0.3.3 released: Crash to desktop fixed, vehicle spawning fixed

The “Spawn new” Button works better now, just don’t press it too quickly, or this happens 😉

Changelog 0.3.2 > 0.3.3:

  • Fixed game crash (lua stackoverflow) when running the game for a bit longer
  • Fixed resource error when loading DRI
  • Fixed “spawn new vehicle” function: not spawning inside the other car anymore
  • Improved world editor: now using window resolution correctly: right windows will be correctly on the right side of the screen now (side effect: saves your windowed resolution)
  • Improved player spawning: thePlayer is now visible in the scene tree and will not be saved when saving the level
  • Fixed crash reporting up: updated crashreport tool, improved the way it works, fixed ability to use/run the game even if the system is missing
  • Fixed some app minimal size bugs on persistence saving
  • Fixed DirectX: proper offline installation now
  • Rewrote level saving a bit
  • Improved bananabech: improved output formatting, added RAM and OS info
  • Beam break debug working again: if in debug mode, broken beamns will print to the message app
  • Fixed part manager when no props are present
  • Lua instances have log names now. S0 = system lua, V0 = first vehicle lua, V1 = second vehicle, etc
  • Increased accuracy of friction
  • Improved tiremarks: now with better placement and sizing
  • Fixed bug in slidenodes: now resetting correctly
  • Added new lua function: setNodeMass(nodeid, mass)
  • New 3D feature: decal roads have fading now, reducing the visible tri count a lot
  • Fixed 3D feature: re-added mieScattering setting for scattersky
  • Improved 3D feature: decal sorting now faster using two lists: one sorted, one unsorted
  • New 3D feature: Add DecalRoad TS interface to get its nodes
  • Doubled vehicle render distance from 250m to 500m
How to update: Start menu > BeamNG > Update

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