Update v0.18.4 – Crawler Scenario Improvements

20 December 2019

In this tiniest of tiny updates we kicked the track marshal out of the airconditioned trailer to paint some lines on the ground for the crawling scenarios. So now the courses aren’t a county-wide free for all. You’re still ok to drive outside the lines, but the competitive among you can make it a point to remain within them.


  • Added lines to demarcate the crawler course boundaries
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Update v0.18.3 – The Ibishu Hopper Crawler Release

19 December 2019

Where other vehicles say “No way. No how.”, the Ibishu Hopper Crawler says “No roads? No problem!” Designed to find a path over and around obstacles and terrain that puts the fear of the scrapyard into other vehicles, the Ibishu Hopper Crawler features a lift kit, upgraded suspension, super-sized offroad wheels, four wheel drive, finely tuned gearing and body armor where appropriate. There’s also a roll cage for those moments where you go from extreme pucker factor to sudden release, if you catch our drift. Whether inching its way over boulders or slamming through undulating countryside, the Ibishu Hopper Crawler is for those who see potential paths wherever they go. Try it out in the three new crawling scenarios designed to show off the capabilities of this mountain goat of vehicles.

Best wishes for the holidays from all of us here at BeamNG. You’re an awesome community and we couldn’t do the things we do without your continuing support and encouragement.


  • New variant of the Ibishu Hopper: The Crawler


  • Three crawling challenge scenarios for you to beat using the Ibishu Hopper Crawler
An up-to-date list of known issues can be found in the dedicated Feedback & Bug Reporting Thread here.
Instructions on how to update the game here.

Oh yeah, almost forgot! Here’s a holiday present for the speculation thread:

Minor Update v0.18.2 Released

17 December 2019

With today’s minor update we are resolving the issue which caused a crash for some users. We are also deploying a series of fixes for vehicles as well as reworking the wheel and tire selections for the Pickup, Roamer and Van. There is also some really neat camera path tool improvements and bugfixes that will make panning shots for videos a lot easier to set up and record.

Graphics engine

  • Fixed crash when engine’s blendLayers json file is not valid
  • Fixed Material’s detail texture output negative values causing artifacts in the render

Camera Path Tool

  • Added syncing to replays
  • Added replay controls
  • Various bugfixes
  • Reduced the default Replay UI app size by removing the disclaimer at the bottom


  • Reworked wheel/tire selection for Pickup, Roamer and Van to be more true to contemprary real vehicles.
  • Added 16×7 versions of existing D-Alloy and Terra-XT wheels.
  • Added DutyPro hubcaps (black and chrome) and trim rings for steel wheels
  • Added 245/75R16 and 265/75R16 tires for 16×7 wheels
  • Added Gray 4-Slot 16×7 Steel Wheel
  • Changed 4-Slot 16×8 Steel Wheel to 16×7
  • Pickup/Roamer/Van: Added ultra high performance radiators
  • Pickup/Roamer: Adjusted height of medium front leaf springs
  • Pickup/Roamer: Fixed mesh breaking on front doors
  • Pickup/Roamer: increased driveshaft slider travel
  • Pickup: removed long deprecated, outdated dirty skin
  • Pickup: added cowl induction hood
  • Roamer: Added cowl induction hood
  • Roamer: fixed rollcage clipping with dash/pillar
  • Roamer: added roamer specific rear leaf springs to correct ride heights on some models
  • Van: ‘H15 Vanster Work Package’ configuration reconfigured to ‘H25 Vanster Work Package’.
  • ETK I Series: fixed steering travel stops allowing hub inversion
  • Van: fixed Nomi 301 steering wheel position
  • Adjust grip of large off road tires, 205/55R15 sport tire
  • Changed 6 lug 17×9 wheels to spawn with the 33×12.5 all terrain tire by default
  • ETK800 and ETK-K base models use new 225/50R17 sport tire
  • Fix jbeam alignment on ETK Aero-5 16×8 rear wheel
  • Fix engine torque reaction causing awd ETK800 and ETK-K models to pull left on launch
  • Fix misaligned mesh on Large Angle Tester
  • Tweak spring and damper rates of ETK-I race suspension


  • Fixed some roadsigns position and behaviour
  • Removed AI roads from mines
  • Fixed floating rocks
  • Fixed mine portals

East Coast USA

  • Fixed missing rivers

Hirochi Raceway

  • Deleted floating objects under the map (reunited lost pipe with its family)

World Editor

  • Fixed crash during terrain import


  • Fixed some scenarios being shown in wrong order when sorting by date in the scenario selection menu.


