Alpha version 0.7 released :)


  • New Campaign: Senseless Destruction:
  • New Campaign: Driver Training / new Map: ETK Driver Experience Centre
  • Pitch-shift audio during slow motion:


  • Improved Force Feedback calculations, better avoidance of vibrations for a given amount of smoothing
  • Improved the stability of couplers
  • Added object collision event reporting to physics core (used by scenario subsystem)
  • Improved stability of object to object collisions (heavy objects on trucks are stable now)
  • Fixed cooling logic for air cooled engines
  • Added burnEfficiency as a table for more accurate idle fuel consumption support


  • Recovery using blending now:
  • Ability to use different spawnpoints per level. The last used spawnpoint will be set as default
  • Added Home position functionality: press ‘ctrl+home’ to set a new home position (for current vehicle and session), and ‘home’ to go back to it. This is meant as a replacement for some of the side-effects of ‘ctrl+r’ and ‘i’ bindings.
  • Default shifting mode is now automatically set after user explicitly switches mode with ‘Q’
  • Camera paths
  • Multiseat will now be automatically disabled after closing the game (to help users who forget about the setting being enabled)


  • Added flatbed trailer
  • Added tanker trailer
  • Added skins and load for dry van trailer, which is now skinnable
  • Added more racing wings and splitters to various cars
  • Animated driveshafts on all cars which have a center driveshaft
  • Trailers: improvements to deformation, especially underride guard
  • H-Series: added off-road fender flares, added lifted springs for a cheap, simple off-road option, adjusted front suspension meshes to match geometry better
  • D-Series: added Border Patrol variant, added spotlights, added push bumper, fixed rear shock meshes protruding through bed on hard landings
  • D-Series/Roamer: added super heavy duty rear springs and shocks, added lifted springs for a cheap, simple off-road option, moved solid front axle nodes to better match location of front differential, adjusted front suspension meshes to match geometry better, minor changes to fuel tank and flammable nodes
  • Bolide: added new 350 trim level (below 350 GT) with softer suspension and different wheels
  • Covet: added Selecta skin
  • Pigeon: added 2nd channel UVs for skinning, added Flames skin
  • Moonhawk: frame can separate cleanly from body, door hinges improved, fixed rear axle beams breaking on hard launches with drag version, fixed some causes of instability in front end, radiator hoses now break fully in crashes
  • ETK 800: added Driving Experience skin
  • Miramar: fixed typo in Okudai G/W Skin, radiator hoses now break fully in crashes
  • Barstow: radiator hoses break fully in crashes
  • 200BX: fixed door panel missing
  • Grand Marshal: fixed not using auto calculated clutch torques
  • ETKI, Covet, ’88 Pessima, ’98 Pessima, Miramar: Improved breaking behavior of inter-part coltris for more reliable collisions (others still wip)
  • Grand Marshal, Barstow, Miramar, ’88 Pessima, ETKI, Burnside, Bolide, ’98 Pessima: increased fuel tank strength, made fuel tank damage more accurate on all vehicles
  • Kickplate: redesigned with new jbeam and visuals, now automatically detects vehicle speed and tries to compensate
  • Increased tire pressures on Semi and Semi Trailer tires for lower rolling resistance with heavy loads
  • Fixed duplicate beams on tire wall prop
  • Rollcage: Colormask support (can change color using the first additional color wheel)
  • Large Cannon: fixed bad refnodes, increased size of piston jbeam so vehicles do not get stuck in the sides, added auto-retracting after firing, fixed misfiring in slow motion, can now be fired using axes, not just buttons
  • Cannon: fixed misfiring in slow motion, can now be fired using axes, not just buttons, fixed particles emitting too quickly at slow motion speeds, added warning when attempting to fire for a second time
  • Added “Stabilizer Nodes” support to pressureWheels, to allow easier conversions from Rigs of Rods. Stabilizer node can be added in the wheel definition with {"nodeS:":""}
  • Fixed many various minor vehicle bugs


