain relative camera information
  • Input: Fixed some direct drive wheels (and other devices self-identifying as joysticks) using smoothed input, instead of raw steering input


  • Fixed cars in “Random” mode to not slow down for other vehicles
  • Fixed a rare error that happened with “Chase” mode


  • Italy: Fixed grass clipping through curb
  • East Coast USA: Fixed some holes (visual and collision mesh) in the town mesh
  • East Coast USA: Fixed incorrect signs in shops (jewelers selling bread)
  • East Coast USA: Improved collision for tall plant
  • Replaced .png files with .dds files in all levels to improve performance on AMD cards

Intel HD crashes

We are still working on resolving the crash with the Intel HD 620/630 Series on vehicle reset. Help us gather more information here please.

(Solution #1) – Use CTRL+R to reset a vehicle, instead of just R.
(Solution #2) – A temporary workaround solution is available here.

Some users have suggested that this issue is caused by some specific Intel drivers versions. You could try to update / rollback drivers and see if that helps.

An up-to-date list of known issues can be found in the dedicated Feedback & Bug Reporting Thread here.
Instructions on how to update the game here.

Minor update 0.17.1 released!

29 August 2019

With release 0.17.1 of, we are launching a significant update to one of our vehicles. The Grand Marshal has been extensively overhauled and provided with a wider range of mod parts. Making use of these new parts are several new configurations. In addition to the Grand Marshal’s overhaul we are releasing fixes for a couple of issues affecting the mod manager and the traffic AI system.

Grand Marshal

  • Extensively overhauled the Grand Marshal – it is now properly body-on-frame, and the body can detach from the frame like the other body-on-frame cars (coming next for the pickup/van/roamer)
  • New mod parts: factory spoiler, big wings, front lip, front air dam, sport and signal-less front bumpers, vented, induction and cut hoods, mesh grille, roll cage, bash bar, bull bar, hydraulics, race 6 speed and drag 4 speed transmissions, sport and side exhaust, exhaust stacks, heavy duty and race brakes with new generic meshes (coming to all applicable vehicles) as well as new options for trim color combinations
  • Various design, mesh, and texture fixes and improvements – removed the incorrect unibody-style inner fender structure, cleaned up unnecessary shadow burns in the textures, added new trim skins/configurations, tweaked body shape, added geometry to roofline, improved glass and light glow textures, adjusted wheelbase and track, adjusted seats and driving position
  • Corrected wheel and tire sizes for all variants
  • Added new configs: Drag (WIP), Miserable (WIP), RoadSport, Fleet, Lowrider (WIP), Track (WIP), Street Tuned (replaces the Custom config)
  • Overhauled/tweaked/improved the existing configs


  • New, global, high detail brake meshes and textures added to Grand Marshal, 200BX, SBR4 and Sunburst – will be propagated to all the cars
  • Added optional fender skirts to Bluebuck, default on a couple of variants
  • Added GPS to Autobello
  • Fixed issue with coolant thermal logic after boiling off all coolant
  • Fixed D-Series V8 RWD automatic config having (M) in the name
  • Fixed SBR4 Hillclimb turbocharger wastegate pressure being set to default
  • Fixed LeGran front bumper UV issue
  • Burnside: Reduce torque of 313ci V8 at high rpm
  • Bluebuck: various fixes and improvements
  • Semi: Fixed “Park” mode not having enough strength to lock the wheels
  • Hopper: Fixed shutoff sound, reduced torque of engines near redline

Environment Art

  • East Coast USA: Fixed object having no parent
  • East coast USA and Hirochi Raceway: fixed bad collision on tall_plant
  • East coast USA and Hirochi Raceway: Improved precision of large and dead firs collisions
  • East coast USA: fixed bad position of a road sign stop
  • East Coast USA: Fixed missing material ‘DefaultDecalRoadMaterial’
  • Grid map: fixed issue with 2 ramps (deleted) which broke some scenarios
  • Hirochi Raceway: fixed hole in side of bridge near track entry
  • Hirochi Raceway: fixed info descriptions in level selector
  • Hirochi Raceway: updated the fire extinguisher


  • Added support for steering wheels exceeding 1200º of rotation (up to 6000º are selectable now)


