BeamNG: meet the team

Let me quickly introduce our current team members, so you know who’s who:

  • Saskia: She is the organizational mastermind and keeps things nicely ordered and ensures we are not missing meetings and so forth.
  • Kamil and Safdar: The support and Quality Assurance guys that put a lot of effort into answering your emails and check the latest builds.
  • Mirco and Theo: The UI guys – they are responsible for the new User interface and fix the bugs you are reporting.
  • Xiaoyi and Rajinder: Developers working on the growing software ecosystem like the updater, launcher, etc.
  • Luis: The Torque3D game engine mastermind. He is constantly trying to increase the speed of T3D, fix bugs and make the game engine next-generation ready.
  • DrowsySam: Helps us debugging the physics and maintaining the wiki documentation.
  • Estama: Resident physics wizard who solves problems in the physics core
  • Gabe: The man behind the brands – he researches, designs and creates all the vehicles in the game
  • Sam: The landscaper – he does all the environment work; planning, modeling, planting trees and building roads
  • Thomas: describing yourself is always crap, so we will skip that
We are working distributed from all over the world, with some guys working from our HQ in Bremen, Germany.

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