  • Added new ETK Driver Experience Centre map
  • Utah: Minor adjustments to (fixed rocks, road positioning etc), fixed reduction mill
  • Industrial: removed checkpoint, improved sky settings
  • East Coast USA: minor improvements (roads, building lods etc)
  • Added multiple spawn points to East Coast USA, Utah, Small Island, Jungle Rock Island and Industrial (these will be displayed after single clicking the map)


  • Improved parking brake (spacebar): it will guess your intention in most cases (parking vs drifting), eliminating the need to use the two old “Temporary” and “Permanent” parking brakes (still available in Controls menu).
  • Added initial support for modding of global and vehicle-specific bindings. More details here and here.
  • Improved bindings accessibility: all bindings can now be used, even when ‘Advanced Functions” is disabled
  • Fixed unintended vibrations in Logitech G25 steering wheel
  • Changed “previous vehicle” binding from shift+tab to ctrl+tab, since Steam already uses that combination
  • Regrouped and reordered all bindings list for easier location
  • Prevent creation of problematic bindings for right mouse button
  • Fixed lack of explanations when using using an H-shifter device while in Arcade shifting mode
  • Added mappable input actions for the cruise control (no default mappings)
  • Added direct set access for fog lights and lightbars
  • Arcade shifting into reverse should happen a bit later now, to avoid going into reverse while still braking
  • Added ctrl+L / shift+L to lock / unlock all couplers
  • Deprecated the “Free Look” binding (it was not used anywhere)


  • Fixed AI unable to drive when user had switched the vehicle to any manual/automatic shifting mode
  • Improved AI route and speed planning calculations
  • Optimized graphpath shortest path algorithms
  • Bug fixes in the AI cruise control part of the App (unit conversions)
  • Refactored AI speed control API to work better with the AI app side
  • Augmented AI Implicit target Object selection (applicable to flee and chase modes)

User Interface

  • Translation basics (not finished yet), using our new web service: (How to use them here)
  • Revamped Pedals and Axis UI app:
  • Improved the Force Feedback UI app: it now displays the numeric values:
  • Updated tacho2 to use UI unit system
  • Improved Scenario end screens
  • Fixed some cases where the UI would stop responding to mouse movement or clicks
  • Improved controller support for scenario start and end screen
  • Scenarios can now be started using Return and Throttle keys in keyboard, and A button in XBox gamepad (rather than Throttle axis)
  • Fixed transparent pie menu if only one item was present
  • Fixed non-focused vehicles showing their damage notifications on screen
  • Fixed pie menu not showing Configurations menu if a mod used different upper/lower case than the original vehicle directory name
  • Messages UI app can now show binding icons with the correct keys/buttons, rather than hardcoded plain text
  • Fixed Messages UI app randomly ignoring messages
  • Fixed Messages UI app randomly showing messages for longer than requested
  • Fixed damage notifications staying on screen after repairing the vehicle
  • Fixed binding categories order not being followed in the Controls menu
  • Fixed lack of explanations when using using an H-shifter device while in Arcade shifting mode
  • Trailers are positioned after the trucks in the vehicle selector now
  • Improved version display in main menu
  • Fixed aspect ratio of the preview thumbnails for the level selector and the vehicle selector
  • Better Position/rotation attribute controls in the editor
  • Debug Menu now updates it’s values if short cuts are triggered
  • Enhancement for gamepad users in selectors: info updates now when the tile has focus, not only on click
  • Simple Tree Option in Vehicleconfig: only show the dropdowns that have more than the empty and not empty option
  • Fixed camera issues in the garage
  • Improved scenario selector search bar
  • Fixed inability to close UI apps if another app was overlapping
  • Resized bindings panel to fit most of the important ones without word wrapping
  • Fixed various issues in BBcode parser
  • New locales format: flat, new translation service
  • Fixed search fields in Garage not always receiving keypresses
  • Fixed quickacces spamming the console if any module fails to load correctly
  • Added ‘Map’ and ‘Goals’ properties to the scenario selector


