Accurized the speedometers!

So we found an interesting phenomenon – the very small expansion of the tires at speed (which is as minimalized as we can make it) was causing all the cars’ speedometers to read low (compared to their actual speed). Basically, as the wheel expands, it covers more ground with less rotational velocity – so the wheel speed becomes lower than the air speed. Real tires expand a little bit, but not as much as the ones in BeamNG. If we stiffened the anti-expansion beams any more they’d explode (that’s just a limitation we have to live with).

I recalibrated all of the speedometers so that they read about 1-2 mph above actual speed at high speed, just like a real car 🙂 . The Bolide used to read 160 mph when it was going 165, for example. Now it reads about 166-ish. All of the other cars are now accurate or read slightly high, whereas they all used to read around 2-4% below actual speed. Just another small change coming in the race update 🙂

And yes, we are still plugging away “behind the scenes” on everything else. Stay tuned 😉