Multi-DAE support working, intervehicle friction improvements, and Sunburst

We got multi-DAE support working, which means you don’t have to edit the original vehicle mesh anymore to mod it! We have also moved all of the wheel and tire meshes to wheels.DAE in vehicles\common, so they are now global, and can be used by any vehicle, moved, and duplicated. These changes will be coming in the next update.

We are also working on static friction between vehicles/objects – you can now carry items like the oil barrel in the bed of the D15 without it sliding around 🙂 We still need to fix the internal collision to stop it from getting stuck to the wall, but it no longer slides around all over the place.

Also, if you haven’t been following in the forums, the Hirochi Sunburst is in-game and the .jbeam work is mostly finished.

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