  • Implemented pitch-shift audio simulation when running in slow motion
  • Increased audible distance of vehicle sounds
  • countdown sounds added
  • “scenario complete” sounds added
  • user interface sounds added


  • Added option for reduce the number of shadows rendered to increase render performance
  • Fixed imposter generator don’t use vertex color


  • Added new Statistics and Scoring system for use in scenarios and campaigns
  • Added ability to freeze any vehicle action (such as cannon firing) during countdown. More details here
  • Added slow motion during results screen
  • Added cameras to ‘Intersections’ scenarios
  • Added ‘Tanker Delivery’ scenario
  • Added ‘Corridor’ scenario


  • Added online mode basics: the initial base for all upcoming online features (leaderboards, etc).
  • Added cloud-settings, will be synchronized/stored on Steam account
  • New decal file format using json
  • Scenario creation: raceGoal syntax checker fixed, it was skipping checks for some vehicles
  • Outgauge / remote control app fixed up
  • Improved ingame download: now using lua to download files
  • Added some new features to the decalroad (work in progress)
  • Obsolete code and content cleanup
  • Scenario vehicle extensions (work in progress)
  • Camera shake basics

General Bugfixes

  • Improved game error dialogs: better help and support link
  • Improved Game crashes / inability to start game because of missing DLLs: will show better errors now and link to more help and support
  • Added Verify data to the launcher to verify the game installation
  • Fixed launcher not starting if msi.dll was missing or corrupted
  • Fixed LuaJit crashing randomly on file IO work
  • Fixed crash on invalid object field in world editor
  • Fixed possible crash when opening a replay recorded in a different map
  • Fixed recovery system forgetting rotations previous to any vehicle reload or reset
  • Fixed 3D Editor camera menus not always showing updated camera information
  • Fixed camera movement being fast-motion for up to several seconds after loading any level or vehicle (the period will now be much shorter)
  • Fixed camera being moved to level coordinates 0,0,0 after removing the last vehicle: camera will now be kept wherever it was before
  • Fixed several (harmless) warning logs when entering the editor
  • Fixed scenario failure screen ignoring messages specified by lua code, instead using the one defined in json
  • Bumped replay version: files recorded with previous versions will no longer be readable (this will continue happening until the replay system is stable enough)
  • Replays now also record changes to the five vehicle color slots
  • Added reminder on how to switch to the previous vehicle when spawning a new vehicle (binding has always been there, this just makes it more visible)
  • Observer camera can track any object of interest, not just the player vehicle
  • Orbit camera can now track an object using other reference nodes besides the default ones
  • Fixes on Broken truck and Delivery truck scenario
  • Fixed scenario changes on level leak to freeroam
  • Improved stability of “NoMove” goal on scenarios
  • Improved performance when debug long camera’s SimPath
  • Fixed performance issues with environment.lua
  • Fixed scenario’s waypoints when vehicle is changed
  • Fixed Quaternion default constructor on lua
  • Fixed Instability / memory corruption issues
  • Fixed JSON parsing context not working. Now displaying where the data it parses came from
  • Fixed loading the user selected default vehicle when that vehicle does not exist

Jbeam / Lua

  • Prop hiding support: allows the creators to hide props if a breakgroups is triggered
  • Fixed issues with vehicle names starting with the string “DIR”
  • Shortened vehicle initialization
  • Optimized mathlib (vec3 is faster)
  • Fixed driveshaft stopping rotating beyond a certain speed
  • Fixed chase camera jittering
  • Improved vehicle damage estimation calculations (used for scenario scoring)
  • Optimized Lua extensions: hooks perform better
  • Added support for vehicle extensions for scenarios
Instructions on how to update the game here.
Bug reporting/Help Thread here.

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