Experimental Alpha Branch available now on Steam

We are pleased to announce a new development branch for BeamNG.drive called ‘experimental’ which Steam users may opt into. Experimental will contain all of the latest, bleeding-edge updates, including unfinished vehicles, terrains, and experimental features.


We cannot guarantee any stability or support for this build; if something is broken, you can opt out and revert to the Stable build (labelled ‘NONE’ in Steam). We have decided to open the Experimental build to the public after some internal (and external) discussion and we feel that it is in the best interest of both the game and the players. Please note that the Experimental build is not stable and not supported. Also, most of the bugs and problems encountered are already known and being worked on, so opt in at your own risk. We are not responsible for any hurt feelings 😉 That said, we welcome useful feedback and will always have our customers’ interests in mind: BeamNG-Experimental-Branch-Feedback-Thread


One more footnote: we advise against creating mods of the unfinished content (vehicles and maps) that are included in the Experimental build, as they will be constantly modified on a daily basis. We hope you enjoy the extra content and latest code builds in their unfinished state, and that you can provide helpful feedback so we can make the best possible game :). This build is not for everyone; there will be frequent updates, some of which may temporarily break the game, which is always part of any game development process. Again, if we push a broken build, you can always revert back to Stable. Features present in the experimental version might not end up in stable, so take nothing as granted.

How to get it: BeamNG_Steam_Branch


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