  • Removed supercharger suck sound
  • Fixed Bluebuck siren not stopping immediately when switching off
An up-to-date list of known issues can be found in the dedicated Feedback & Bug Reporting Thread here.
Instructions on how to update the game here.

Minor Update v0.18.1 Released

12 December 2019

Today’s release launches fixes for several issues reported by our QA team and our community. Thank-you for all your praise and excitement through the forums and social media. It has been very motivating and heart-warming to share your comments with the development team.

Graphics engine

  • Fixed gamma setting
  • Fixed vehicle’s materials with texture animations
  • Fixed missing cached meshes causing loading time issues the first time content is loaded


  • Fixed Pickup ‘D15 Fleet Extended Cab (M)’ configuration having wrong transmission
  • Fixed Pickup ‘D15 Park Ranger (A)’ configuration having wrong rear shocks
  • Fixed Pickup ‘D15 Marauder (M)’ configuration having wrong driveshaft
  • Fixed Pickup ‘D15 Custom Classic (A)’ configuration missing two-tone paint
  • Fixed Pickup ‘D15 Track (M)’ configuration having wrong brake pads and interior door panels
  • Fixed Pickup ‘D15 Drag (A)’ configuration having wrong brake pads
  • Fixed Roamer ‘Drag (A)’ configuration having wrong brake pads
  • Fixed Van ‘H15 Vanster Off-Road (M)’ configuration missing roll cage
  • Fixed Pickup/Roamer/Van heavy duty brakes becoming unstable when applied
  • Fixed Pickup/Roamer/Van interior sounds being too quiet
  • Fixed Pickup/Roamer Race 6-Speed Manual Transmission missing clutch pedal prop
  • Fixed Pickup/Roamer ‘lifted’ suspension height mismatch
  • Fixed Pickup/Roamer radiator support being dragged by hood damping beams after detaching
  • Fixed Pickup tachometer on extended cab
  • Fixed Roamer side exhaust end node positions
  • Fixed Van missing red ambulance lightbar
  • Fixed Van missing radiator hoses
  • Fixed Van roll cage missing beams
  • Fixed Van wiper meshes behaving oddly in a crash
  • Fixed Sunburst rear seats not displaying with fender flares fitted
  • Fixed Covet rear caliper meshes stretching when rear wheels broken off


  • Changed tunnel lines to broken white lines


  • Fixed floating tree
  • Improved ocean visuals
  • Fixed river junction
  • Restored broken forest brushes to editor
  • Fixed minor AI issues on Fastello
  • Reduced holm oak leaves specular intensity
  • Fixed missing forest brushes

East Coast USA

  • Fixed incorrect road sign
  • Fixed pop in on town houses
  • Fixed town bridge transition

West Coast USA

  • Fixed incorrect ground models on city meshes

Hirochi Raceway

  • Updated sky to use new sky gradients


  • Fixed Speed Trap Flowgraph Demo in Gridmap Demo not working correctly


  • Fixed typos in vehicle color table for Pigeon
  • Added blank key binding for toggling traffic mode (see Options > Controls > Gameplay)
  • Made large vehicles less likely to spawn on very narrow roads


  • AI will keep further off the road center when driving on narrow roads


  • Updated main menu backgrounds
  • Updated vehicle thumbnails to preserve the vehicle’s colors
  • Vehicle selector : allow the use of jpg file (faster and smaller files) and convert official content to jpg


  • Thumbnail script : fix redo function, fix vehicle not being centered
An up-to-date list of known issues can be found in the dedicated Feedback & Bug Reporting Thread here.
Instructions on how to update the game here.

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