  • Fixed traffic headlights turning on before sunset on some maps
  • Fixed Automation vehicles not changing color in traffic
  • Added more error checks for spawning traffic vehicles


  • Fixed error message not displayed when failing to unpack
  • Fixed crash when trying to pack
  • Fixed error when one zip is inside unpacked mod


  • Modifications to Safe Mode will now see the game create a temporary folder on startup that is deleted on quitting the game
  • Fixed errors spamming the console while consoleNG or terrain editor is minimized
  • Fixed player car color in ECA chase 2
  • Updated and re-ordered game credits
  • Fixed various text files using Linux end-of-line characters
An up-to-date list of known issues can be found in the dedicated Feedback & Bug Reporting Thread here.
Instructions on how to update the game here.

Second Hotfix for 0.17 Released

22 August 2019

In this second hotfix for 0.17 we are continuing to resolve small issues that were reported to us throug the community, especially with regards to environment art and vehicles. Some scenarios have been tweaked or repaired and we’re deploying some improvements to the new Traffic AI.

We are aware of multiple users experiencing issues running with Intel 620/630 series integrated graphics. Investigation into the source of this issue is ongoing as a matter of priority but we do not yet have an ETA for a fix. A workaround solution is being worked on in parallel.


  • Added new 165/90R14 tire meshes, along with a redline version for the Bluebuck RoadSport
  • Added Secondary and Tertiary Color interior skins for the Bluebuck
  • Replaced Barstow RoadSport thin whitewall tires with redline tires (the thin whitewalls are still available)
  • Added rear sway bar to Moonhawk
  • Redid D-Series front door latches – they now depend on which cab is installed (normal, extended, crew) and should behave accordingly
  • Softened Bluebuck, Barstow, Burnside, and Moonhawk bumper attachment and support beams to reduce sproinginess
  • Added missing BeamNavigator to Bluebuck
  • Added 5-speed race transmission to Bluebuck
  • Fixed LeGran and ’88 Pessima BeamNavigators clipping the windshield
  • Merged Metal Ramp and Large Metal Ramp into one vehicle, fixed snagging issues on Metal Ramp and Flip Ramp
  • Fixed Alder Luxo and Basketweaves 14×7 rear wheels having wrong width in jbeam
  • Increased deformation strength of rear sway bars on most cars
  • Fixed ETKi Street Tuned (M) using the wrong color for the Turbo indicators in the dashboard
  • Fixed Bluebuck clock display

Environment Art – East Coast USA

  • Grass should no longer exhibit clipping in the town
  • Resolved AI pathing issues on East Coast USA
  • Trimmed back some trees that were overlapping the roads
  • Treacherous hole in the town sidewalk has been patched
  • Grass no longer grows in the shops
  • Overlapping buildings were told to keep to themselves and no longer overlap
  • Fuel pumps now display the correct octane number
  • Fuel pumps also now have the correct placement of diesel nozzle
  • The fabric_generic texture has been updated
  • Updated boat mesh in dock area
  • Fixed boat tarp texture to be more tarpy

Environment Art – Hirochi Raceway

  • Resolved normals issue for fire hydrant reel and plastic barrier meshes
  • The plastic barrel mesh and UV have been fixed
  • Material error thrown by the petrol station has been fixed
  • Boomgate collision mesh was repaired

Environment Art – Derby

  • Fixed spawns on Derby

Environment Art – Italy

  • Changed cubemaps used in the river and ocean so that the reflections are more realistic

User Interface

  • Further revamp of Options > Graphics menu, fixing inconsistent quality preset selections


  • Improved Speedy Scramble: Added Timer, collection count, adjusted waypoint positions, improved comment documentation
  • Fixed Field Run scenario’s AI taking time to get moving on scenario start
  • Fixed floating checkpoint signs in ECA’s Backroads Course time trial


  • Resolved the issue where vehicles were respawning badly on some bridges
  • Fixed a case where the radial menu spawns no traffic vehicles
  • Improved police arrest logic
  • Updated Traffic Debug app with a better layout and a new preview image


  • Fixed bug where having a slash in the description of a time trial track prevented loading that track
  • Resolved small memory leak issue with imgui
  • Fixed audio jitter for bus/semi pneumatics
An up-to-date list of known issues can be found in the dedicated Feedback & Bug Reporting Thread here.
Instructions on how to update the game here.

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