Fixes a lot of problems with the Ingame repository.


  • Fixed random crash (related to fileSystem notifications and shaders)
  • Fixed ingame repository subscribing or unsubscribing too many times, endless download loops, not downloading new subsriptions, detail mods page not using offline data
  • Fix issue where you could not uninstall a mod you didn’t not subscribe to first (manual install)


  • Readded the “Show only subscribed” button in ingame repository
  • Ingame repository: Hide configuration is enabled by default to match website
Please note that this is a hotfix release to fix issues within 0.11. We are also working on 0.12 in parallel 🙂

Instructions on how to update the game here.
Bug reporting/Help Thread here.

11 responses to “ released”

  1. mustang_fan_93 says:

    I hope there will be a splash sound when vehicles fall into water !

  2. Alessio says:

    I hope you will work on steering wheel “return” and speed. Now the steering wheel return and speed are quite loked to pad movement (when you use a consolle controller). If you look at steering wheel feedback in Euro Truck Simulator 2 you’ll see a more comfortable and realistic driving because steering speed and return are linked to wheels’ grip, vehicle’s speed, vehicle’s acceleration and steering wheel position. For example if the vehicle is steady the steering wheel does not return; more the vehicle goes fast more the steering wheel returns faster; if the vehicle accelerates the steering wheel returns faster; more the steering wheel is next to the central position more the return is slower. Thank you and congratulations on your wonderful work.

  3. Thibault M says:

    When i lunch a map, the game crash.
    Can you help me ?
    Thank you 🙂

  4. Erik says:

    This was a rather large update for a few bug fixes. 1.2 GB

  5. Pedro Morales says:

    When can I turn a car at high speed?

  6. AlexMen says:


  7. michal says:

    czesc tu michał

  8. Luke says:

    I have found little issue with ETK 800 Series. I tested it on 856 ttsport RWD with 8 Speed Auto only. When in 8th gear (Auto or manual mode does not matter) it has worse fuel consumption than in 7th gear. I tested it between 100 kph – 200 kph and in any speed I have got better fuel economy in 7th gear by 1 – 1.5 L/100 km. I think that car should have better fuel economy in 8th gear than in 7th in such a speed.

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